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  • Bro-Entertainment Guaranteed

    Have seen this show over 5 times now, and i never feel bored. It has an equal dose of Bro-mance, comedy, drama and reality.

    For those who have not seen it, you might have missed out on a entertainment powerhouse of a show.

    Glad to know HBO is reviving the show's characters with the entourage movie.

    I hope they bring the show back like they did with HEROES.
  • This Is A Great Show!!!

    This is a great show in many ways it is the blockbuster of television series it has a little of everything. It has comedy, drama, and even romance. All of the characters go through their own highs and lows throughout the show and the show does a great job making you care about all the characters in the show. I think the show did a great job creating conflict and throwing curveballs at the audience throughout the series.

    Vince is the main character the hot shot actor who gets all the girls and stars in great movies and does whatever he wants because he has the money to do what he wants. Vince lives the life that all of us wish we had fame, glamour, and money that's what we all want. The show is a rollercoaster ride for Vincent Chase he goes from the top of Hollywood to the bottom in a downward spiral. It gets so bad that he becomes an addict but throughout the show things always seem to work themselves out.

    Vince's two best friends Turtle and Eric and his brother Johnny Drama always find a way to lighten up the show no matter how bad things get. Turtle and Drama are always going at each other and making fun of each other. Throughout the show Eric is the only responsible person in their group of friends except for Ari Gold. Most of the romance has to do with Eric but each character has their own romance at some point in the show.

    I think that Ari Gold makes the whole entire show he brings most of the comedy to the show. Ari Gold's rants are some of the best work I've seen in a while. Jeremy Piven played the part of Ari Gold to perfection each and every episode. His work in the show is some of the best work I've ever seen in television.

    The movie comes out in 2015 and I can't wait to see it to see how all the loose ends at the end of the show are strung together. I am most excited to see Ari Gold back in action for the first time in 4 years.

    Entourage is the best show I've seen in a while and it brought joy and happiness and excitement. I would wait every week for a new episode and now I can't wait for the movie to come out. Like always I expect Mark Wahlberg's work to be stellar in the movie Entourage.

    Doug Ellin twittered that the making of the movie will start in january 2014!!
  • Hollywood Had it Coming.

    The one show many men loved because it gave us the aspiration for the things its main star, Vincent Chase has. A celebrity, performer, hot chicks, nice cars, sweet mansions, parties and premiers and of course his entourage. Doug Ellin's "Entourage" is that of an insight into the lives of the celebrities, a look into what costs come with fame and its perks.

    Vincent Chase (Adrian Greiner) is a cocky, ladies man super star who could be the next Ryan Gosling; he has much to learn. His brother, Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) is a lower image of him and only wants the same fame. His best friend/manager, Eric (Kevin Connolly) is the more mature and honest of the group. And the do nothing Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is a sitting duck who loves the perks he gets out of being friends with a star. All of them, are watched over by an aggressive agent known as Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) TV's best likable asshole and his stunning wife (Perrey Reeves) and of course Ari's gay assistant Lloyd (Rex Lee).

    The show is a walkthrough of Chase's life and it was produced by major movie star Mark Wahlberg (who produces some great shows for HBO). It is also mostly based off of Wahlberg's career and we can see it. From the cool insights of Chase working with a legend like James Cameron over an Aquaman movie or even having a relationship with a pornstar Sasha Gray to having a party with Hugh Heffner; "Entourage" is one long crazy ride thats a joy that shouldn't end.

    And there is of course the sub plot of Eric and his romance with Sloan (Emmanuel Chorquoi), the fued between Ari and the big boss Terrance (Malcolm McDowell) and the bitchy assistance of Shauna (Debi Mazar). There was so much going on and the accomplishment comes from the excellent writing and the comedic performances because after all, this show is most comedy.

    "Entourage" also had an incredible record of guest stars; including James Woods. Stella Skarsgard, Brook Shields, Martin Landau, Edward Burns, Bob Saget, Jessica Alba, Seth Green, Ralph Macchino, Jimmy Kimmel, Eminem, Matt Damon and Bobby Flay.

