Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2009 on HBO
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Vince prepares for his driving test and a guest spot on Jay Leno. Eric considers moving into a house that a friend of Sloan's is subletting. Lloyd begs Ari for a promotion.

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  • In some ways, more realistic than ever; but it's not what makes me want to watch it.

    (spoilers) First off, the episode was saved by the ending. Vince returning to the big empty house sans the boys was a big moment, and the short vignettes of each member of the crew doing their own thing were on the money. All the Ari stuff was, as usual, above par and I'm glad Lloyd is getting a good backbone. But the buddy-buddy thing Ari has with Klein - not working wonders; I'm hoping it leads to a much nastier storyline.

    However, the rest was really throw-away.

    First, Johnny/Eric characters are incredibly one-dimensional. Take away Drama's ... well, drama, and what have you got? Subsequently, overacting is the word of the day - and it's mighty fun - but it's really wearing thin after 5 seasons. They need to get him something more meaty and expand on the character (where I imagine Turtle is headed).

    They are doing that now with E, however - the character is simply over the top - boring. Yes, he's the grounded one and all, but man, with every episode he seems more sniveling and pointless. There is nothing that interests me in his life.

    The driving thing was sophmoric, a shot at comedy which actually isn't funny.

    Oh, and would it have killed them to give us a little bit of Vince/Scorcese action?

    Any how, I still love the boys, but for my money, they need to kick-start some characters in whole new gears.

    I used to marvel at how the half an hour with Entourage passed me by in 5 minutes. This dragged.moreless
  • Lloyd is being hazed by Ari, Vince is getting his license and losing housemates, Eric is trying to hook up with Sloan again, for some reason Jamie Lynn Spiegler is still with Turtle, and yet none of it is really interesting.moreless

    This episode was completely unengaging even to most of the die-hard Entourage fans I know. It was an entire episode basically setting up what's going to happen for the rest of this season, but in setting up so many storylines, we are left with nothing really interesting happening in this episode. MAYBE this episode would've worked better mashed up with next week's for a double episode season premier, but as it stands we can basically see EVERYTHING that is going to happen through the rest of the season with complete transparency, but at the sacrifice of actually being engaged by anything interesting during this episode. Basically it felt like watching an extremely slow paced "previous season recap." We can only hope that next week's episode is a season premier proper, otherwise I think I'll be watching King of the Hill re-runs after Hung from now on.moreless
  • Vince's new film is about to be released; Ari is torturing Lloyd.

    On the eve of the 'Gatbsy' premiere, Eric's been on a hot streak, Vince is about to take his driving test (in preparation for playing Enzo Ferrari), Turtle's going strong with Jamie-Lynn and Drama's still hanging around Vince's mansion in spite of having his own place. Sloan calls Eric and urges him to check out a house her friend is subletting, and while he's afraid to leave Vince stranded, he decides it's time to live on his own.

    At Miller Gold, Andrew is signing top show runners - and Lloyd confronts Ari about a promotion. Not one to be strong-armed, Ari informs Lloyd he's putting him through a hundred-day hazing to prove his readiness. Vince passes his driving test, and the story gives him something to talk about on Leno. But with Eric moving out, Turtle spending time with Jamie-Lynn and Drama working, Vince is left to kick around his mansion solo.moreless
  • The Boys are back and they're growing up fast. Turtle is in a supportive relationship and a bright future, Drama has a steady role on Five Shows that has gained him confidence, E's management skills are being recognized, I hope Vince can find a future toomoreless

    I actually was feeling a little iffy about season 5's finale episode only because 1-4 always had a feel of "what's in store for the boys next?". And you always felt like nothing could ever break up their friendship. But now:

    -Drama has a part he loves on Five Towns (I wish I could watch Viking Quest, looks more awesome than Xena!)

    -Turtle has a relationship with some potential (I think he really deserves someone pretty and sweet that is 100% supportive of his future...I think something having to do with customized collectors sneakers? We've seen how much he loves them)

    -E's finally becoming more and more independent (After seeing how great he was with Charlie, I'm beginning to feel excited that he really does have the drive to manage lots of clients, he deserves to have his own place and a life outside of Vince)

    -Vince is the only one that doesn't seem to have anything new or potentially life-changing in store. (It occurred to me at the end of last season after he fired E that he can't seem to take care of himself at all! As sweet as he can be, he's becoming too selfish)

    This separation of the group is really going to change things. I hope that:

    -Vince evolves into more than a pretty face and can take care of himself.

    -Turtle finds his true calling career-wise and is wildly successful (after the Saigon mishap [he was totally screwed over!], I realized how much potential he has to promote and push for what he believes in. I think Jamie will help in this endeavor.

    -E will continue to manage a series of clients and that they'll go on to be successful (after all the work he put into pushing for Vince, he deserves some acknowledgment in the "business"). I also hope Sloan doesn't hurt him. She's gorgeous and nice but he loses all sense around her, it seems.

    -Lloyd will be promoted. I'm very upset with Ari because he KNOWS Lloyd is more than an assistant, he is probably Ari's best friend (calling someone while shrooming because you're scared and alone and need them to ground you...that DEFINITELY qualifies them as a best friend]

    -Ari can still be his harsh ruthless lovable self but that he lets up on certain people that are supportive (like Lloyd) and really helpful to his client's careers (like Dana Gordon and Babs at times)

    -Perhaps we'll see Ari and his home life with his family a little more. They briefed on that in the last season and it was an entirely different side of Ari, great contrast. I love Mrs. Ari Gould, she's such a badass character and is the only one that can keep Ari in his place.

    -More Ari and Lloyd interaction! They are definitely why I've seen every episode.

    I hope and pray to never see Bob or Amanda again. They're life ruiners.

    So that's my hopes for the future. And I will most definitely continue to watch in the hopes that everyone's dreams will come true.moreless
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    • Lloyd: I'll go work for my father.
      Ari: What, in a dry-cleaner's?
      Lloyd: My father has a winery in Napa.
      Ari: I don't think sodomy is legal in Napa, Lloyd.

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    • Music: "Tainted" by Slum Village; "Running Further" by Andre Allen Anjos; "Close To Me" by The Cure; "Make You Love Me" by Rich Skillz; "Gimmie That Nutt" by Eazy E; "Alternative 1" by Eric V. Hachikian; "Tropical Fire" by Eric V. Hachikian; "You'll Find A Way" by Santogold; "Money Chaser" by Nikki & Rich; "Magic" by Vi; "Lucky Man" by The Verve