Season 2 Episode 12

Good Morning Saigon

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 21, 2005 on HBO

Episode Recap

The boys sans Vince are going into a restaurant when Ari calls and tells E that Vince missed his morning physical, which means no insurance, which means no movie. E tells him that he'll handle it as soon as Vince resurfaces. Ari warns E to take it seriously. The boys have finished eating and Drama remarks it's rude to be so late and Vince needs a driver. E pointedly looks at Turtle and Turtle protests he needs to be called and there are too many different colored cabs in the city. Vince joins them and asks what they're eating and E tells him they already ate. Drama adds he ordered for Vince but E had them take it away. Vince apologizes for keeping them waiting but E reminds him he missed his physical as well. Vince admits he forgot and says he and Mandy overslept.E tells Vince he also has a weapons lesson that afternoon and Vince guiltily tells him he told Mandy he'd go house hunting with her. E tells Vince not to be irresponsible and Drama diffuses the coming fight by suggesting they pick up the Maserati. Vince asks where it is and Turtle tells him it got stolen and has been impounded. Vince protests the guy who lost the $100,000 car that Vince gave him is calling him irresponsible. Lloyd tells Ari that Mandy's agent is on the phone for him. Mandy's agent, Barbara Miller is worried Vince is going to lead to Mandy's downfall and wants a face-to-face before it goes any further. At the impound lot, Drama tells E that a car is never the same after it's been stolen. Vince asks how the car knows it was stolen and Drama tells him buddhists believe everything has a soul, even a toaster. E gets a call from Shauna who chews him out for a three page spread in Us Weekly of Vince and Mandy. In the meantime, E also gets a call from Ari who's ticked E isn't more worried about the photos and tells him to be at his office in a half hour. E gets the keys to the Hummer from Turtle and yells over his shoulder to make sure Vince is at Warner's on time. E heads into Ari's office but Lloyd tells him today they're in the conference room or as Ari calls it "The War Room." E enters the room and finds Ari and about ten other people, including Barbara Miller. The other people are also Mandy's people but none are more strike more fear than Barbara Miller, who is a female version of Ari Gold. The boys are rolling in E's Maserati and listening to a rap song. None of them recognize it, but Vince takes a CD out of the player and finds "Saigon: four tracks" written on it. Vince adds it's probably not E's and belongs to whoever stole the car. They keep listening to the song and Turtle suggests it for the credits of Queens Boulevard. Vince agrees it's a good idea, but won't dare telling Billy Walsh how to score his movie. Barbara abrasively asks E if Vince misses meetings a lot because Mandy never misses meetings. The only time she was ever late was during the riots. E is there because Mandy missed a meeting for the first time that morning. E asks if they think Vince is a bad influence and Barbara tells him Vince may be a Hollywood man-whore, but Mandy's a good girl. E asks Ari if he's going to let her keep talking smack about Vince and Ari adds it could be taken as a compliment. Mandy's people protest they love Vince and Ari adds they just want E to tell Vince to put his relationship with Mandy on hold until the movie's over. E tells Ari that Vince won't put his relationship on hold as he's in love but he'll be where he needs to be and if Mandy is as well they won't have problems. He gets up to leave when Barbara asks does he want to end up as a pizza boy again? E stares at Ari who mentions he provided some of his backstory to Barbara and E tells her he doesn't care who they are and he won't sit and discuss his best friend's life with a bunch of strangers. He storms out with Ari right behind him. Ari tells him they have a problem and makes him promise not to say anything to Vince but James Cameron called and said Vince could be replaced. E gets in the elevator and a high heeled-foot slides in the door right before it closes. Barbara: Going down? Eric: Looks like we all are. (Barbara gets in the elevator) Barbara: Look, I'm sorry about the pizza remark. Eric: I'm sorry I came back at you so hard. Barbara: Hey you were just doing what you were supposed to do. Protecting your client, right? Eric: That's right. Barbara: So who else do you represent, Eric? Oh, right. Just Vince. Eric: You want to start again, Barbara? Barbara: Look, my point is I have a over a hundred clients. So if I'm this worried about one of one hundred, how worried should you be about one of one? Eric: That's some apology Barbara. Turtle and Drama go the to motel Billy Walsh is staying at. Billy isn't interested in the demo, but