Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 02, 2008 on HBO

Episode Recap

Vince prepares for his first day on the set of Smoke Jumpers and fights off nerves. Back at the office, Lloyd tries to convince Ari not to cancel plans for the 7th time with a small time agent, Andrew Klein (played by Gary Cole). Ari says that hanging out with Andrew depresses him but Lloyd reminds him that the two were once great friends. On the set, Vince is caught off guard when he is not given any rehearsal time before shooting. Jason Patric steals one of Vince's lines and the crew wraps it and moves to the next shot without so much as a word to him about it.

It turns out that Ari's lunch with Andrew was not just friendly - he needed a loan. Ari debates handing over half a million dollars to help his friend out but moaned about it back at the agency to Lloyd.

Vince heads to Jason Patric's trailer to try to talk to him about the Smoke Jumpers script and his lines. Andrew gives Ari his books to prove that he's capable of paying him back. After taking a look at them, Lloyd assesses that Ari will be paid back in 90 days.

On the set, Turtle gets himself into hot water after stealing the back of Jason Patric's chair with his name on it. In the next scenes that are shot, Jason once again steals Vince's line and the scene wraps without a reshoot. Over drinks, Ari not only offers Andrew the loan but a job at his firm as well. Vince finally confronts the director about his lines situation. He tells Vince that he knows that Jason is volatile and he'd rather pick and choose his battles to avoid losing the star of his film. Vince is told not to worry and just continue on in the rest of the scenes.

Andrew accepts Ari's offer, after a few more drinks and a little convincing. On his way home, Ari calls Barbara to try to convince her to buy out Andrew's agency but she shoots him down. At dinner on the set, Vince faces off against Jason about the fact that he's been stealing his lines. Jason informs Vince that the director gave them to him and he should probably check his information before confronting him on anything else.