Season 2 Episode 8

Oh, Mandy

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 24, 2005 on HBO
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Vince's past relationship with a co-star comes back to haunt him. Ari makes an important list. Drama is not happy about their new temporary home.

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  • Review

    Vince's past relationship with a co-star comes back to haunt him. Ari makes an important list. Drama is not happy about their new temporary home.

    The storyline was funny and entertaining, but the plot didn't advance at all. Picking a female co-star that we will likely never see isn't all that exciting. The scene with Vince and Mandy Moore was not only aqkward for them, but it was a weird scene to watch from our end as well. I didnt really see the point of dedicated so much of the episode to something that is going to wind up not happening anyway. If they had rekindled a little something something that night maybe I could have seen something happen with this episode, but overall it was simply a filler type of an episode. Even the scenes with Ari in it werent that funny the time around, Turtle took up most the comedy as well as Drama with his domination of the car. Other then those parts - not too much else to talk about with this epsiode.moreless
  • This episode teaches us one valuable lesson. Never work with a woman that's not single.

    Looks like life in the kingdom of Vincent and his homies is making a jump up the social ladder, and with all this newfound glory comes more wealth, more cats, and Jessica Alba's house. I swear I would've given this episode the full ten points if Alba made an appearance. Ah, we can only dream.

    I love all the guest stars in Entourage, especially this episode. Captain Dale Dye made his second appearance in Entourage as a scuba instructor. I have no clue why he picked this awful role, so I'm just guessing that Wahlberg wanted Dale. Ah well, no harm done! Dale is awesome!

    Not to mention the environment where this episode takes place.

    Jessica's beach house is almost as beautiful as Alba self..moreless
  • You're Gonna Lose That Aquagirl.

    At the end of last week's episode, it seemed all would be well for Vince and his crew. Vince would be Aquaman. It would be Jim Cameron's movie. And the guys wouldn't be losing their nice new house. So what could go wrong?

    As it turns out, everything.

    The boys have moved up to Malibu to housesit for Jessica Alba while she's off shooting Fantastic Four. While most of the guys are pleased with Alba's pad, Drama (in typical Drama-fashion) is less than satisfied with the town of Malibu, primarily because it's so far away from Hollywood and it will be a pain in the ass to make auditions.

    Of course the real drama is Vince's former relationship with Mandy Moore which according to everyone except Vince, was rather turbulent and if she gets the role of Aquagirl, things might get really awkward.

    This is just another episode where Entourage does what it does best: character development. This is the first time we've ever seen Vince truly vunerable. He should be on top of the world but it's obvious that this Mandy-thing is getting into his head. It's a well-played and completely believable addition to his personality.

    And this episode might have my favorite Drama moment thus far (and anyone who watches the show knows that Drama tends to get in at least one great moment per episode): using a golf club to bash up the car of an jerk-motorist. I love that Drama, who serves as the show's whipping boy most of the time, gets a chance to stand up and fight back.

    And so we enter yet another long week till the next new episode.moreless
  • Vince in love?

    I really enjoyed this episode because for the first time you see Vince vunerable. Mandy Moore looked beautiful in this episode too. From the previews it seems that she is going to be aquagirl anyway so Im looking foward to seeing how Vince deals with her engagment and their working together.

    As always Ari was hysterical -

    Have I mentioned how much I love this show?

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Doug Ellin


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Andrea Bendewald


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Dale Dye


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Rex Lee


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Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer

Dana Gordon

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Jordan Belfi

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • For the scuba lesson Vince and E are instructed by Dale Dye, a decorated US Marine Corps veteran who has had many roles in TV and movies. Dye is wearing the Seal tee-shirt and Ari tells E on the phone that he will get lessons from a Navy Seal. He is credited as "Himself"...but... he plays a Navy Seal (he's not actually a trained Seal).

      Dale Dye was a technical consultant on the movie Navy Seals!

    • Continuity goof: In the opening scene Ari is meeting Vince and E at a poolside bar. In the background, two girls in white and dark bikini's walk past, twice in the same direction about 10 seconds apart.

    • Whilst installing the home entertainment center, Rufus mentions that Don Johnson tried to pay him with signed Nash Bridges DVD's. Licensed Nash Bridges DVD's have not yet been released and are not scheduled for release in the foreseeable future, thus Don Johnson would be offering autographed bootleg DVD's as forms of payment.

    • Goof: When going to meet Mandy for dinner Vince pushes the door open when the sign on the door says pull.

    • Mandy mentions that she was twenty years old when Vince proposed to her five years ago. In real life, Mandy would have been around sixteen at the time.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Vince: (getting ready to get out of the car for his date) Any big news stories today, E?
      Eric: What do you mean?
      Vince: Mandy's really smart. She was always testing me on what was going on in the world. (silence in the car)
      Turtle: I heard Pamela Anderson dropped another tit size.

