Season 7 Episode 10

Lose Yourself

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 12, 2010 on HBO

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  • One of the best episodes of the series; the story of crashdowns.

    As I hoped it would happen - the walls of safety finally came tumbling down - which is absolutely the right was to go.
    The world our protagonist inhabited until this season was a bubble where no one really gets hurt or seriously screwed. Well, all this has changed and will hopefully continue to happen this way.
    This is the fall of Vince; coke addiction, fights, distancing ALL of his close friends. Yup, that sounds about right.
    Ari has crossed the line a long time ago, but in the way his minions (pardon, friends) love House, people around Ari accepted him for who he is... But everyone has their limit and Ari's wife found hers.
    I can't wait for Turtle and E to start their respective chaoses! Should be an absolute blast and finally something this series wasn't - a nail-biter of a show.
  • Vince's decline continues to the point where he is virtually unrecognizable and has become highly unsympathetic. The producers and writers have run out of ideas and have contrived to wreck the lives of Vince and Ari.

    This is the worst episode of the worst season of Entourage. Given Vince's previous indifference to drugs and that kind of reckless excess, his sudden fondness for cocaine and a relationship with a rather unattractive porn star seems inexplicable. Ari's rapidly imploding uiniverse also seems contrived and out of character and a man in his position would never lose control in a public place the way he does when he confronts his former assistant in the restaurant. It is also disappointing that the season ends with Vince hitting rock bottom which creates a superficial kind of "Who Killed J.R." season finale to keep us on edge until the final Season 8 airs later in 2011. If one has seen the previous six seasons, there is nothing which suggests that Vince would ever become a mean-spirited, drug-addicted Hollywood misfit in the style of a Stephen Dorff or Lindsay Lohan. Also, Vince has become a huge star and there is not one instance in recent memory of a major male star self-destructing this way. I think the series' creators wanted to change the tone of the series from a comedy-drama to an all-out drama and it all seems forced and disorienting.
  • pretty solid but expected more


    this season has been probably one of the more solid seasons of the series, but it kind of crumbled upon itself tonight on its seventh season finale. this episode was still pretty good. it's cliffhanger was weak and the intervention scene was just eye rolling. so lets go onto the good the bad and the great.

    the good: even though weak at some parts the turtle storyline of him trying to scramble twenty million dollars to keep carlos' company which it looks like its gonna happen. vince flipping out and finnally breaking up with sasha, it was only a matter of time until that storyline got stale. Ari's bad luck continues with his wife leaving him after he had the scene at the restaurant last episode. Eminem was good but i was kind of disapointed that they didn't take him in the comedic direction, cause anyone who saw him in funny people knows that he can be hilarious. scott going evil again and trying to scheme murray out of his company.

    the bad: Drama has no storyline this episode, no talk of his cartoon at all. the intervention as i said was very cheesy and i just felt like it was too easy of a storyline.also bad was the cliffhanger. the most important part of a season finale. the cops finding his drugs should have been a shock and awe moment, but this season has done that too much this season it lost its momentum.

    the great: the fight at eminem's party was pretty well shot and drama yelling in pain for vince added the emotion to the scene. now we have to wait til probably next summer again for the last season. only six episodes left.
  • "Officially Out of Control" or Trial Separation: A Vince and the Gang Season Finale (Spoiler Alert)

    Vince sinks to Rock Bottom as he gets pissed off at Sasha's film set meeting her ex-fiancée and then tries to score more drugs. I wish this show was an hour long because it seemed to maybe cram some stuff too tightly together. Ari's wife, despite an extravagant party Ari tries to throw for her but eventually tells him that she wants time apart after the incident at the restaurant. Vince goes a hotel and crashes a party of Eminem and gets into a fight along with Johnny who goes to find him there after unsuccessfully trying to give him an intervention. Scott reveals to Eric that he is going against Murray and has the rest of the Management Company behind him which Eric at first dismisses but then reconsiders after Sloan's father, Terrence wants him to sign a pre-nup so that he can't get his hands on his money through his daughter. That is a total slap in the face, yes if Sloan had asked him too that would be fine, but Terrence is very arrogant to ask him to do that and it result him in wanting to move against Murray alongside Scott. The final seconds of the season involve Vince telling a cop to call his lawyer about finishing the report paperwork and he tells Vince that he might wants to and asks if he knows who's this is and indicates a bag of cocaine. Roll credits, great job Entourage writers, Vince is officially ruined which is perfectly acceptable after this road he's been down this season but some of the conflicts were resolved maybe a bit too quickly like the Avion Story or Eric's momentary anger at Sloan. But overall a winning season, I'm really curious to see what they do with the abridged 8th season next summer. Here's to next year, Estrovia!