Season 1 Episode 1

Entourage (a.k.a Pilot)

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 18, 2004 on HBO
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With his latest film "Head On" about to hit screens across the country, actor Vince Chase is living the player's life in L.A. Along for the ride are his best friends: Eric and Turtle, who grew up with him in Queens, and Vince's brother, Johnny Drama. The crew spends most of their time relaxing at Vince's house in the Hollywood hills, shooting hoops, playing rooftop golf and entertaining ladies at the pool. But to keep the lifestyle going, Vince has to keep making movies, and his super agent Ari thinks he's found just the project, the action film "Matterhorn."moreless

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  • Who's the Pilot for this Entourage?

    This first episode gives you a taste that leaves you wanting more. This "Entourage" is centered around an actor, Vincent Chase, who comes off as he doesn't really care or put forth much effort for his career. He does not have to because he has people around him to do that for him. There is his manager, Eric, who seems to be the mind of reason. There is the brother, Johnny Chase, who has passed his prime and starving for stardom. There is his materialistic "driver", Turtle. Then last, but certainly not least, the agent, Ari Gold, who finds Vince work. With the multiple cameos done by well known names, it makes this show somewhat more believable. People wonder how famous people live, and this show is attempting show us one particular story to show ins and outs of "the business". This was probably one of the best pilots I have ever seen.moreless
  • We are introduced to the "entourage" in the pilot episode of this series while Eric is starting to exert more control over Vince's career.

    This is a well written, well acted, well directed episode which sets the tone for the entire series. Right off the bat in the first scene at a restaurant we can start to tell who these characters are.

    Turtle brings in a one sheet where we see Vince with his co-star Jessica Alba in the movie Head On. Turtle needs Vince to sign it for the girl at Nike to maintain their shoe supply. So he is showing his status as a gopher and a guy who loves living this life through his pal. We also see Eric as the more cerebral of the group. In what remains a running joke throughout the series, a couple models walk by and say hi to Vince, Turtle and Eric but not Drama. No one ever recognizes him and most barely acknowledge him. We also see the good natured ribbing these guys give each other when all finally tell Eric that they think his ex is a bitch. So true to real life.

    Later, we're introduced to super agent Ari Gold who cannot stop hounding the boys to take a look at a new script for a movie called Matterhorn. ("It's Die Hard at Disney Land" Ari says). When Vince tells him Eric didn't like it, another scene foreshadowing character interaction through the entire series takes place between Eric and Ari at LA eatery Coy. Ari is offended that Eric, who we learn has only been out in LA for 14 months, would have the gall to turn down a script that seasoned professionals like Ari recommend. At the end of this episode Eric starts doubting himself when the boys learn that Colin Farrell took the role Vince turned down.moreless
  • Great start to a great series.

    I love how we meet all the great characters in this episode. Looking back on it now, It's funny to see how far they've come since here. Vince was known for that one role, and they didn't have their og or new mansion yet. Eric was still living in the guest house and trying to get over his Ex-Girlfriend, the very hot, Monica Keena. I love Johnny hes always been funny since the minute he shows up and starts talking. And Mark Walhberg has a nice little cameo. Ari of course is still the best character. The season finale tonight looks promising.moreless
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Some interesting characters and convincing performers, superficial universe but intriguing quest, a few funny scenes

    I would hate to be Vincent Chase. It's what I thought after watching Entourage's pilot because when you're rich and famous trusting people is probably a nightmare. However Vince and his gang are long time friends so even if their stories weren't covered I suppose they met before his success. That's why I'm not so sure about the term entourage because they're not his retinue of followers. In fact their relationships are quite complex if you decide to scratch the show's comic surface.

    So first we have Vince who is portrayed by Adrian Grenier. His performance was correct but I found his character profile was flat and didn't really care about his career. It's hard to explain but I think the problem was his attitude. The actor lacks charisma and failed to make Vince believable as a rising star. I found Kevin Connolly far much more convincing as Eric Murphy. He's his best friend and Vince relies on him when it comes to make decisions. I was instantly intrigued by his fate and really wonder if the pizza boy will turn into a manager. Third we have Turtle of all trades. I really disliked his behavior because he acted like a jerk most of the time and wasn't even funny. In fact I found him pathetic, annoying and the writers didn't leave us with much hope. It's sad because a weak character has always the potential to turn into a charming prince. As for Drama he is Vince's brother and struggles to affirm himself as a valuable actor. Kevin Dillon's performance was hilarious at times and should definitely make you care for his character. There's just something dumb and funny about him that is irresistible.