    • Rufus: I don't love the shirt, personally.
      Vince: Rufus, you don't like the shirt?
      Drama: Vince, that shirt dulls the sparkle in your eyes. If I was you, I'd go with the blue Faconnable. It says, "Hello, I'm here, and I'm doing fine without you."

    • Dale: Now, E, you ought not to sweat this small stuff. I have revived people on seven continents and never lost--(pauses) actually, I did lose one, but that was in Antarctica and I blame it on the cold. Now get your gear and let's go.

    • Ari: (answering the phone) You got Gold.
      Dana: Do you really answer the phone that way or did you see it was me?
      Ari: Dana Gordon, the second love of my life, what can I do for you?
      Dana: Look, I have a little-heads up, okay, but it's for your ears only. Swear you won't tell anyone.
      Ari: Did I tell anyone that your first girl-girl sex was with someone from must-see TV in '95?
      Dana: Okay, Ari, please.
      Ari: Spill it. I'll swallow a cyanide tablet if they capture me.

    • Drama: (to Eric) Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite, bro.

    • Drama: If you don't want Vince's head all fucked up, make sure Mandy Moore doesn't get this movie.
      Turtle: Seriously, that will drown Aquaman.
      Eric: Why? What'd he do to her?
      Turtle: To her? It's what she did to him.
      Drama: She crushed him, bro. Crushed him.
      Eric: Come on, I've never seen Vince hurt over a girl.
      Drama: It got ugly, E. He was doing drive-bys to her house, late night hang-ups...
      Turtle: (picks up right after Drama) ...He made a mix tape.
      Eric: Bullshit.

    • Eric: (talking about potential actresses for Aquagirl) Kirsten Dunst?
      Drama: Nah, she already fucked a superhero.

    • Eric: What do you guys think of Cameron Diaz for Aquagirl?
      Drama: Love her.
      Turtle: Fuck that. She's got a boyfriend. Upside is you bang her, he gets pissed off. Downside is she's loyal. Who wants to make a movie with someone you have no shot at?
      Vince: He's got a point.

    • Eric: What's behind door number two, Ari?
      Ari: Door number two is a list?
      Eric: What list?
      Ari: James Cameron's list for Aquagirl--five of the hottest actresses on the planet, one of which, you will be stuck in a water tank with for nine months. Even if you look like our skim milk-colored friend E here, you still have a good shot of swimming in-betwen her legs.

    • Turtle: Yo, Rufus. Thanks for doing this so quick.
      Rufus: It was nothing. I just repo'd all this s*** out of Don Johnson's house anyway. The motherf***er tried to pay me with signed "Nash Bridges" DVDs.

    • Vince: Sorry, Drama. Got a scuba lesson. Take Turtle.
      Turtle: Come on, Vince! I want to learn to scuba. You know how buoyant I am.

    • Vince: Any big news stories today, E?
      Eric: What do you mean?
      Vince: Well, Mandy's really smart. She used to always test me on what was going on in the world.
      Turtle: I heard Pamela Anderson dropped another t-t size.

    • Ari: Ah, SCUBA. A sport normally reserved for the rich but you get lessons from a Navy Seal because you happen to have been born next to Vince.

    • Eric: You make it like we're in the Far East, Drama.
      Drama: Trust me, I know Malibu. One second there's no Fruit Loops, the next the mudslide is slinging a four hundred pound boulder through your dining room.

    • Dale: Eric, tell me now if you don't think you can handle this.
      Eric: I don't think I can handle this.
      Vince: When did you become such a pussy?
      Eric: 4-H camp, 1985. I almost drowned.

    • Drama: Movie of the Week. Joe Mantegna.
      Turtle: Joe Montana's acting now?
      Drama: Joe Mantegna, dickhead.

    • Eric: Where's Vince?
      Drama: I left him in aisle 9 with that MILF.
      Turtle: He's probably banging her in the produce section by now.

    • Ari: Don't worry about it, E. When they do a Top 40 Under 4 Feet, BOOM, top of the list!

    • Ari: Hey, did Drama get his salad tossed or what?
      Eric: Stop fantasizing, Ari.

    • Drama: This is kind of embarrassing but sometimes I wake up in the morning fully tented. Any advice?
      Dr. Joyce Brothers: Well at your age, consider yourself lucky.

    • Eric: Where is Vince, anyway?
      Drama: I left him on aisle 9 with that MILF.

    • Drama: Malibu? I booked a massage.
      Vince: So cancel it. I'll have Turtle give you a rubdown.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

    • Location Credit:

      "Vince's Dinner Date with Mandy Moore"
      2628 Wilshire Blvd.
      Santa Monica, CA 90403

    • Music Credits

      "Like 'Dat" by Stat Quo
      "Complete Control" by The Clash
      "A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)" by Elvis Presley vs. JXL
      "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit
      "Git Busy" by Fam-Lay
      "I Love L.A." by Jessika Quynn
      "Dreams" by The Game
      "Out On Your Own" by NorthStar Media
      "Victim Of Love" by The Eagles


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