Season 1 Episode 8

New York

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 12, 2004 on HBO

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    The end of one city and the start of another. I like the writers plan to make the second season take place in a new city - it will keep the show a bit more fresh that way I think. While there wasnt a whole lot of LA scenes in the first season, just having the guys in the big apple should proove to be a good thing, depending on how the writers plan to run with it. I liekd all the drama between Eric and Vince, the manager thing is kind of set up to be explosive in the second season - with the two possibly growing further apart. I thought the Scarlet Johanson thing at the end was a nice twist that I didnt see coming. Other then that - should be an interesting season without some of the woman that we have come to know on the screen. I dont know the second season plan, but hopefully they can devolop the show in a proper way in a whole new city with a new cast of characters.
  • The best of the First season.

    The writing is finally starting to come together in this season's last episode. Also, the characters are gaining a little depth, the pure sense of comedy, for comedy's sake is starting to be scaled back and the people underneath are coming through. The best of the first season and starting to show real potential.
  • Well, those were 30 minutes well spent.

    Season finales need to be a fun, awesome, exciting, nerve-wrack and teary eyed experience. This finale accounts for none of those things. I don\'t know whether I should like or hate Entourage for this episode.

    A season finale needs to be awesome enough to keep people watching the show next season, which makes me think that an eight episode season needs to have a finale even more awesome. You know, to make up for the lack of coolness in the previous three and a half hours. It\'s a great show, that could use many more episodes, but as long as it\'s still eight, I want a rollercoaster experience when I watch the finale. I am not happy.

    But beside all this ranting, this was just another average installment. Women, women, more womnen, and a private jet. I am starting to think they are trying to make us men jealous of Vincent.

    Not working. Vince is still a tool.