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E getting a little annoying?

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    Yeah, Turtle has almost no redeeming qualities. He's starting to get to me (and I used to love him!) E is the voice of reason, and I suppose he can get a little annoying at times. Oh, and I think E could totally kick some butt in a fight, vertically challenged or not. I like him personally and have a feeling he is spot on about Medillin. I must support my Irish bretheren, lol.
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    Entourage_E wrote:
    Just like Jchervy201 said E made a big step going for the brit now the question is will he keep obsessing over her in next weeks episode so no I don't think E is getting annoying but we will have to see if it was a one night stand and if it isn't I'm going to miss Sloan but life goes on and if any of them is getting annoying it's Turtle

    I think it was clarified there that E and Sloan are officially over and she isn't coming back. She gave him a chance but he went to Italy instead, so she broke up with him and met someone else. She's with someone and he's gotten over her (because he hates it when they are "with" someone --> bring back to Kristen) and i think Emmanuelle is gone from the show now. There is no hope with E and Sloan IMO, with or without a relationship between E and the Brit.

    It was a one time thing also w/ the Brit, i don't think they will start dating because she just wanted a good time... she was going to get him drunk off of martinis and when he said "order in" she just quickly brought him in and i assume, did him... It was no emotional baggage, just pure sex. There won't be a relationship here because she's from Britain and is here for a job with her friend, she will soon leave to go back to Britain
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    Yeah he is getting very annoying. He all of a sudden acts as if he knows everything about the entertainment industry. Plus he "needs" an office in order to manage Vince; and now the Variety cover story?
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