Season 8 Episode 3

One Last Shot

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 07, 2011 on HBO

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  • Win Some Lose Sum

    Vince, while in an NA meeting runs into Carl Ertz (Tig from Sons of Anarchy) who previously screwed him out of a previous film and asks him to pitch his TV movie set to star Johnny to a network. Turtle's boss comes to town and tells him that his work is done and gives him a gold watch and the bad news that Alex has met someone on the road and he seeks out a new business venture with Vince's help after being bought out of Avion. Andrew Dice Clay refuses to go back to work without a pay raise even though the show hasn't even aired yet and Scott, Eric, and Drama try their best to bring him back in but to no avail after a stern talking to from Phil. Ari goes on a date after being set up by Lloyd and even though he refuses he rekindles an old flame with a call to Dana Gordon. Vince goes to meet with Ertz at his house who had ulterior motives of getting Vince to look at a script called the "Tax-Man" and also that Vince would have to do a supporting role in the TV movie if it were to be made. Ertz is actually high and so Vince wants to see him through his ordeal and tries to help out but a surprising outcome occurs.
  • Well at least it's ending soon

    The show is getting way too dramatic. Ari's qwips are gone. Everyone is dead ass serious. Oh and this episode gets really dark with a Suicide for no real apparent reason. Yet through all this drama (and I'm not talking about Johnny who isn't even as funny as he used to be) Turtle remains the happy go lucky guy he's always been even in the face of losing a girlfriend. Even the Dice man isn't that funny in this episode. The show has lost it's luster it started losing it's luster after the last season but now it's going down fast not in a blaze of glory but just in a blaze. I hope the last few episodes remaining help recapture what made Entourage so great to begin with. This is the Sopranos all over again after a strong 4th and 5th season everything since has just been a complete nose dive
  • hope the movie is better

    the sympathetic vince is not working..vince is turning into E, i mean small e..ari turning into vince, drama into dice clay, and turtle getting too thin..he looked better with a few pounds and his natural teeth..not his new set of whities..some people look better heavier like al roker and now turtle..and he should stay working with the mavs owner, marc cuban, instead of importing stuffed clams from queens..there are more clams to be made in tequilla than in clams..unless he puts vince in next half baked movie..which would do well now if chappelle came out of retirement to recreate his role in half baked "clams" 2 ari turning down a 20 something for dana is ridiculous..ari the player doesnt work..he's a hater not a player..and e and scott have no chemistry together
  • 803

    "One Last Shot" was the episode title and frankly that could be my feelings toward this show, as I am not sure how much more of this I could take. I am actually interested in seeing where things are going, but I am not that interested to the point where I could sit through a half hour of laugh free television to see where it goes.

    At least Andrew Dice Clay is gone, so there is that, but come on, this episode was really bad. Even a Mark Cuban appearance could not save it. And the ending was like something you'd expect from Breaking Bad, not this show.