Season 7 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 08, 2010 on HBO

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  • Fluff show that sadly needs to be ended

    I liked the first episode of Entourage, as although upbeat, had the seeds to be a top notch dramedy. The show was about Vincent Chase, a major movie star, and his four hanger-on buddies that tried to capitalize on his success.

    The best part of the early seasons was on Eric, Vincent's longtime best friend, may have had the talent and chops to be more than a hanger-on (or merely a part of Vincent's entourage). Johnny Drama and Turtle (Vincent's brother and friend, respectively) made a point of not looking a gift horse in the mouth and reveled in their leech status.

    Now in Season 5, the undelying dynamic of the first season has been replaced with cotten candy feel good stories. The drama (as it is) is superficial, we know everything will turn out ok, because it always does.

    In the new season, turtle is a real businessman now, and is bedding gorgeous girls on his own. Drama actually has a career, and they don't seem to need Vincent anymore. Eric has come to be a powerplayer too.

    Wouldn't it be more interesting if Turtle's new mexican love interest was playing him for Vincent? Or that Drama was told he sucks as an actor?

    The series has become a cameo heavy show of celebrities playing themselves (look..Jessica Simpson, Mike Tyson, Bob Sagat!) Porn star Sasha ? plays herself having an affair with Vincent. Surprising because it puts her in a bad light.

    Doesn't matter, all will turn out well in the end, it always does on this light weight Sex in the City for guys.
  • Binge Drinking, Damage Control, and the Return of Billy Walsh

    This week's episode of Entourage was quite intense and a possible legal threat from Amanda Daniels and Lizzie Grant push Ari over the edge as he may lose his NFL deal over the slightest of controversy. Vince gets a huge deal for Airwalker, the new Warner Brothers franchise, but they worry about him being their headliner after compromising videos of him are posted on Twitter with his new tequila company. Turtle gets freaked out by his girlfriend's bare necessities and Billy Walsh looks to Eric to get back in the business and is willing to do anything and walks to maybe put drama in an animated type show much like "The Simpsons, only angrier." Great dealings, especially Ari's storyline hope next week we will be on track to getting Vince back on track and Sasha will go bye bye cause she is cool but only bad news for him.