Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 21, 2011 on HBO

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  • It's been bad now it's getting good


    So we near the end and things finally get interesting agian. People writing bad reviews are forgetting we still have a Movie that's going to wrap things up.

    Things with E are quite interesting to say the least, Ari even more interesting as the saga with his wife takes a huge turn. Drama looking out for Dice wonder where that is going.

    Vince and Turtle aren't really doing much though but that's fine.

    So we near the end we have no idea how this show is going to end but after a few bad episodes things are getting better MUCH better.

  • 805


    They could put a curse word in the title, but even that could not help this show become more colorful. This was about as dull and lifeless as can be. They laughed off some bad interview Vince had with Access Hollywood, but then the whole episode was essentially an interview with Vanity Fair (because that's any better.)

    Eric sex scenes are, yeah, that's the kind of thing you change the channel for. And then stuntcasting (and failing even at the stuntcasting) with Jamie Kennedy and Andrew Dice Clay? This is like Entourage on its death bed, just three weeks until it is taken out to the back of the barn and let out of its misery.

  • Any other season a 9+, but with only 4 episodes left in the series this story line is a complete disappointment. Its not the actors, writing, or direction, but the creative direction on how to end the series that is at fault.


    Typically, I'd give an episode of this caliber a rating of 9 or so, but with it being the 3rd to last episode for the series it is a completely abysmal episode. It isn't a bad episode and there isn't anything wrong with the acting, the basic plot, or its execution.

    In fact, the Drama story line is great and interesting. I'm excited to find out where we're heading with Eric and Turtle. I'm concerned about Ari and where he's going to land.

    Honestly, this stuff should have been LAST season or in the first half of 20 episode last season. Vince and the guys need to go out CLEARLY on top and even if the last (or last two episodes) turns out great it isn't enough for them. The Vince character deserved an Oscar winning movie and in the end an Oscar winning role / performance.

    Clearly this series will end on a disappointing and unsatisfying note given episode like this one that act as if we're in the middle of season 3 not the last one. Again this would be a 9+ episode in any other season, but . . . the fault lies with whomever designed this last season and how it is moving forward based upon only 8 episodes and where this view wanted the series to end up.

    Yeah, I hear a movie is in the works, but as we know from the series that doesn't exist till it exists. Anything can come up to kill it. The viewers, Vince, and the gang deserve a better ending to the series. I really wanted to give this episode a 9, 9.5, or even 10.

    Update: After consideration I'm raising my rating from 1 to 3. Again this rating is in context to it being the final season. I know a movie is possible, but last I heard Kevin Dillon says a movie is NOT in the works. I would hope Drama would be in an Entourage movie, after all.

  • Something Explode Already

    In this week's somewhat lackluster episode of Entourage's final season we're treated to Vince screwing up a Vanity Fair interview because he flirted with the journalist/sexy Brit Sophia and asked her out. Drama tries to get Dice back onto the show and even offers him part of his own salary so as to get him back but Dice refuses so Drama walks too hoping the studio will have faith in him. Ari is supposed to go to Disneyland with his kids but apparently Taylor Lautner's friend wrote some sort of good screenplay so Dana Gordon comes in to read it and Ari has to watch her read it and she decides to buy it. As usual Ari picks work over his kids and Mrs. Ari gets mad about it and he says he's changed but we've heard it all before. Luckily no really big spotlight on Turtle this week, so there's that. Eric meets with Sloane's ex-stepmother and the two bond over their dislike for their exes and end up sleeping together and he agrees to represent her maybe. Luckily now we see some of our favorite character's moving on, E's banging a hot chick, Vince is pointlessly striking out with a journalist even though he promised to behave in round two of the interview, and Ari reconciles with Dana Gordon because she's lonely. I hope this is building up to something but it all feels a bit soapy to me at this point and a final season should be a bit more explosive in my opinion.