Season 5 Episode 1

Fantasy Island

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 07, 2008 on HBO
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Vince hides out in a Mexican paradise with Turtle after Medellin bombs. Eric and Ari try to persuade Vince to come back to LA. Drama is a prima donna on a photo shoot.

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  • It's been six months since Medilian and the boys need to get back to business.

    It's time to bring everyone up to date now that Medilian has gone straight to DVD. Vince and Turtle are chilling on a beach in Mexico, E is working on expanding his clientele and Drama is plugging away on his series. Things start looking up when a big director calls to get Vince to star in his new project. That's enough to bring the team back together and once again we see the boys strolling down Rodeo drive. Well, things don't turn out as planned, but the season premiere accomplishes it's goal; namely, bring the boys back together, getting them to make up in the quickest way possible, and then start them on their way to another season. btw, Walsh is no where to be found, at least in this episode ( not that that is a bad thing ).moreless
  • The guys of Entourage are back and the show is hotter than ever!!

    Vince and Turtle are two lucky dogs! They are hiding out on a deserted island off the shores of Mexico and having the times of their lives. Vince, who now has a full beard, has been there for six months, since the release and bomb of his movie, Medellin. Turtle went with him for moral support. Meanwhile, back in LA, E has got his own agency now and actually has a staff of one and a clientel of three! Drama is still working on Five Towns and has a bit of a problem being photographed on his right side so he causes trouble on the set. Ari gets a phone call from a producer that wants to sit down with Vince and discuss a full-cost deal. E and Ari try their best to convince Vince to leave Mexico and come home and meet this guy. Vince refuses so Ari rents a biplane and fly he and E down to Mexico to pick Vince up! They get him, fly him back, make him shave his beard and it turns out that it was a fake meeting. The producer wanted Emilie Hirsch but was holding out for less money from him so he told Emilie he was going with Vince, when in actuality, it was Emilie all along. Season premiere episode: I am so glad that this show is back! Well-written and getting back to basics! Love it!moreless
  • Vince and Turtle hide out in Mexico and E and Ari have to do everything to bring him back when an offer appears on the horizon. Drama encounters problems at a Five Towns photoshoot.moreless

    The boys return to our screens after a long break with a hell of an episode.

    Its been about 6 months since "The Cannes Kids" where Medellin the film, Vince and E have slaved over making for about 2 years was heavily panned by critics and we return to the boys to see E still living at Drama's (presumably) without Vince and Turtle who are in Mexico. Drama is still armoured with his French beauty and Ari is very, very stressed with the state of Vince's career. And worst of all Medellin is getting horrible reviews, looks set to go down as one of the worst movies of the year and has gone straight to DVD. There seems to be a lack of communication throughout the group, Vince and E don't seem to be on the best of terms, Ari hasn't talked to E in while. It's hugely interesting how far Medellin has gone in breaking this entourage. However the episode effectively brought the boys together again (obviously, it's the premise of the show)

    There are a number of plot points in this episode. Firstly Vince and Turtle are in Mexico living the high life on the beach with a gaggle of girls. Vince is also sporting a very overgrown beard which lets face it makes him look both utterly ridiculous and quite scary! He's very much enjoying his life here and whilst this is nothing we haven't seen before, its his blasé attitude towards his career that worries. Vince does not seem to care in the slightest that his latest movie has bombed and his career is in the gutter. His willingness to shut out the entire world including E, who doesn't actually know the exact location, shows either his lack of caring and/or his state of denial- he doesn't want to acknowledge that the movie he so wanted to make, the movie he believed in, was a flop and that his seeming Hollywood invincibility was quickly failing.

    This lack of interest in his character is something that is often picked on by critics of the show; could he as an actor care any less about his career? Hopefully his turn- around by the end of the episode will negate this criticism.

    Another interesting point of the Mexico hideaway was that Turtle was the only with him (apart from the girls obviously!) E and Drama are obviously doing incredibly well for themselves and in a sense no longer need Vince to survive in Hollywood. This turn of fortunes only helps to emphasise Vince's fall from grace.

