Season 4 Episode 11

No Cannes Do

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 26, 2007 on HBO

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  • The boys struggle when all flights to France are cancelled due to security issues at LAX and Eric has trouble dealing with his two clients.

    Entourage better start stepping up their episodes. Eric is just becoming plain annoying. He thinks he knows everything and is relatively new to the business and needs to start asking for advice instead of being so aggressive and deal with his Napoleon complex pretty soon. I dont think he is a good manager for Vince anymore because he is too concerned with his own ego to care about Vince's career choices. He chose to take on another client and yet couldn't handle her in the least. He is clearly not ready and should just stick with Vince for a while and spend some actual time on his client instead of himself! Drama and Turtle's storylines are getting cut way too short and I don't like it. This show is called Entourage, meaning everyone is important and instead everything is about Eric! Also, I wish they would cut Billy's storyline a bit, his character is a little much and I think it drains some from the show. Ari and Lloyd are the only consistantly good things about the show. The rest is getting a little boring. I don't want this show to end but I feel like it will unless they step up the quality.