Season 3 Episode 17

Return of the King

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM May 06, 2007 on HBO
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Medellin" is back on the table for Vince, but Ari and producer Nick Rubenstein must make the deal happen on the holy day, Yom Kippur, they have until sundown, and must finish the deal without the use of a cell phone; Eric wonders how the relationship between Vince and Amanda is affecting the deal; Drama grows attached to a race horse.moreless

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    Back on track from back to back "average" episodes from Entourgae I think. We can feel that Ari and company are close to getting back together again with the ending of this episode. I liked the Yom Kappur sidestory of this episode, Ari was back to being the funniest character of the show going back and forth with his wife and telling his daughter to lie for him. I thought the horse sidestory was also much better then added Vince and new agent drama - which was still very much so present but still very small in relation to the episode. Overall I would say the story still needs to get Ari and the boys back together but I think this episode is beginning to take us there.moreless
  • Ari tries to close the deal on Medellin before sundown even though his wife has taken all of his cell phones and insists that he observe the holiday.

    This is a classic Ari episode. The man is totally shameless which is part of the reason we love him so much. He tries to close the deal on Medellin for Vince, much to Amanda's annoyance.

    Meanwhile, Drama bys a horse and discovers that this plan may not be the best one he ever had. The horse wanders off. Unable to bear having the horse taken to a glue factory, he ends up gifting the horse to Ed Burns, who doesn't want the horse, but whose daughter sees the horse and forms an instant attachment. Poor Ed, he is stuck with it now. Watching Drama deal with the crazy situations he gets himself into is pretty fun.

    The guys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they should never have fired Ari. If for no other reason than their complete lack of faith in anyone else. While I get that they have been chasing Medellin for two years, their lack of faith in Amanda when she actually is more on the ball than they makes me pretty glad that she fires them. They obviously need someone they can argue with and they have proven time after time that they can't argue with Amanda. So, probably good that they move on, or back, as it were.moreless
  • Ari has a shot at getting Vince back, but it has to come on the most religious day of the year.

    Okay, I could sit here and debate the finer points of the episode, such as Drama's sudden compassion for a horse that lost a race, and Ari bending over backwards trying to get Vince his project while dodging his wife, but I won't do that.

    What I'm gonna talk about is this, the fact that Amanda drops Vince as a boyfriend and as a client, and why I'm not shedding any tears over it, no matter how "cute" she is.

    The truth is, while I do like Carla Cugino, as Amanda she was unremarkable. Her relationship with Vince didn't do much for the show and there wasn't really anything spctacular about her. Besides, we all knew that she wasn't exactly gonna replace Ari as a main character.

    The thing that makes this show so great is that each character is so unique, but they also mesh so well together. Vince, the Hollywood star, is a man of principle, always sticking to his guns. Eric is the more grounded, relying on common sense to get him through the day. Drama is, well, the drama queen, but he's a guy that tries his best, even though he sometimes screws up. Turtle is the one that, while he has no problem riding Vince's coattails, is a loyal friend and someone that can be counted on. Ari is a shark, but a good one, even though he's less compassionate in the world of Hollywood.

    Truth be told, Ari needs to be on the show. Without him, we don't get the idea that this is really Hollywood.moreless
  • Finally the episode I have been waiting for.

    A very good episdoe which I was expecting. I thought Ari's plot was good with the temple and Nick Rubenstein. He had some very funny lines like always.

    Drama had a very good storyline. I thought he was hysterical this episode and should be like this al season. I really like Turtle but he is always in Drama's storylines. It would be nice to see him in his own for once. Finally Amanda is done. I really did not like her. Ari is so much better and funnier not mention. Amanda's and Vince's relationship was screwing everything up and it had to end that way, which was a good way for Vince. Hopefully he will get Mediene. That would be an interesting storyline in upcoming seasons.moreless
  • Ari's plot was "ok," while Drama's could have been better.

    At the end of the day, it was just an ok episode. The Ari on Yom Kippur was interesting. The idea of him not using his phone and stressing the family situation seems really good on paper, but I think it didn't realy play out as exciting.

    Drama and the horse also seems like a great idea. It has all the elements of Drama, in that he get's overly attached and goes above and beyond to stay true to his feelings. When the horse escaped, I was hoping for a scene with him chase the horse around town. Surely more expensive and hard to keep the animal "safe", but I think a scene with Drama chasing the galloping horse down the sidewalk could have been classic.

    Best part was the end of the "new agent" arc. The stress and sexual plot line has run it's course. Hate to see an attractive girl leave the show, but the character was hurting the show overall.moreless
Cassidy Lehrman

Cassidy Lehrman

Sarah Gold

Guest Star

Emma Prescott

Emma Prescott

Ed Burns' Daughter

Guest Star

Harris Yulin

Harris Yulin

Arthur Gatoff

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Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The person in Temple sitting behind Ari and his family who comments when his phone goes off was played by Jeremy Piven's real mother Joyce Piven.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Vince: So what do we do now?
      Amanda: Now, Vince, we say goodbye.

