Season 4 Episode 11

No Cannes Do

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 26, 2007 on HBO

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  • It All Comes Crashing Down

    This is the one aspect of Entourage that I don't really like. Everything that they had worked to accomplish over the past couple of episodes was shot down in this one episode. What was the point of the Anna storyline. She drove a slight wedge in between Eric and Vince but they are fine now and it's only a couple of episodes later. Anna, Eric, Vince, and Billy sit down to see if Anna is going to play a part in his new movie and then about ten minutes later Eric talks her into it - then out of it - then gets fired off camera and tells our guys on a plane? What? Did that just happen. I don't see the point of her character at all anymore whatsoever. That was a bad conclusion to that story arch and I think it could have been written just about any other way and it would have been better. I mean - Vince didn't get mad when he found out about it and Billy responded with "Ah I think I wanted to keep the brother in the script anyway." None of it made any sense to me. I thought she might have been the bullet that drove a wedge between Eric and Vince, which would have brought the show into a very interesting dynamic. Overall - I would say this was a very poor episode which was made all of the episodes that came before it a little less special at this point in time.
  • It was very funny as usual, but I'm disappointed that they abandoned the plot

    For the entire season, the writers had been brilliantly developing a rift between Eric and Vince- Eric doesn't like Billy and his movies, he gets a new client whom he also wants to date- there's only 1 episode left in the season- how great of a cliffhanger would it have been if Eric had hooked up with Anna, stayed with her instead of going to Cannes, and then Vince getting pissed and firing him!

    That would have left everyone hanging for the off-season, but instead they just end the Anna thing with her firing Eric, he gets on the plane, and it's business as usual. I guess they couldn't lock her up for more than the 3 episodes- too bad, that would have been very entertaining.
  • The boys struggle when all flights to France are cancelled due to security issues at LAX and Eric has trouble dealing with his two clients.

    Entourage better start stepping up their episodes. Eric is just becoming plain annoying. He thinks he knows everything and is relatively new to the business and needs to start asking for advice instead of being so aggressive and deal with his Napoleon complex pretty soon. I dont think he is a good manager for Vince anymore because he is too concerned with his own ego to care about Vince's career choices. He chose to take on another client and yet couldn't handle her in the least. He is clearly not ready and should just stick with Vince for a while and spend some actual time on his client instead of himself! Drama and Turtle's storylines are getting cut way too short and I don't like it. This show is called Entourage, meaning everyone is important and instead everything is about Eric! Also, I wish they would cut Billy's storyline a bit, his character is a little much and I think it drains some from the show. Ari and Lloyd are the only consistantly good things about the show. The rest is getting a little boring. I don't want this show to end but I feel like it will unless they step up the quality.
  • the gang is stuck at LAX and can't get to cannes that day. Walsh writes E's new client into the script.

    this episode was good but not as good as other ones were. usually at the end of the episode they leave you hanging, and begging for more, other times it isn't a great ending. this time, it didn't leave me with the need to see the next episode. i feel like it could have maybe been done better. the ending didn't make me impatient for the next episode. i do however, want to know how turtle knows kanye west. I love how this series has so many famous guest stars. still this episode is another great installment in this series.
  • A code red terror alert shuts LAX, Ari rushes to find the boys a ride to Cannes, while also dealing with Mrs Ari's need to spend time with him. Eric is torn on whether Anna should be in Silo. As her manager he thinks no, as the producer he thinks yes.

    Not a completely pivotal episode, but still the awesome quality we've come to expect of Entourage. Billy Walsh wants Anna Farris in his new movie, Silo. Eric is torn between saying she should as the producer of the film, and saying shouldn't as her new manager. The outcome is not too surprising, but does reveal some of his growth as an adult and a professional. Ari is rushing to find a ride to Cannes because LAX has been shut down due to a terror alert. Mrs Ari goes on a shopping spree to fuel Ari's guilt for not wanting her to come to Cannes. In the end Ari does good, as always, and shows not only his affection for his long suffering wife, but also for his assistant Lloyd, who has also been wanting to come along. Turtle and Drama try to weed out terror suspects at LAX making for some very funny moments with Drama. Sidney Pollack appears in this episode giving us the knowledge that Ari used to be his agent as well. Pollack offers to give a ride to Cannes, but only has 5 seats available on his plane, so they might have to leave a man behind. In the end, it's Turtle who saves the day as his friendship with Kanye West secures them a more spacious ride to Cannes. This show has been getting better since day one, and I don't see signs of it slowing down, like most shows would by this point in the series. The fact that we can see personal growth in all the characters at the same time in a span of 22 minutes shows how well written it is. It is tightly scripted and directed but you never feel like you're missing out on anything. Truly a gem amongst the TV shows on offer today. Well done HBO.
  • The guys, Billy and Ari are going Cannes but LAX is shut down and they have to find another way to get to France. At the same time Billy wants Anna in his new movie and Eric doesn't know if he should tell Anna what he really thinks about the script.

    A very fast and entertaining episode with some surprises. Turtle is scared of flying but wont admit it and blame it on the terrorist warnings. Ari can't decide if he wants his wife to come or not and Lloyd gets upset when he doesn't get an invitation. When the airport gets shut down Ari tries to hitch a ride with Sydney Pollack but it turns out that they're one to many and they have to turn it down. But with a little luck and some help from Kanye West they can get on their way to the sunny beaches of Cannes. Billy wants Anna Faris in his new movie but she's not sure if she wants to do it, Eric tries to convince her to do it but when he says what he really think of it she says no and fires him right away.

    I liked the episode it was fast and alot of things happend, I also liked the cameos of Sydney and Kanye. I think it was a very good story and I was excited to know what would happen next and didn't want it to end. I didn't get sad because Eric got fired, a didn't really like Anna anyways. Ari was great as usually and I liked that he got alot of screentime.

    Can't wait to know what will happen in the season finale next week and don't want to wait untill the next year to see the more.
  • This wasn't a bad episode, but just not the most captivating

    This episode wasn't per say bad, it just wasn't the best one I've seen yet. The storyline was good, but it felt as a mellow episode before the finale came. I did really enjoy Lloyd in the whole episode and his antics, he always makes me laugh. I sort of wish Kanye had a bigger part in this cause I love that man! Walsh is seriously starting to annoy me and I know he needs to stay on the show but his character is the worst and most annoying there is. At least he gives the show that much more entertainment