    Kevin Connolly was just right for 'E' and in fact is the heart of the series because it's his better turn and story. Greiner, Dillon and Ferrar (who physically changed dramatically) have all grown so well too. Jeremy Piven is excellent, owning every scene he's in because thats the way Ari Gold was written and Piven was the juice to it.

    I don't know one person who didn't like "Entourage". Thats because this is the kind of show where everyone has fun watching, everyone wants to be Vincent Chase, hell even be more famous than him and yet I think its the friendship itself that made this whole thing worth the trip.

    Rating: 8.5
  • Get the entire series cheaply...

    Great show, probably my favourite TV series. Had everything; comedy, drama (no pun intended!), great acting, great settings and Ari Gold! Get the all series and episodes for cheap via my ebay account: Search for "Entourage Box Set" its going for 30
  • About this series

    There was too much sex scene for me, But It had wonderful acting for Jeremy Piven in seasons 2-4.
  • Greatest TV Show !!!!

    That's how a TV show should be like. I had been watching all the seasons on HBO for like 5 years. And I again watched all the seasons on dvd !! I would watch it again. 'cause it's the greatest tv show (after FRIENDS, of course)
  • Awesome !!!

    Entourage was one of the most easy going and fun shows which I have watched... I watched the complete 8 seasons in a week.... :)
  • Entourage - The Legend TV Show

    Entourage was one of my favorite TV show in 2011. Its been 9 months, entourage Show ended up but I'm still watching my favorite episodes of Entourage online.
  • greatest

    greatest show ever
  • Heaven!

    Have you seen heaven? If not watch Entourage! It definitely makes you see it! With a pure genius usage of one-liners and incredible acting! This show is addictive and i know i am going to miss it! :D
  • GREAT but...

    Good show with likable actors, but a thin storyline and brand marketing pulled it down.

    Audemars piquet, Ferrari, BMW, Hefner.. the obvious product placing and real people self promoting made the show look like an extended commercial at times.. foul taste
  • His fame is their fortune.

    I’ve got to admit, I was never too much into the original programming that HBO has been know to produce. To this day, I haven’t watched one full episode of The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or any of the other award winning shows that the network has produced. Nothing against those shows, but I’m the type who really has no desire to get into a TV show if I haven’t seen it from the very beginning (yes, I have heard of DVDs). However, after one night of surfing the tube, I stumbled upon one of HBO’s many channels and caught an episode of Entourage. For those not familiar with this show, it basically follows the life of up-and-coming actor Vincent Chase (who is supposedly the next big thing) and his close circle of friends, showcasing both the inner and outer workings of Hollywood. Although it is not the most original concept (many have said Entourage is the Arliss of the entertainment industry, including myself), I personally find the show very entertaining, with lots of great characters and storylines.

    I just picked up the Season 1 DVD and watched it from front to back. The writing is very clever, the locations are authentic, and the cameos are fun and give the show a sense of industry clout. To date, Mark Walberg, Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Jimmy Kimmel, and numerous others have appeared on the show. Anyways, Season 2 is on its way and I’m looking forward to it. It starts off with the Entourage gang in New York gearing up for the filming of Vince’s next movie Queen’s Blvd. For those of you who have HBO, do yourself a favor and check it out.
  • eh.

    It's not a bad show. It makes me laugh occassionaly, but it's only good for that. There is a lot of down time when I watch the show. Another downfall is that some of the jokes require you to know a character ahead of time to understand why something was just funny. I prefer Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Why do so many people think this show is funny?