    • (ringing phone)
      Sheila: Don't you dare answer that phone, Nick.
      Nick: Hey! My life is falling apart! I haven't eaten in 10 hours! So get off my ass!

    • Drama: King! Oh, King! Are you around here, King?!
      Turtle: He's a horse, Drama. Not a housecat. I think we'd see him if he was around.

    • Ari: Baby, the kid is melting down like Phil Mickelson at Winged Foot. I can't abandon a brother in peril, not on the high holidays.

    • Eric: Your giggling's making me a little nauseous.
      Vince: Giggling? There was no giggling. I laughed.
      Turtle: Sounded like a giggle to me.
      Drama: If your voice goes up in pitch past the high C, it's a giggle. You hit a D there, bro.

    • Sarah: You want me to lie?!
      Ari: That is the beauty of Yom Kippur. As long as you apologize by sundown, doesn't matter what you do.

    • Drama: We love you, KING!
      Turtle: Aw, he looks out of shape
      Drama: What are you talking about? Look at those glutes. Fucking beautiful.
      Eric: Do you wanna win money on him or fuck him, Drama?
      Drama: Don't talk uncivilized at the track, E.

    • Amanda: So what, I'm supposed to just show up at a temple on the most religious day of the year to discuss business?
      Eric: You're not just showing up. They're expecting you. They're gonna meet you in the alley behind the southern entrance next to the dumpsters.
      Amanda: What, should I bring a gun too?

    • Eric: Yeah, call our agent.
      Ari: Ironic that on my people's holiday I'm working and she's not. Such is life.

    • Drama: We never took the Lincoln to A.C.
      Vince: You might have been out of town, Johnny.
      Drama: Jesus Christ, who drove?

    • Turtle: 50-to-1, that's your sure thing?
      Drama: The bigger the odds, the bigger the payday.

    • Ari: He's been saying Benicio's gonna walk for weeks.
      Nick: No. It's offical. Check out "US Weekly." There's a picture of him on a catamaran with some blonda bombshell in Anguilla.
      Sheila: It was Antigua
      Nick: Antigua, Anguilla. Who the fuck cares?

    • Sheila: Well, "Medallion"'s falling apart
      Nick: It's "Medellin," Mom. Why the fuck can't anyone pronounce it?
      Sheila: Do not curse in the temple.
      Nick: Excuse Me.

    • Sarah: I hate this, I'm starving.
      Ari: Now you know what mommy goes through ever day to make a hot body for daddy.

    • Drama: You guys are doing shots at 10:30 in the morning?
      Turtle: Relax, kid. It's a holiday
      Drama: What holiday is it?
      Turtle: Yom Kippur, retard.

    • Drama: Come on, King Maker -- He came home for me at 10-to-1 at Belmont. That's how I bought the Lincoln. Any of this ringing a bell?
      Vince: Not really.
      Eric: No
      Turtle: I thought you bought your Lincoln from selling weed at the high school.
      Eric: That rings a bell.

    • (on why Drama has a sure thing at the horse race)
      Drama: Because I know the pony's granddad. And in horseracing, as in life, a good lineage is the surest way to predict a fine performance.
      Turtle: Well, how come you're from Vince's lineage and all your performances suck?

    • Vince: I don't know what it's called.
      Eric: That's what it's called -- a Cartier love bracelet.
      Turtle: Does that mean that Vince and Amanda are in love?
      Vince: No, it means E knows way too much about jewelry.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Kingmaker is likely a combined reference to famous stallions Kingmambo and Empire Maker. Kingmambo stands at Lane's End Farm in Versailles, KY for an undisclosed stud fee (>$300,000). Empire Maker stands at Juddmonte Farm in Lexington, KY for a $100,000 stud fee.

    • Nick Rubenstein reports that Arthur Gatoff won't let his kid go to Les Deux on friday night. Les Deux Cafe is a popular hang-out for celebrities located in Hollywood.

    • Ari jokes with Amanda about making easy money at "Spearmint Rhino". The Spearmint Rhino is a worldwide strip club chain, operating in the US, UK, and Australia, to name a few.

    • Ari mentions that the "Manischewitz is not flowing 'till sundown." Manischewitz is a US-based kosher name brand known for their wine.

    • Nick: Antigua, Anguilla. Who the fuck cares?

      Antigua and Anguilla are two locations in the caribbean. Antigua is a small island which is a part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda. Anguilla is part of the northern territory of the Leeward Islands.

    • Vince is caught wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet. The Cartier Love Bracelet's are modeled after chastity belts. An owner's commitment to a relationship is proven through an included screwdiver, used to bolt the bracelet to the wrist.

    • Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday full of prayer and fasting from sunrise until sundown. Jewish commerce is usually shutdown for the day and there is no television, public transportation or airports available on this day in Israel. Public non-observance is frowned upon, thus explaining Ari's problem with attempting to finalize Vince's deal on the holiest days in his faith.

    • Title: The title of this episode, The Return of the King, is the same as the 2003 Best Picture winner of the same name. The film was directed by Peter Jackson, and was originally adapted from the fifth and sixth installments of the book The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.