Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 28, 2005 on HBO

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  • This is the make or break episode of the season.

    I really enjoyed this episode and it had not just one but two jaw droppers. Its taking the show in a new direction which in this case is a good thing. This season started out fresh and exciting and has become kind of stagnant in the last few weeks. All of the episodes had seemed to be running together until tonight. This show definitely had its own feel and really leaves us wanting that season finale. A 10 out of 10 in my book... "Let's hug it out bitch."
  • If you think Jeremy Piven was Emmy worthy already, wait till next year when they submit this episode for review. There'll be no doubt he'll win a shiny golden statue.

    If you think Jeremy Piven was Emmy worthy already, wait till next year when they submit this episode for review. There'll be no doubt he'll win a shiny golden statue.

    This has to be the best episode of the series and shows that Ari Gold has a soul. This episode focuses on the demise of Ari Gold and his possible rebirth. It's less about the guys which makes this episode stand out from the rest. Gold's fall from grace just shows that this show can be better than what it usually is, and most of the time this show is brilliant.

    Of course what would Entourage be without the guys. While Ari may be the A story, Mandy and Vince are the B story. While I felt the B story was more filler and a conclusion to a storyline it also starts off a possible chain of events that'll keep us wondering till the show returns next year.
  • One of the strongest episodes in a long time, highlighting one of their stongers characters, Ari Gold.

    This has to be one of the strongest episodes of Entourage ever made. With one major plot twist with their strongest character, Ari Gold, and the conclusion of a "meh" plot involving Mandy Moore, this episode is not only interesting on its own, but gives the series the necessary clean-up to make it worth watching week after week.
  • After Turtle and Drama trail her, Vince and Mandy's relationship falls apart. Terrence announces plans to return to the agency. When secret plans go awry, Ari is fired from the agency. Lloyd gives Ari a pep talk. Vince wants out of Aquaman.

    This is, without a doubt, my favorite episode of Entourage of all time. I think it's so amazing because it has everything: humor, name dropping, and most importantly, REAL emotion. It is during this episode that Ari finally becomes human. His meltdown in the parking lot and then again parked outside his house is what good television is made of. Jeremy Piven has never been better than he is in the second half of this episode.

    It's just such a dramatic episode. Between the agency fall out and Vince and Mandy's breakup, there a lot on the line. The cliffhangers towards the end - is Vince actually going to back out of Aquaman? How will Ari survive without an agency? - leave us wondering exactly what is going on.

    This episode is also where I really started to warm up to the Sloan/Eric relationship. I think they really complement each other, and she gives a fresh perspective to the show - an "outsider" who is fully on the inside. If I had to introduce someone to the show, and I only had one episode to do it, it would, hands down, be this one. It is a perfect example of what Entourage really is, and I have no doubt in my mind that it was pivotal in Piven's Emmy win.
  • A fabulous episode

    I love this episode for the last few minutes between Ari and Lloyd. Between Lloyd's pep talk and Ari's dancing, there is no way that anyone can hate this episode. And I love how you actually can see that despite everything he says about all the other women he's been with, he really does love his wife.

    I've heard that this was one of the episodes Jeremy Piven submitted for Emmy consideration and it's no wonder that he won. He is fabulous. Sad and angry and drunk. Wow! He really shows all he's got here. And all of his lines are hilarious, there must be great writers on this episode.
  • This IS truly a Classic episode of Entourage.

    I love ari's quote when he speaks to lloyd on the phone, he says:
    Lloyd, pack up all my files, pile everything you can see into a box, everything, if u see a used condom, an exicutional mask and a goddamn spiked padel don't think, just pack that Bit*h, CHOP FUC**NG SUEY

    I freakin' Love Ari. if i would be a agent i would be just like him.
  • An absolute CLASSIC episode of Entourage!

    Of all the episodes to date, this is TRULY a classic episode. This is the episode that Jeremy Piven sent in for Emmy consideration. The story focuses on the demise of a sad, drunk and angry Ari from his high horse atop the agency game. The guys' stories take a back seat in this episode and this is why the episode is such a standout.

    I especially loved the interaction between Ari and Lloyd towards the end of the episode.
  • Looks like even Vince can't have it all!

    Mandy's gone. Mandy's gone. Ohhh yeah! About time! I saw a faint glimmer of hope in the distance for Vincent when he walked into the living room and told his friends that him and Mandy were over. It wasn't much, but it was there. And the guy messes it all up by leaving the room in tears claiming that he is not going to do Aquaman. I guess he doesn't want to be able to pay his $4,000,000 house..

    It's great to see that Drama and Turtle actually care about Vincent, and aren't just parasites feeding on Vincent's wealth. Great guys, for suspecting Vincent's girlfriend of cheating on him. Though if I was Vincent I'd rather have friends that, you know, were a bit more optimistic.

    Lloyd is great. Ari got fired, but I love Lloyd. I have no clue why he's going with Ari to start a new agency, because really, I can think of hundreds of people that deserves a fresh start more than the racist megalomaniac we call Ari.
  • Review

    This episode has changed the way that the show will be from now on. The Mandy Moore / Aquaman storyline that has defined the entire second season of the show just exploded in all of our faces in this episode. Im sure the finale we will experience the backlash of Vinces decision to walk out on the movie the week before filming. Ari lost his job at the Agency, leaving many clinets out in the cold it seems for the moment. This episode was everything that I would want in the season finale of the show, which makes me wonder what they are going to do in the finale of the second season. Everthing is a mess right now and the drama has never felt more real then it feels right now. Even in this comedy series, we still find time for everything not to be funny and perfect. This episode made me laugh maybe two or three times, but its still one of the best episodes of the show simply because when Entourage is all said and done, this will be one of those episodes we look back on and realize that everything that happens from her on out all falls back on this episode. This is where the story changes...right now.