Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 18, 2010 on HBO

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  • quickly means run


    i was very heart broken that they skipped past last weeks cliff hanger. i tottally thought scotts character would die. but they didnt even show them jump, oh well. lloyd was barely in it AGAIN. turtle's bussiness is failing and pretty much over. it looks like turtles storyline might get really good. might steal a little storyline from weeds. i think the job will probably be smuggling people over the border. drama considers doing comedy when i dont think anyone thinks his character is funny. Ari wont meet lizzy's demands to make her head runner of the tv department so she quits which makes ari tell his wife that he fired her to get out of the dog house. chase buys a fossill so he can have sex-.- and eric finnally punches scott. all in all it wasnt as good as i was hoping for but still quite good.
  • Another installment well made

    Vince buys himself a motorcycle, Scott mosies up to Vince, and some football player's dinosaur skull gets ruined. The high point of the episode was seeing Drama get progress on his show, rooting for Vince's career is like rooting for Brad to win sexiest man, It's gonna happen no matter what you do!!! But Drama is the underdog as this show has informed us time and again and we have seen his peak and want him to succeed because the main storyline doesn't ride on his landing the deal like Vince who HAS to get made every season. Just making a point, Lizzie quits and Ari shows her with a flexing of his ego as usual. Entourage, never change.
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