Season 8 Episode 2

Out With a Bang

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 31, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

Johnny finishes recording his animated series, Johnny's Bananas, with Andrew Dice Clay. Andrew asks Eric if he wants to be h is agent, but Eric is busy with Sloane drama. Scott jumps in and offers to be Andrew's agent. It turns out that Johnny's show is doing very well and Andrew thinks about telling Johnny to drop out of the show since they are not paying him enough.

Turtle's dealing with his own girlfriend issues. She has not been calling him back and he decides to break up with her. Eric receives a long, nasty voice mail from Sloane. He heads over to pick up his stuff and they end up having sex. Sloane apologizes and tells Eric she is planning on moving to New York.

Ari discovers that his wife has been going to Bobby Flay's restaurant, even though she despises it. Ari is certain that it is because of the new guy she is dating. He first thinks she is dating a waiter, then he realizes that she is dating Bobby Flay himself.
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