Season 8 Episode 2

Out With a Bang

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 31, 2011 on HBO

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    "Out with a Bang" was an interesting episode of Entourage. I was curious to see where things would go from the premiere. The problem from that season premiere and for this show from the get go continued tonight though as there was not a single funny thing in the entire episode. Even the Christian Slater cameo did not have me chuckling and if you saw his cameo on The Office you would understand how disappointing that really is.

    Also, why was Andrew Dice Clay acting like such a lackey in this episode? Not exactly the best use of the veteran comic.

    Oh, Entourage you're still getting good ratings and HBO probably made a mistake canceling you, but I don't think I'm going to miss the show.
  • Better than the premiere, but makes you wonder where it's headed

    Spoilers ahead
    So this episode was way better than the premiere because it was far less cringe-worthy because everyone is back to their old selves and no one is mad at each other or trying not to upset Vince. Or should I say, none of our boys are mad at each other. Sloan calls up E and screams "F**k YOU" at him because thats the message she got from him when he was trying to leave her a message the episode before. He goes over to her place to get his stuff and they talk and end up having sex. She calls him later and tells him she's moving to New York.
    Vince has written an "outline" of a script for the coal miner movie and gave it to Billy who liked it. Drama's cartoon did well at a test screening but his washed-up co-star (I'm sorry I don't know who that is) is trying to convince him that they should screw over their producers. I smell trouble there.
    Turtle hasn't been able to get a hold of Alex and thinks the fame or Avion is going to her head and is thinking about breaking up with her.
    Lloyd tells Ari he spotted his wife at a restaurant she hated and Ari goes nuts thinking she's dating a waiter until she storms into his office to tell him she's dating a chef. If I were Bobby Flay, I'd sleep with one eye open.
    This episode was much better than the premiere and felt like good ol' Entourage again, but it does beg the question as to where all of this is headed. If this was another season, it'd be no big deal, but there are only six episodes left and a a possible movie. It'd break my heart if they ended the show with an open ending and that would lead into the movie, which may not happen. I like what I'm seeing but I hope they end it up right.
  • I'd like to know where this is all going

    Bait...Eric and Slone are back together...
    Switch...well if I told you it's a spolier

    Ari is slowly getting back to his old self trailing his wife and when he finds out who she's seeing it hits the fan. The Dice Man fits right in with the crew. Vince's new movie seems...to be going.... I really don't know I was way behind I spent last week watching Seasons 4-7 and right around Season 7 things started to slope down and that slope continues kind of like how the Sopranos sloped down near the end. I'm very curious to see how the show ends. Things are winding down but there's alot to wrap up in 6 episodes. Will everything end with the 7th epiosde of the season or will a movie be what wraps up the show? I have no clue but I look forward to seeing where we go from here. and Hope Ari starts insulting people the way he always has.
  • Closure

    Vince didn't sleep now that they're staying at a hotel and he pumped out a twenty page outline of the TV movie he wants to star Johnny. Turtle can't get Alex to get back to him and begins to get a little paranoid now that she's on the road and whatnot. E goes to Sloan's house to pick up his stuff and the two end up having sex after a misunderstanding led her to leaving an insulting call to him earlier that day. Vince visits the set of Johnny's Bananas to show Billy his spec script and Phil Yagoda informs them that they're testing the first episode that day which leads his co-star Andrew Dice Clay to seek representation to cover his butt in case the show doesn't test well. Billy reads the script and tells Vince that it's good but parts of it suck and needs fixing. The show tests well, Sloan tells E that she's leaving LA and quit her job to move to New York, and Ari tries to sabotage a career of an actor he thinks to be seeing his wife only to have it be the wrong man and turns out to b a friend who owns a restaurant that he helped build. Getting better, Andrew Dice Clay is funny and seems like he could be trouble for Drama's show down the road even when their show hasn't even premiered yet. Ari should start dating and stop his childish antics of destroying anyone who gets near his wife, finding another is the better revenge in the long run.