Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 12, 2008 on HBO

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  • Not brilliant

    I think Drama is being a real pain in the *ss, acting like such a diva. Seriously, who gave him his special type cereals before Turtle became his assistant. Good for you to quit Turtle! Vince is as naive as always, but turns out to be right this time. Ari tries to get Vince his second lead in the Firefighter movie, which is not completely successful. The episode was kind of dragging and wasn't very eventful. I miss old Entourage when they guys were living the high life with parties and girls and shopping. I guess since Vince is broke the show has taken a different turn, but I'm just hoping it will get back on track in the near future...
  • E advances his career as a manager, with a little help from Vince. Drama needs an assistant, Turtle needs money... a match made in hell? Ari plays golf with Alan to save Vince's career... with a few unexpected guests! Dom is back... son of a ****!

    This episode is what we in the biz call a "filler" episode. It slightly advanced the plot, but ultimately served to provide a half hour of entertainment while saving the good stuff for later. The Drama/Turtle drama had its moments, but seemed forced and a bit dull. Dom is seriously the worst, and I wish Doug Ellin would just give up on him already. The most interesting parts of this episode were definitely on the golf course, where Ari showed why he's an Emmy winner. His overconfidence and reactions are spot-on. I loved the twists, with Phil coming out of nowhere, and the return of Bob! Gotta love Martin Landau, even if Bob is totally obnoxious. Then, it turns out Alan is hustling Ari! And then he dies!! Great great stuff. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode was weak. Dom sucks the life out of every episode he's in. The three episode arc from season 3 with Dom put a huge hole into what was an otherwise amazing season. Please please just throw him under a bus or at least a helicopter. Are you listening Doug Ellin? Your cruel experiment must end! Vince was great as always, E is coming into his own, but the weight of Dom's awfulness still brought the episode down. Combine that with the weakness of the Drama/Turtle affair, I give this episode a 7.0. Hopefully this was a down week in between two great episodes, as last week's adventure with Eric Roberts was stellar.
  • This episode brings something close to heart. There is a stage where you know enough is enough. But for Vince to once again, lending his hand and willing to help Dom, its admirable.

    This episode is very weird. Not showing or telling my age at all, I used to have a very close friend, but he is more like drama, slightly delusional and eccentric. Of course, I have a Vince, or who i consider as Vince, there are a few friends but their roles are not defined as they are all commitment phobics in their own lives.

    I am my own Vince, but I prefer to be E. Hence its always nice to be a step behind someone, and know all you have to do is give your full support. That drama/ self proclaim Vince childhood friend of mine... are very much ungrateful and you will never hear from him again if he has a girlfriend.

    Glad that some people has their own E, Drama, Vince or Turtle in their lives. I have a brother but a younger one. In many ways, I was a bit drama, a bit of vince, a bit of E, a bit of Ari even, and a bit of turtle. unfortunately mostly the weird personalities that roll into me, although there are still some positive aspects of them in me, if not i would have been truly F***.

    This episode brings something close to heart and I am not sure I will forgive or talk to the guy i know since i was 11 years old. There is a stage where you know enough is enough. But for Vince to once again, lending his hand and willing to help Dom, its admirable.

    Drama in this episode is just being plain weird and eccentric, but aint all the stars in Five Towns seem to be a bit of a D**k. Hmmm, Turtle will always do well, he should be a party organiser or something. If celebs want a party, he will organise it.

    The Dom cancer rumours was giving me mix signals as i was waiting for him to tell Vince he has cancer, but never came out from his mouth.

    As for Ari's session with Grey, it seems both The Ramones and Smoke Jumpers might be on the cards since Alan Grey is dead. Really? Dead!!! .... damn... i was still shock from that...., i thought it will merely be the case of he will thank Ari for bringing him to hospital or change of heart with the 'new' Alan Grey giving Vinnie his role for smoke jumpers.

    It baffle me somehow. What is going to happen, all we know, without Alan Grey, things will start to open up again, as it was Alan Grey who hated Vince and prevented a few roles going Vince's way.
    I guess karma and payback is really a B***h. i hope my career luck comes too, as it seems my present predicament is more of turtle than Vince. Hey ladyluck, come on... smile on me already!!!, I promise i will marry you and not cheat, provided you look a least 'average'.

    LOL..... Vinnie and E.... come on......after Redomption... its time to Dominate Hollywood again.
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