    Talking of Eric his business is taking off, he has a secretary, and another client (or two) including a stand up comic named Charlie. It'll be intriguing to see where this storyline goes, will it peter out like Saigon did or will Charlie and The Murphy Group stick it out?? I hope Charlie sticks around, it'll be nice to see Hollywood through a fresh pair of eyes.

    Drama is still clearly and sickingly in love with his French girlfriend. She seems hugely supportive of his career giving him good advice when his usual stubbornness rears its ugly head again in a photo shoot for Five Towns. Of course it took Vince and the entourage to make him see sense! On the subject of Five Towns, it's cast has obviously grown in the 2 ½ seasons its had, including female cast members.

    Ari the final member of the entourage is suffering trying to resurrect Vince's career and it seems like he has almost lost his touch, not smelling a rat when Carl Ertz set Vince up. Giving Vince the job at his full quota seems a little unlikely now. It's rather fitting that Emile Hirch is Adam Davies' client, with all his and Ari's history. Its hard not to hate Ertz for setting up Vince so its delightful when Drama returns to his angry ways taking a golf club to Ertz's car!!


    -The scene of the beach with all the boys was great, E and Ari in their suits with Vince living kinda like a beach beggar!!

    -Turtle pointed out that Eric and Ari are starting to look alike- its true they are. E is also acting a lot tougher than he used to, and not just with Ari. He's embracing his true 'suit' status -Eric is obviously carrying around some guilt over choosing Medellin. It must doubly worse knowing he was right. -No Billy Walsh- he's probably not that popular with the boys after Medellin.

    -The head of NBC, Ben Silverman, appeared and spoke one line, complete waste if you ask me.

    -I'm not 100% sure but I think this is the first season opener where the boys haven't all been together. It was a little weird I must admit.

    -Rex Lee (Lloyd) has been added to the credits. The theme has also been altered, slight change of lyrics and a rockier version of the song.moreless
  • Thin Lizzy - The boys are back in town

    Vince is back from rehab at a Mexican paradise beach, where even Turtle get's laid. Johnny's ego peaks above the clouds as he's the start of the successful Five Towns and with a woman waiting for him. Ari is refilled with cynicism and stress - angry as never before. Eric has finally started to build and empire - soon to be Ari protege?

    The episode did set the mood where it is suppose to be; I'm happy, I'm curious and now I wish even more that I lived the life of Vince and his entourage. Vince is not dead, only until he's back!moreless
  • at last

    At last. the long wait is over. finally new season of entourage starts and we find out what happens to vince and the gang after the catastrophe that was medellin. now we know that the movie really did suck and vinces career is in danger. The episode stars at a "mysterious" island where vince and turtle are having ALOT of fun. vince is back bangin' hot chicks and even turtle is getting some. Later on an offer comes for vince, but requires vince to be at the states the next day, but it seems this "offer" wast real. Drama is having a long distance relationship with a french beauty he met at cannes and is once again getting into trouble over the stupidest things like from which side he should be photographed (and its hilarious). Even E seems to be doing ok with his 3 clients.. and of course.. ari is back!moreless

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    • During a tirade Ari refers to Lloyd as "Yoko." Yoko Ono is the famous widow of John Lennon, and whom is of asian descent.

    • Vince is said to be "the lovechild of Jiminy Glick." Jiminy Glick is a fictional character who is a famous television interviewer. He is overweight, and during interviews he will sometimes aggressively stuff his face with junk food. He is laughably ignorant about pop-culture and most entertainment news, though he considers himself just the opposite.

    • When Drama leaves the fish on the car, Turtle mentions The Godfather, referring to the Francis Ford Coppola film. In the film, Sollozzo sends a dead fish to the Corleone family as a message that Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

    • Fantasy Island was a show airing from 1978 to 1984. "Fantasy Island" was a place where people went to have their wish/fantasy fulfilled.