    I thought I would check this show out after seeing it on so many critics top 10 lists and the seemingly huge fan base here on tv.com. I forced myself to sit through a few shows and I just cannot understand why people like this show. I look all over for people that agree with me and for every 1 person who speaks their mind about how terrible this show is there are 20 more that tear him down. There is no character development or story arc. Where is the plot within a single episode for that matter? It\\\\\\\'s just a bunch of losers trying to get with chicks that in reality would be way out of their league. Oh and then some lazy guy that can\\\\\\\'t even read his own scripts somehow is becoming a big star. Riveting. I could handle the horrid plot if the show was actually funny, but it\\\\\\\'s not. I think the deal is that it\\\\\\\'s one of those shows that looks kind of hip so people act like they like it to seem hip themselves. It amazes me how shows like this get to hang around as long as they do when shows like Arrested Development get no ratings and end up getting their schedules cut and eventually terminated. Do not waste your time. The point is for Jeremy Piven. I would have given it less but the review wouldn't go through.
  • I don't see why everyone likes this show.

    I don't have HBO, but I was in a hotel that did. I decided to watch Entourage, which I heard was a great show. I did, and I was horribly disappointed. It was not funny whatsoever. Not a single thing in the show made me laugh, chuckle, or even a pity ha-ha. It was so bad that words could not describe it. I love some of the other shows on HBO that I have watched on DVD including Oz, The Sopranos, and The Wire, so don't get me wrong, I wasn't offended by the swearing, it was just plain pathetic. There is only one reason I even give this show a 1.5, that is because I don't have HBO I will never have to watch another half hour of hell.
  • A show about a guy that becomes an A-list actor and his friends that tag along for the ride.

    I feel that nothing about this show is funny. The premise is very horrible, the dialogue is something out of a middle school conversation. Everything right down to the actors is pathetic. For the most part their acting is wooden, almost as if they were pick up off the streets and asked if they wanted to be in a show. I also feel that if this show is written at all that it must have been written in a hurry or by a high school drop out, the storylines are uneventful and often seem to take 6 or 7 episodes to resolve anything. This show isn't worth anyone's time so I can only recommend avoiding it.
  • I really can't believe this show is even still on.

    I gave this show a chance in the first season. It was mildly entertaining. If Jeremy Pivan wasn't cast this would have definitely flopped from the get go. Pivan is an excellent actor and I have seen many shows/films of his. The only time this is even on my tv is when there is something I don't want to miss coming on after it. I can hear it from my office and know when it is over so I don't miss the show of interest. I need to stop doing that because it may be counting as a positive rating in error. Maybe that is why it seems to have lasted; thousands of others are doing the same thing.
  • Filled with D list celebrity cameos, no character growth, and unbelievable stories, this series is past its prime.

    I liked the first few seasons of Entourage. It had a cool premise and scene stealing from Jeremy Piven, who finally got a stage to show his talents. It was about carefree Vincent Chase, a "big" movie star and his three buddies, with Piven as his ferocious agent, Ari.

    The hidden gem of the premise was Vince never bought in to the ego and drive it takes to be "big". He realized with zen like insight that he wasn't anything special, and he meant to ride the wave and take his entourage with him. His entourage is his brother and two friends, who started the series as hangers-on looking to ride Vince's coattails. His friend Turtle, was a pot smoking no talent who gladly used vince for money and girls. His brother, Johnny, was a characture of the other side of fame, a try too hard no talent who also used his bro, but at least sometimes felt bad about it.

    To the other extreme is Eric, the last member of the entourage, who was most conflicted about leeching off his buddy Vince. He was meant to be the shows conscience, who actually wanted something more and make his own name.

    Here in season seven, pretty much nothing change, and the changes aren't for the better. Vince is still easy going to a fault, and never takes his career seriously. Johnny Drama is still looking for roles, Turtle has tried to be more than a leech, but still pretty much is, and Ari is still the same person from season 1. Eric has lost the good boy conscience and has become just another smug hollywood type.

    The best ending for the series would be for Vince to die, and for his leech friends to be ruined and back in New Jersey. That would at least have an ironic ending that would make people think. However, HBO won't let the series die since they have nothing else. (they never found another "Rome", "Deadwood" or "Sopranos") and are now talking about making a movie after the series finally ends.

