Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 01, 2007 on HBO
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Billy submits Medellin to the Cannes film festival, leading Eric - who thinks the film needs work - to worry that it will get rejected. Drama rekindles an old flame, and brings Turtle in as his wingman. Vince gets in over his head in Malibu.

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  • There were 2 continuity problems in this episode, surrounding the soccer matches.

    There were 2 continuity problems in this episode. The timeline is supposed to be 2007. But the ManU soccer game they were betting on was a year and half earlier (Van Nistelrooy who took the penalty shot signed with Spanish side Real Madrid C.F. on 28 July 2006). I would love to bet on a game that took place in the past! And, then the next game was a Brazil game. In FIFA, when International games are played, the league games are on hold so that the best players can play for their country. So, having both of these games playing live (for betting) couldn't have happened.moreless
  • Entourage Has Changed

    Looking ahead at the episode titles of Season Four, I see why some people may regard season four as the worst season of the show. Seasons 1 - 3 was about Vince trying to get X part in X movie. In season 4 Vince has all ready shot the movie and now they are showing us the painful process of trying to get the movie into the public eye and that is going to be a season long arch. Vince is not going to be starting any new projects in the season I don't think - which means his financial woes may continue. He did win 100,000 in this episode on a soccer bet, but I am willing to bet that money will be gone before long. It's interesting to see the way his character acts in situations. I know this isn't a show like Lost where everything needs to be analyzed - but trying to put yourself in his shoes you have to be confused by his actions. He just got done thinking that he had lost 100,000 but instead of rejecting the new offer when he catches a break he takes the new offer. Did it work out for him? Sure. But it doesn't explain why he continues to make irrational decisions and such a crunch time in his life. Drama and Turtle together was pretty funny in this episode. I feel bad for drama sometimes and even though I should have seen the switch coming I didn't.moreless
  • A solid episode for the season.

    This was a great episode containing all the elements that make Entourage such a great show to watch. E worrying and working hard to lose the 'Pizza boy' tag, Vince picking up gorgeous chicks, Drama and Turtle having adventures, Ari being Ari, and Walsh being crazy and hypersensitive.

    Every character plays their part in this ensemble episode with a cameo from Dennis Hopper. As plot development, the episode works well, with Medellin being submitted to Cannes while E tries to get Walsh off the project. We still don't know who is right about the film, and the anticipation of E backing out with Harvey Weinstein keeps us waiting for next week.moreless
  • This episode is a great example of what Entourage is based on and it is brilliant!

    After a different kick off of season 4 we are more likely back to the ussual Entourage and it is nice! We got Drama and Turtle out on their own hillerious adventure - I laughed so hard when Turtle's date entered the room! Vince is out living the life as a (broke though) celebertiy and flirting with chicks (which he yet again met in a such randomly and easy way that makes Turtle wish he was Vince for just one day). Then we have E, who is trying to solve their problems and he had his fight with Billy and Ari (really nice to see the old relationship between E and Ari!). For once E also made some huge mistakes in his career as manager/producer - which makes sense in my mind, because he comes from a job as Pizza Boy to a job as manager of a super star actor and now producer of a million dollar film.

    So basicly we are back to 4 young guys from Queen who is dealing with the environment of celeberties and it is awesome!

    We yet miss to see Ari in full action, but as far as I know, it will happen mid-season and I really cannot wait for it! Besides that it is going to be fun to see E screw over Harvey once again - haha!moreless
  • Entourage in it's prime. Vince and Eric worrying about the current/next movie. Ari's playing the part of forceful manager. Turtle and Drama workin the ladies.

    This episodes is what this show is all about. Come comedy, some irony, some drama.

    Eric and Vince are disagreeing on the film's edit and how to fix it. Also, the future of the film's business and commerical angles are up in the air. Which film festival? Who can buy it? These elements give the story gives just enough behind the scenes of an actor to be entertaining (if it's not all that authentic or real :-).

    Drama tries to bag an "old" flame, and he gets Turtle to take one for the team. However, in classic Drama-ism, it all back fires and Turtle gets the hotter of the two gals.

    Good story. Good step on the season long arch. All around, a good episode.moreless
Colleen Camp

Colleen Camp


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Maury Chaykin

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Mini Anden


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Maury Chaykin

Maury Chaykin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The game of soccer which they showed was Manchester United against Blackburn Rovers. Also known as the Lancashire Derby. The game ended 1 - 2 with Morten Gamst Pedersen twice on the scoresheet and Ruud van Nistelrooy scoring once and missing a penalty. This was also Manchester United's first home loss of the season (2004-2005).

    • The website advertised at the end of the trailer. www.medellinthefilm.com is an actual link to a website.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (whilst talking to Eric on the phone)
      Ari: Yes E, I would say being rejected by Cannes before we have a distributor would be a disaster.

    • Billy Walsh: There he is, fresh from the dry cleaners, my one and only favorite suit.
      Eric: How you doing Billy?
      Billy Walsh: Come here E, give me some love.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: The title of this episode is also the title of a movie from 2003, directed by Barry Bowles and starring Brian Hooks, E-40, Sticky Fingaz and Bad Azz.