Season 2 Episode 9

I Love You Too

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 31, 2005 on HBO
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Vince and the guys attend Comic-Con to promote "Aquaman" but all are surprised when Drama turns out to be a big hit also. Vince decides he can handle working with Mandy, until he makes dinner plans with her and her fiance. Eric and Shauna try to satisfy a caustic journalist. Drama gets a birthday present from Ari.moreless

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  • ....for me, because I LOVE U2!!

    This was by far one of the best episodes yet. Vince finally has to show real emotion whenever the story specifically involves a former flame (the criminally underrated Mandy Moore portraying a colder version of herself). The subplot featuring Johnny Drama winning both the girl and a review from a nerdy critic (Rainn Wilson of The Office is Godly in the role) surely will put a smile on your face, not to mention that the rest of the episode was consistently hilarious like most of the second season. And to cap it off, we're treated to some great live footage of U2 taken near the start of the Vertigo tour. It's a wonderful performance of "City Of Blinding Lights" - one of the most brilliant singles of the last five years.moreless
  • Review

    Vince and the guys attend Comic-Con to promote "Aquaman" but all are surprised when Drama turns out to be a big hit also. Vince decides he can handle working with Mandy, until he makes dinner plans with her and her fiance. Eric and Shauna try to satisfy a caustic journalist. Drama gets a birthday present form Ari. Even though the past couple of episodes have taken a bit of a slump, I do like how the gang has somewhat movedout ofthe same old stuff we were getting used to in Los Angeles and moving around a lot more to flim elsewhere. I liked the comic-con idea in this episode, Drama scenes stole the show in this one with him getting with Angel Quest Girl. Vince drama is getting old - really quick. I used to love the scenes with him and Eric, now I love the Ari/Turtle/Drama scenes just because everything with Eric and Vince always seems to be the same conversation just on a repeated loop. Mandy was the focus of the last two epsiodes, Aquaman the four or five before that, Erics girlfriend the two before that. At least the other three always change it up. Solid - yet average episode.moreless
  • Best episode ever. No further words.


    1. Mandy Moore. You\'ve got to love Mandy Moore. I had such a celebrity crush on her a few years ago. Like, as big as a whale. Yeah, it was that huge of a crush.

    2. Comic Con. Seriously, this part was awesome. I so do not like comic con, or comics for that matter. But I love nerds. The funny thing about stereotypical nerds is that they actually exist. Lots of them. It\'s so amazing to see! And P ussy Patrol.. seriously, that\'s a bit too much, but very lust-able nontheless!

    3. U2. U2 played a concert at the end of this episode. Seriously. Nothing is better than U2. Nothing. Nobody.

    The only awful thing about this wasthe nerd reporter.. ugh. Made me sick. Arrogant nerds. Ewww.moreless
  • it was just espectacular whenthey went to the u2 concert

    geat series, great episode, great music(of course u2 was on), i just laugh when drama got to kiss jessica it was so funny, and you can se how stars also have issues when it comes to relationships. and that end with u2 it just can't get any better than tis. ROCK ON U2
  • Vince past comes to haunt him, and he has to learn how to deal. Plus, Johnny Drama rules Comic-Con.

    Johnny Drama is the man at Comic-Con! I like role-reverses. Johnny was more famous than Vince. To quote Vince, "At Comic-Con, Shauna, I think I'm Johnny brother." He made 3,800 and got the girl in one weekend. "Victory," said by Johnny.

    Anyways, the big shocker was Vince asking Mandy to marry her within five weeks into knowing her. Wow! It is nice to see that Vince wasn't always a player and can be quite sensitive. In the past episode, we found out he made her a mix tape. He was head over heels for her. Mandy was his last real relationship and that was five years ago. I like this vulnerable side of Vince. However, he needs to learn how to deal and get along with Mandy. How else are they going to make a great movie.

    Nevertheless, Vince doesn't like being vulnerable. That is why he blew up at RJ Spencer, the rude reporter. I am glad Jesse Jane and the Pussy Patrol took care of him. I want Vince to be successful and I want Aqueaman to be sucessful, too.moreless



Guest Star

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley


Guest Star

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson

R.J. Spencer

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Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Ari: Oh, I got tickets. Happy belated [birthday].
      Drama: How are the seats ?
      Ari: Nosebleed, just like you like 'em.

      This is a goof. The boys are shown in the standing section of the stadium, not high in the terraces - the nosebleed section.

    • At the U2 concert, regular Entourage writer and executive producer Doug Ellin can be seen in the crowd standing next to the main cast characters.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • (talking about the RJ Spencer interview)
      Shauna: Just look at the guy like a prom date. You buy him a corsage, he'll at least give you a hand job.
      Turtle: Who the fuck wants a hand job?

    • Vince: Johnny, you're burnt to a crisp.
      Drama: Nah, in another it will turn to a nice Maple syrupy brown.

    • R.J. Spencer: I have one goal in my life: to drown Aquaman.

    • R.J. Spencer: My voice will be heard around the world tomorrow morning.