    Also, HBO seems to have cast the show in amber, as everything must always be happy. The problems the characters face are never too heavy to darken the show. Real character growth would be Johnny realizing he will never be a good actor and moving on with his life, or Turtle realizing that no one will ever see him more than a leach, or Eric realizing he has become the deuche he used to hate.

    Howver, this will never happen. In the make believe world of Entourage, Johnny still gets parts, beautiful women are somehow attracted to Turtle despite no looks and no brains, and Eric keeps moving up. Vince and Ari are still the same, why fix what ain't broke right?

    Time to hang it up.
  • Actors and their associated friends act like rich young snots. This is new why?

    Parties, drugs, starlets, the famous life... young men acting like cads and being praised for it... another show where smug, obnoxious behavior is supposed to be 'real'. Some people idolize people like that. I don't.

    Believe it or not, a very large percentage of actors don't make mega-money. Not everyone wants to scramble around acting like a spoiled child. You couldn't make a show about a struggling writer, though, or someone who waits tables and pulls down occasional work as an extra - you know, the *real* bulk of people in the entertainment industry. Jeremy Piven also needs to stay away from, well, anything. He can't present himself as a sympathetic person. A lot of people get pneumonia every year. Yet you don't see anyone making a show about how great viruses are. I don't hang around people like this in real life. I don't want to give them my viewing time, either.
  • Entourage: "A group of attendants or associates"; a brilliant group of that. Two brothers -a rising movie star and a lost cause-, and two lifelong friends give us a HBO-like view of LA and the show-business.

    Vincent Chase, Johnny Chase, Eric Murphy, Turtle and Ari Gold. Remember those names because they deliver a perfect performance on Entourage. You really care about the characters as the show develops, and although they don't evolve like snobby newspapers editors want them to, you will still love them no matter what.

    Vincent Chase is an up and coming star in LA, but a quite unique one at that. He's careless, he's a ladiesman, but he's also the brother of his brother Johnny 'Drama' Chase, his older brother. Eric is Vincent's longtime friend, and so is the not always so bright Turtle.

    Beautiful women on every corner, genius characters and feel-good TV packed inside dramedy brought to you by four guys from Queens. Love it or live in a lie.
  • Entourage, the inspiring story of Vincent Chase and the inspiring life of how an actor lives.

    Entourage is one of my favorite shows, well actually it is my favorite show. This show inspired me to become an actor, and I'm serious I am actually going to the New York Film Academy next year and looking for talent agents just like Ari Gold. This show is great and it shows exactally how an actor lives in L.A or in any other part of the show, not to mention the guest stars, they are amazing! The plot and setting of this show is great! I really love it and I'm not sugar coating it. When I watched the first episode it lured me in, and made me watch the second, third, fourth, and so on and so forth. I finished the entire show in 3 days... I am addicted to it, it is great.
  • Dramedy gold

    The first time i saw this show was after waking up at 6 o'clock packing my luggage and taking a plane ride to Vancouver to stay with my older brother for a while, when we arrived at his place we sat on the couch and started to watch a show called Entourage that i have never seen before, or even hear of. As soon as it started i knew i would like the show, and after it finished i went onto my computer and watched the first episode on Ninjavideo.net(RIP), ever since i have been hooked ever since i can't wait to see how they end the show, and what the future movie i hear they are making is all about.
  • Marky Mark's true story through Vince Chase. The underbelly of hollywood, sex, drugs, movies, producers and all that goes on behind the scenes.

    I love this show. And I truly and honestly believed that season 6 was the end. After I watched season 6 ( I had waited in anticipation, drawing out the process, thinking I had no more episodes left) I was beyond content with what I honestly believed to be the end of the show. At the sixth season, things are looking up for everyone, a nice happy ending that ensures the boys will continue to be boys, E will still be the crazy romantic, Drama the neurotic mess, Vince the big movie star, Ari the biggest agent ( and biggest jerk) and Turtle, the drugs and cars man. I was so pleased with the finale "SHOW FINALE" as I thought.... that I am not super psyched for the next season. There is a time and place for every show and I believe that Entourage could have ended at the 6th season fantastically. The next episodes will be filled with laughter, conflict, parties and movies...but I sincerely believe that season 6 could have been a great ending to the show and hope season 7 proves me wrong.
  • Hilarious