Turtle persists. Billy relents but only if he gets Drama's watch. Drama reluctantly hands it over. Turtle plays the CD and Billy sits and takes a listen. He declares he loves it and sees it for the end titles. Billy adds he has ten grand left for music and asks who owns the rights. Outside Drama tells Turtle he sold the rights to a song he doesn't own. Turtle isn't worried and tells Drama they'll get the rights. E arrives at Vince's weapons lesson where Vince is learning how to use Aquaman's claw by shooting animatronic sea creatures. The trainer is getting frustrated he keeps shooting whales, who are buddies with Aquaman. Vince notices he's an hour late and it must've been some meeting which E agrees to. He tells Vince to focus and Vince protests the claw is new and no one has ever used it before. The trainer leaves to get Vince more harpoons and Vince asks E what's really going on. E tells him about Mandy's people and that he left when he figured out what they wanted. Vince is glad his boy didn't hang him out to dry and tells E he wouldn't mess up his career for a girl. He asks if E believes him and when he says yes he can still tell E isn't telling him something. E tells him he promised Ari, but he crossed his fingers so he tells Vince that James Cameron called. Turtle and Drama are driving through the hood and Drama is nervous about being there without his nunchucks. They arrive at a house and knock on the door. A woman answers the door and Turtle asks about Saigon. She asks what they want his son for and Turtle tells her they want to make him rich. She warily asks if they're drug dealers and Turtle tells her they're music guys. She curtly tells them where he works and shuts the door. Turtle tells Drama to stop acting so white. Vince can't believe James Cameron would fire him over a physical and tells E he talked to Cameron about him and Mandy and he didn't have a problem with it. E asks what he should say and Vince laments he just doesn't believe it. E asks if he thinks Ari's lying and they exchange a look. They go into Ari's office and ask Lloyd if James Cameron called. Lloyd tells them he was at the dentist in the morning and that Ari's in a staff meeting. The boys opt to wait. Turtle and Drama go into an auto shop and are directed to some guys working on a car. Turtle asks if one of them is Saigon and shows them the demo. Saigon asks how they got it and Turtle tells them the Maserati that was stolen belonged to Vince. Turtle tells him he wants to use his track and that he has ten grand. Saigon asks if he's there to manage him and Turtle tells him he'd be thrilled to represent him. Ari goes into his office and Vince asks if James Cameron called. Ari looks at E and Vince tells him that he crossed his fingers and asks if James Cameron called again. Ari tells him that he called and E adds they should call him. Ari tells him not to call but to go back to doing his job. Vince gets out his phone to call Cameron but Ari tries to talk him out of it and adds Vince had never missed a meeting before, either, which is why it's troubling. Vince asks if it's troubling Cameron and Ari retorts it's troubling to him. Vince guesses he didn't call and Ari admits he didn't. Vince is furious but Ari tells him it's a motivation technique and E retorts this could be the end for him. Ari tells Vince he is his biggest fan but he is slipping over a girl. He's never seen Vince like this and it worries him. E tells him Vince is fine but Vince reminds E he's worried about him too and they have reason to be. Vince tells them he didn't oversleep, he just didn't want to go because he never wants to leave her side. He doesn't care about the movie anymore, he could be happy with Mandy in a one-bedroom apartment. Vince tells Ari there's nothing more to say and walks out of the office. E follows him leaving a horrified Ari behind. Vince asks E if he thinks Ari bought his spiel and E is surprised. Vince tells him Ari can sleep on that and E tells him to keep walking. Ari runs into Terrence in the parking garage. He asks Ari why Barbara Miller was in the office and advises Ari to keep track of his boy, because he'll be watching. Vince and E arrive to Drama's dinner and Drama tells Vince they've missed him the past couple of days. Turtle turns on the Saigon demo and E protests it isn't dinner music and Turtle tells him he's not the only manager in the house anymore. They raise a beer to Saigon, Aquaman, and the family being together again. E gets a call from Ari who tells him he wants to do an intervention for Vince. E tells this to Vince and Vince tells him to improvise. E does just that by telling Ari that Vince feels he let Ari down and is driving to Napa. Ari tells E he's heading North and turns around on the road. Vince and Turtle are impressed that E pulled it off and that Ari bought it as Drama brings out the roast.