    • Eric: Vince, we gotta fix this.
      Vince: Oh yeah? So take out your little tool box and fix it.

    • Vince: Look, what do you want to hear that I got humilated? That I curled up into a ball like you usually do?

    • Bono: Hey, Johnny Drama! Que tal? Feliz cumpleaños, amigo!

    • R.J. Spencer: So, tell me more about "Pussy Patrol."
      Jesse Jane: Well, we're a gang-banging gang of working girls who kick criminal ass.
      R.J. Spencer: (chuckles) Speaking of kicking their ass, what do you do with the naughty boys? You know, naughty boys that do naughty things?
      Jesse Jane: (gives R.J. a "get away from me" look)

    • Turtle: You should go out with the Angel, man, I'm telling you!
      Drama: Please, you know I don't like classically beautiful women. Give me a nice nose break or a lazy eye.
      Turtle: You're insane.

    • R.J. Spencer: (angrily, to Vince) And that little comment just cost you your opening weekend! (pauses) Aqua-fag!

    • Vince: (talking about R.J. Spencer) I'm gonna tell him he's a fat, comic book-loving prick.
      Eric: Hey listen, this guy's got a website that gets a million hits a day. He can sink a movie faster than Stephen Dorff.
      Shauna: Hey, watch it asshole! That guy's my client!

    • Drama: Vanessa Angel. She did three eps of "Viking Quest" and they just gave her this shitbag spinoff. She's been riding the "Viking Quest" wave for like a decade.
      Turtle: So do you.
      Eric: Didn't "Angel Quest" run five times longer than "Viking Quest"?
      Drama: Yeah, but it's only 'cause she showed her tits in "Playboy".

    • Drama: Comic-con?
      Turtle: Ain't that that comic book geek-fest you go to every year?
      Drama: That's no geek-fest, Turtle. That's my bread and butter. I make $1800 a day selling autties.
      Turtle: You sell German cars there?
      Drama: Autographs, dickbag! I've been begging you guys to come for years.
      Turtle: And we've been laughing in your face for years because we don't like comic book geeks.

    • Turtle: (to Drama) You aren't seriously gonna wear that flag in there, are you?
      Drama: When Pavarotti plays the El Rey you can wear the Italian flag. When my Irish bethren come to town, I wear this.

    • Turtle: How the f*** you know Jesse Jane? You know how much Lubriderm I burned through on that broad?

    • Jesse: It's just me and the girls. We lick ass by day and kick ass by night.

    • R.J. Spencer: Eric, I started this website out of my parents' basement for two reasons: to get laid and to make a little money, neither of which are coming to fruition.

    • Eric: Guys, you need to stop filling his head with this sh-t.
      Vince: What? Do you think I listen to them?
      Drama: What? You don't?

    • Shauna: I'm gonna spin a story that you really aren't Vince's brother.
      Vince: At Comic Con, Shauna, I think I'm Johnny's brother.

    • Eric: We could've gone, Drama. You just refused to scalp.
      Turtle: We could've had great seats for 200 a pop.
      Drama: Scalping raises ticket prices so the average fan can't afford them. U2 stands up for the common man and so do I.
      Eric: You are the common man, Drama.
      Turtle: More like an uncommon loser.

    • Turtle: You were driving when Vince was seven? How fuckin' old are you, Drama?
      Drama: (quietly) 31. Get off my ass.
      Eric: 31, Drama? (laughs) Yeah, in dog years maybe!

    • Drama: Seriously, I've done at least a dozen movies with women who couldn't stand me... But it's never affected the work.

    • Drama: Please. You know I don't like classically beautiful women. Give me a nice nose break or a lazy eye.

    • Drama: I might get some tough questions this weekend also.
      Shauna: Like whether you're still in the business?

    • Turtle: (after Ari realizes he grabbed Clippers tickets instead of U2 tickets) Jesus Christ. Ari Gold. You just got demoted to silver.

    • (referring to the U2 ticket location)
      Drama: Floor level or bust. That's my moto.
      Eric: I thought it was "will act for food."

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mandy Moore and Jeremy Piven previously appeared together in the movie Chasing Liberty.

    • Location Credits:

      "The guys' hotel in San Diego"
      San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina
      333 West Harbor Drive
      San Diego, California 92101

      San Diego Convention Center
      111 West Harbor Drive
      San Diego, California 92101

      "U2 Concert"
      Staples Center
      1111 S. Figueroa Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90015

    • Music Credits

      "Sun Red Sky Blue" by Kenna
      "All Because Of You," "City Of Blinding Lights" and "Vertigo" by U2
      "One Shot Deal" by Beanie Siegel
      "Rock The Casbah" by The Clash
      "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" by Queens Of The Stone Age
      "Cheating On You" by Franz Ferdinand


    • On screen, Ari gets Drama tickets to the U2 concert for his birthday. In real life writer Doug Ellin went to the U2 concert in LA for the filming of this episode on his birthday!

    • Episode Title: I Love You Too

      This episode title is a play on words. The band U2 makes an appearance on this episode,so the title could easily be called "I Love U2".