    This is one of the most entertaining shows Ive ever seen. A show about the life of a big time movie star is something unique and i personally thought a show like that would be boring. But not entourage this show is hilarious. The characters and casting is so great. The characters actually seem like they could be a real people. It actually feels like the characters are actually real movie stars due to the very frequent guest appearances by celebrities. Every season of the show is great expect the latest one, season 6. It was pretty terrible in my opinion but the finale shows some potential for the next season to be better. Overall, this show is extremely good everyone should give this show a chance. 9.5/10, would be perfect but season 6 was crap but still a great show.
  • GREAT GREAT sitcom for the noughties=)

    This show is one of the funniest sitcoms of the noughties, it circles around up coming actor Vince Chase played by talented Adrian Grenier and his group of close childhood friends. His always horny older brother Johnny "Drama" Chase, Pot smoker Turtle, his tiny best friend Eric "E" Murphy and his foul mouthed agent Ari Gold. Im loving this show at the moment and people can agree with me that it still has plenty of seasons to come. To make a show about a group of guys who want to be up coming stars in hollywood and have run-in's with celebrities (some with bad consquences) was a great idea and had even better consquences with people all ages around the world. I hope this show sticks around for a bit cause it makes me laugh hard.
  • Entourage

    Entourage is one of the best episodes of HBO. It integrates what every man desires in stardom, success, and being wild in an everyday life. I think Adrien Grenier does a fantastic job in playing Vincent Chase. The four friends (and brother) chooses a life that takes them to great heights.

    Ari Gold, Vincent Chase's agent, only adds to the magnificent work. He gives a direct, strict, and funny edge to the show that has people rethink their career moves. Overall, Entourage is great and will continue to be great with many more years to come.
  • This Show will show you how to grow a pair .Its fast pace gives you that edge as a dreamer . That such is life ,vinny n them struggle too !Its an Ups and downs great teacher !!

    Its first episode ,fun ,flashy and all hollywood!!! has you captivated in the first two minutes and then these guys leave you wondering ever so how the world was like before you met them .Its real ,thats why it appeals to so many . Someone who`s never watched it before could easily take one look at the cover of the dvd and think " its a guys show , its guy orientated",not the case . This show has my girlfriend more hooked than i am , it fresh its rediculously funny and the role played out by Jeremy Piven puts an Icing on the cake . Brilliant show guys ,the type of shows you never want to end .
  • Great show, very entertaining

    This show is great. Its hilarious and extremely entertaining. Vincent Chase a good actor who is struggling in Hollywood and his washed up brother Johnny Chase who's having an even harder time. Turtle and Eric, Vince and Johnny's childhood friends. Ari Gold, Vince's agent and Ari's assistant Lloyd.

    In my opinion Johnny Drama, Ari Gold and Lloyd are the best characters on the show. Even though the show is based around Vince, Johnny, Ari, and Lloyd always end up stealing the spot light. Johnny Drama- always hilarious, and probably the coolest guy ever.

    Ari and Lloyd team up and result in some of the funniest scenes on television!

    Ari Gold- The most bad ass guy ever!
  • HBO forever!

    Yet another awsome HBO tv show without question!
    Entourage what can i say except for the actor thing this show its kinda like my life you know all night parties knowing girls i ever seen in my entire life, pool parties its kinda awsome being rich really know other people (not better than other just OTHER people) like actors i know here on ARG
    Vincent its awsome, E its cute, Drama OMG Drama its so funny and awsome Turtle its awsome iven Ari is hilarious and maniac
    This tv its awsome people i devour one season per day no joke its addictive and so cool Juliet and i cant stop watching it
    Very good HBO if you want a good tv show watch HBO nothing more just HBO because "ITS NOT TELEVISION... ITS HBO!" XO XO