    But an actor would be nothing without its talent manager and that's why Ari Gold exists. Jeremy Piven is a fantastic actor and the only excuse you need to watch Entourage. Most of his scenes were overwhelmed by his incredible energy and in fact he could be a one man show. Late Night with Ari Gold ? I'm in ! I also enjoyed the tension with Eric and the triangle they design with Vince should definitely intrigue you. As for the other elements we also had some guest stars and among them were two hot and young actresses that can only appeal to the male audience but their roles were anecdotic. However it revealed how the show can be superficial most of the time and it's probably the one issue that could prevent you from following their adventure. Indeed Entourage is not at all about covering the dark side of fame so it's obvious the upcoming episodes won't be about dirty money or loneliness for example. But it's not necessarily a bad thing considering other productions already covered these topics.

    Does the sun always shine on Entourage ? The answer is definitely yes but it's obvious some characters are not happy with their lives and things don't have to be all black to make you care about them. Will Drama become as famous as Vince ? Is Turtle just a rabbit or something more ? What about Eric versus Ari ? With so many characters it shouldn't be too hard to find the one you relate to. Becoming a superstar and getting the girls is a smoking fantasy but there's nothing wrong about dreaming as long as you know that happiness can't be bought with money for instance. And if you're a very serious person then Entourage should remind you that sometimes it's nice to entertain yourself and not to think about things too much. Its pilot wasn't mind blowing but it provided some fun and was intriguing enough.moreless
  • Review

    I thought that the pilot episode was actually very good. Character Devolopment is usually the key for the first couple of episodes of the season and with a 30-minute run the entire first season for this show might be about making sure to properly devolop the characters. I like the four main characters and then Vinces agent who right now looks to somewhat be on the outside of the big group of four. The beginning of the episode watching how they live there lives when they are out and about and then watching the end when Vince loses the movie deal that he was thinking about was a nice connection between the two different styles of lives that they live - business and party. I thought the episode was very comical and I liked a lot of the hollywood actor jokes made about the more famous holloywood actors. Overall, one of the better pilots a show could have.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • It is mentioned that Drama and Vince are only half-brothers, even though they have the same mom (episode 301, "Aquamom") and they share the same last name.

    • At the beginning of the scene where Eric kicks the soccer ball and hits the gardener, the ball is clearly seen in the opening shot sitting on the net. Then before Eric kicks it, it is directly to the left of the net.

    • Goof
      When Ari and Eric are having lunch at Koi, Eric is pouring soy sauce onto his lunch. Between scenes the bottle goes from being on the table to him pouring.

    • The car used in the opening credits is a mid-1960's Lincoln towncar convertible with suicide doors.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Eric: Colin Farrell's doing Matterhorn.
      Turtle: He's good.
      Vince: I hope you know what you're doing, pizza boy.

    • Eric: Could you get laid without Vince? That's the question.
      Turtle: Do I give a fuck? That's the answer.

    • Drama: Were you smackin it?
      Eric: Yea, I'm jerkin off to Sportscenter.
      Drama: You are! Look, he was doggin it to the lady golfers!

    • Eric: Ari, I'm telling you, you ever fuckin talk to me like that again, I will slap that grin right off your face.
      Ari: You're gonna get street on me now? Is that what your gonna do?
      Eric: You know what, enjoy your dinner. This sake sucks!

    • Ari: You read the New Republic?
      Eric: No, I've heard of it.
      Ari: Well, I was reading that and it's interesting cause what it says is, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

    • Turtle: Who says it's a shit movie? Sounded like a cool idea to me.
      Eric: This comin from a guy who thought "Guiding Light" was a cool idea four years ago. If we listened to you, we'd all be workin for some loser on a soap.
      Drama: Hey! I'm up for a soap.
      Eric: Sorry Drama.

    • Turtle: Check out the picture, he's beautiful.
      Drama: He's got a great body E. Look at those calves.
      Eric: This isn't a guard dog, this is a fuckin lawsuit.

