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Eric and Sloan question

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    Did Eric and Sloan break up because he wouldn't sign a pre-nup? Is that the only reason?

    Why does Sloan's family hate him?

    How did Eric and Scott (how did he find Scott anyways?) get the agency they run?

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    From what I *recall* it was a combination of things.

    Sloan's dad, Terrance, pushed for Eric to sign a pre-nup. PART of this was because Eric's boss (the previous owner of his firm and relative of Sloan's) was saying that Eric was slacking off and not pulling his own weight... when at the time he was doing quite well for the company.

    So Terrance thought he was just a lazy guy trying to get at their money, instead of the mover-and-shaker that Eric made himself out to be.

    Meanwhile Eric got pissed off at his boss, because the BOSS was the one doing nothing while Eric and the rest did all of the work... and yet the boss had the stones to say it was the other way around.

    So it kind of all exploded from there, and Sloan wasn't supporting Eric very much... she didn't want to confront her dad. Which also hurt Eric.

    So it all climaxed with Eric agreeing to help his new partner take over the company as the ultimate "screw you" to Terrance and his boss.

    Between the animosity between Terrance and Eric, and THEN Eric taking over the company from their relative, and the whole break-up with Sloan... Eric's relationship with that family went down the toilet. It's hard to keep a relationship, let alone an engagement, alive through all of that.

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