Season 8 Episode 1

Home Sweet Home

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 24, 2011 on HBO

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  • A little cringe-worthy but shows promise.

    (Spoilers ahead).
    The big premiere of the last season of Entourage. I went into it with mixed feelings because they have an awful lot to wrap up in 8 episodes and the 7th season ended on such a cliffhanger. And while the premiere seemed a tad flat, it hinted that better was right around the corner.
    Vince is getting out of rehab and has talked to everybody from Drama to Billy Walsh about it... except for E. E's not doing all that well either as he and Sloan have broken up and she only calls to snipe at him to get his stuff out of her house and sent the ring back in an envelope (not even a padded one!) Drama meanwhile has gone on the tear to get all booze and drugs out of the house (and he means all; he jumps on turtle when he finds advil in vince's bathroom). When Vince is back he projects a movie idea that everybody else thinks is lame but no one has the heart to tell him. they throw a dry party for vince and e has had enough and he demands why vince forgave everybody except for him. e tells him the business and friendship overlap occasionally and tells him his movie idea is lame. when vince finds everybody else thinks so he disappears and a girl tells the guys vince is having a heart attack. the guys run in and find vince is perfectly fine and he tells if things are ever going to get back to normal, they have to start treating him normally. they all admit the movie idea is lame but billy has a few ideas to make it better.
    meanwhile ari;s wife is seeing somebody and e and scott have their own company despite the fact they still cant stand each other. not the best but hints that the show;s last season will be a good one.
  • Welcome Back Vince

    Fast forward two and half months from last season to Vince's release from rehab. He's now been clean for 90 days and has a new idea for a movie that he wants to get made. Meanwhile, Sloan and E have broken up because of her father wanting him to sign a pre-nup last season and he and Scott Levin have moved made their own agency called the Murphy Levin Group and try to sign a former Rosanne star. All the boys go to pick Vince up from rehab and Johnny is way overreacting by getting rid of all the weed and coke in the house as well as replacing all of his alcohol with fakes. Ari tries to reconcile with his wife but it turns out that she's been seeing somebody during their separation. All of the boys lie about loving Vince's movie idea but agree that it may work as a network tv movie if Johnny were in it. Drama has success now that Johnny's Bananas is a soon to be hit series. Turtle's girlfriend Alex is away doing Avion Tequila ads on a tour. Good episode, I agree that Vince's movie idea in supremely terrible but could be made funny given the right talent. I agree with what the boys are trying to do for Vince but Vince doesn't need to be coddled he needs his friends and can't get back on track and have a big comeback without them taking him seriously and being straight with him. Since this is the final season it's kind of poetic that everything is turning to crap around them as their house burns but it just means that when our boys bounce back it'll make it more the sweeter.
  • after watching the best episode in years of curb you enthusiasm, i couldnt wait for entourage to continue the laughs..was i disappointed

    the pace was slow and stupid with ari even running around looking for some alcohol..very much out of character..the writers are copying some of larry david's skits like house burning in the end of episode..they also made reference to the athlete who in real life (roy williams of the cowboys) who mailed an expensive ring to his girlfriend..also scott is now living in the house..he should move out and go back to hawaii 5-0..as turtle said in season 2 the group doesnt work with 5 when dom came for a visit...good news is the boring sloane is now broken up with E...bad news saw comming attractions and she's on next weeks episode..whats going on with the tequilla business...if you want some good laughs watch cye with larry being the social assasin
  • 801

    The final season of Entourage premiered tonight. I have seen mixed reviews of this throughout the internet and I actually thought it flowed better than the usual episode of the show. It progressed quickly, the half hour seemed to fly by but the main problem with this show is just that it is not funny, not funny at all. If it tried to be like Showtime's comedy/dramas like Nurse Jackie then it would probably work better, but this show goes for laughs with nearly every line and it just did not work tonight.

    And please get Johnny Galecki off my TV screen. It is bad enough I have to suffer through him on The Big Bang Theory, don't add another show to it.
  • Last season gets off to a good start, but still too many stupid d list cameos there series is known for.

    The characters seem to be dealing with big things going into their final season. Eric has broken up with his girl and she mailed him back his ring. Ari is outs with his wife and she is seeing someone else. Vince just got out of rehab and everyone is walking on eggshells around him.

    The good- the characters are finally being given some real problems, and not the feel good small problems of previous seasons. Marriages falling apart, relationships deteriorating and drug use are a bit more heavy than whether Aquaman will be made. The comedy was a smile rather than laugh at loud as Vince's brother Johnny goes all out to make the house a no drug and alcohol zone.

    The bad- Eric and Scott pitch a guy about representation, the whole time I'm thinking who is that?? They mention Rosanne..wow what cameo. Next week is the diceman. Really, can't they at least try to get someone A list? Yes Eric's ex is now probably considered to have made it..but she was on the show before she was on all the Maxim covers, so she owes a debt to the show. The cameo are unnecessary and in my opinion detract from it. They should just cast actors playing famous people (like the part of Vince) and be done with it, but its probably too late now.