Season 4 Episode 11

No Cannes Do

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 26, 2007 on HBO

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  • It All Comes Crashing Down

    This is the one aspect of Entourage that I don't really like. Everything that they had worked to accomplish over the past couple of episodes was shot down in this one episode. What was the point of the Anna storyline. She drove a slight wedge in between Eric and Vince but they are fine now and it's only a couple of episodes later. Anna, Eric, Vince, and Billy sit down to see if Anna is going to play a part in his new movie and then about ten minutes later Eric talks her into it - then out of it - then gets fired off camera and tells our guys on a plane? What? Did that just happen. I don't see the point of her character at all anymore whatsoever. That was a bad conclusion to that story arch and I think it could have been written just about any other way and it would have been better. I mean - Vince didn't get mad when he found out about it and Billy responded with "Ah I think I wanted to keep the brother in the script anyway." None of it made any sense to me. I thought she might have been the bullet that drove a wedge between Eric and Vince, which would have brought the show into a very interesting dynamic. Overall - I would say this was a very poor episode which was made all of the episodes that came before it a little less special at this point in time.