    • Turtle: More importantly, this girl told me she loves to give head. Since I know you desperately need it, I'm gonna make sure she gives it to you.
      Eric: Yea, I'm sure some girl just told you she loves to give head too, right.

    • Eric: What do you need?
      Turtle: I'm on ass patrol. I got a six pack, one of them kinda looks like Kristen.
      Eric: What are you an asshole?
      Turtle: I'm just sayin, revenge fuck.

    • Turtle: What are you so worried about?
      Drama: This is my movie too.
      Turtle: Oh, I forgot. Give us your line again.
      Drama: Alright, alright. "I'm out of here motherfuckers!"

    • Drama: We don't wanna tell you she's a bitch, and then two weeks later you get back together and your mad at us for sayin it.
      Eric: It's over.
      Turtle and Drama: She's a bitch!

    • Drama: We gotta go, ten year reunion baby!
      Turtle: We? You weren't even in our class.
      Drama: I hung out with a lot of those kids.
      Eric: You didn't hang out with em, you sold em weed in the parkin lot. You were already like 40.

    • Turtle: At least they didn't fuck up your package.
      Eric: What are you talking about? The posters a head shot.
      Turtle: I'm just saying, shit happens. I heard Warren Beatty sent back 300,000 one sheets for "Heaven Can Wait" because his dick looked too small in sweat pants.
      Drama: Guy's smart, looks out for his image.

    • Turtle: We saw Kristin in the middle of 40 Deuce with her hands down Vince Vaughn's pants.
      Eric: She had her hands down his pants?
      Johnny Drama: Yeah, both of 'em.
      Eric: Vince Vaughn? That puffy motherfucker?
      Johnny Drama: Nah, bro, he didn't look puffy at all... He was lookin' real good.
      Turtle: Yeah, it was kinda like Swingers Vince Vaughn, not Old School Vince Vaughn... it's kinda like "New School" Vince Vaughn.

    • Ari: Is that the way they drive in Tiananmen Square, bitch?

    • Drama: How come no one ever says "Hi" to me?
      Eric: How come you never say "Hello" to them?
      Drama: Because that's not the way it works, asshole.
      Eric: Oh yeah, then how's it work?
      Drama: Fucking models. If they were any good, they'd be in New York.

    • Drama: The guy's a legend, Vince. Just talk about his old movies, he'll love it.
      Vince: What's he done?
      Drama: How the fuck would I know?

    • Turtle: Check out the tits on the girl from Extra!

    • Vince: That's what good actors do. They listen. Right, Johnny?
      Drama: What?

  • NOTES (7)

    • Kevin Dillon and Debi Mazar previously appeared together in the CBS, 2000-2002 drama That's Life.

    • Music Credits:

      "Bang Bang Boom" by Drag-On
      "Grown Man Sport" by INI
      "Rocky Mountain Way" by Joe Walsh
      "Eminence Front" by The Who
      "Hey Ya!" by OutKast
      "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas
      "Fire" by Joe Budden
      "Wanna Get 2 Know You" by G Unit
      "Oooh" by De La Soul feat. Redman
      "Barely Holding On" by Sean Anthony
      "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet
      "Lucifer" by Jay-Z

    • Location Credits:

      "Guys have lunch surrounded by models"
      Fred Segal
      8100 Melrose Ave.
      West Hollywood

      "Vince's premiere"
      Arclight Cinemas
      6360 W. Sunset Blvd
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      "The crew pass Mark Wahlberg"
      Warner Brothers Lot
      4200 Warner Boulevard
      Burbank CA

      "Eric and Ari have a power dinner"
      730 N. La Cienega Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA

    • David Frankel received a 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for his work on this episode.

    • Mark Wahlberg's entourage in this episode includes the real life Ari, Eric, and Johnny.

    • Ali Larter previously worked with Adrian Grenier when she played his girlfriend in the 1999 film Drive Me Crazy.

    • The inspiration of the show's plot and 5 main characters came from actor Mark Wahlberg, who's also the executive producer of the show, and appears in this episode.


    • Ari: Try this sake... me and the wife discovered it while we were visiting Sophia on 'Lost.'

      Ari is referring to Sophia Coppola, on the set of the film Lost in Translation, which she directed. Sake is a Japanese alcohol and Lost in Translation was set/filmed in Japan.