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News on the next season - Spoiler'ish

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    Bringing back Dom for another short arc (2 or 3 episodes) would be fine with me, but I hope they don't try to make him a series regular again. I'd much rather see Sloan come back or Busey or Seth Green (and especially Jessica Alba ;-)).

    It looks like Justine Chapin (played by the smokin' hot Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl) will be back for an episode or two. I'd much rather see her regularly than Dom's fat a$$.


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    ENTERTAINMENTLast Update: Jun 10, 2008 12:40 PM (© News From The Canadian Press)
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    'Entourage' creator says big things in store for the gang in upcoming season

    Creator- writer Doug Ellin and actor- executive producer Mark Wahlberg, right, arrive at the premiere of the HBO Series ' Entourage,' April 5, 2007, in Los Angeles. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ AP - Gus Ruelas

    Lee-Anne Goodman, THE CANADIAN PRESS

    BANFF, Alta. - "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin wants to assure the female fans of the show's star, Adrian Grenier, of one thing: the man who plays A-list heartthrob Vincent Chase with such laconic cool was not involved with Paris Hilton.

    "He's not going out with Paris Hilton; he never really went out with her," Ellin says as he holds court at the Banff World Television Festival, where he's travelled to talk to other television writers and producers about the runaway success of his HBO show.

    "He was friendly with her but that was it. And he's now got a very serious girlfriend."

    Paparazzi shots of Grenier hanging out with the hard-partying heiress earlier this year prompted the show's female fans to take to blogs and websites to express their dismay. Ellin chuckles when told this, making a feeble attempt to defend Hilton: "Some people like her. Women buy a lot of her stuff."

    That pressing issue aside, the laid-back Ellin is now concerning himself with finding food - the pizza ordered to his room at the Banff Springs Hotel is sub-par, and he's waxing poetic about the wings he had at the town's Maple Leaf restaurant the previous night and wondering if the eatery delivers.

    There's no diva act here, however, despite Ellin's accomplishment in creating a show that portrays his hero, Vince, living the pampered high life with his childhood friends along for the ride. "Entourage" is the stuff of male fantasy, and yet Ellin has always insisted the show is more about friendship than it is the glimmering wonderland of flawless women, fast cars and leisurely pursuits that is Vince's Hollywood.

    Season Five of "Entourage" kicks off in September, and Ellin says it's the best yet because there's more character development for people like Ari, played by the Emmy-winning Jeremy Piven, and Turtle, portrayed by Jerry Ferrara.

    "This is going to be Turtle's breakout year. Jerry's been waiting his turn to get some storylines, he's been begging me, so this year he's going to have some stuff. You'll get to see him with a girlfriend, you get to see him pursue actual jobs."

    There are at least two more seasons of "Entourage" to come, Ellin adds.

    "We're doing at least seven but hopefully eight," says Ellin, who's modest when asked if he's still ripe with great ideas for Vince and the gang after five seasons.

    "I don't know if I have lots of great ideas, but I'm still pumped about the show. We still have a really good time, we're all good friends - the hardest part is the ideas but once they get going, it's a great working environment, so we all want to keep going."

    This season will focus on one central question, he adds: is "Medellin," Vince's out-on-a-limb movie about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, going to be saved?

    "That's the question of the whole season," he says.

    A litany of familiar faces will be making appearances on "Entourage" this season, including Gary Cole as a former colleague of Ari's, golfer Phil Mickelson and Mark Wahlberg, the real-life star whose Hollywood capers are the inspiration for the show. Wahlberg is an executive producer of "Entourage."

    Ellin's also developing a new show for HBO, something he describes as a combination of "Mad Men" - the U.S. cable show he calls one of his favourite series of all time - and "Entourage."

    "It's about Wall Street guys - it's sort of like a "Mad Men" on Wall Street in 2008 instead of the 1950s. It will be more sophisticated, hopefully, than 'Entourage' - I don't think there will be a Johnny Drama in this one," he says with a smile, referring to the lovable bonehead on "Entourage."

    © The Canadian Press, 2008
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    No! Dom was a crappy character.
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    To me it seems as though the creaster of the show is pushing him into our faces as both he and the actor who plays Dom are good friends. That sucks.
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    Bule1101 wrote:

    I agree, Dom was awful!! I was so happy when they decided to cut him...

    PLEASE dont bring him back!

    I agree with you. I can't stand Dom and the way he walked in and tried to take over everything. I like the Entourage just the way it is, please don't bring him back!

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    Yes, they're bringing Dom back, I hate that.

    But, Mark Wahlberg will be in a few episodes of the upcoming fifth season, apparently him and Piven's character Ari Gold have some words. That should be interesting. I remember seeing Mark in the pilot episode, he made a small cameo so it'll be interesting to see him on the show again. After all, he does produce it.

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