Season 8 Episode 7

Second to Last

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 04, 2011 on HBO

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  • Fair second to last episode as Turtle get his character resolution..the rest is playing like a fairy tale in a bad way


    Although as unlikely as winning the lottery, Saint Vince magically makes Turtle a millionaire in this episode as he did not sell his shares in theTequila company. Screams deus ex machina ending to Turtle's arc, but I was willing to let it pass because they had to give Turtle some ending..and since anything bad and/or interesting seems verbotten in this universe of Happy Happy, at least the former stoner slacker who was never good at anything and had the good luck to be friends with a super generous millionaire lucking into a fortune was consistent with his character.

    Vince continues to woo a girl supposedly out of his league (smart journalist who likes to interview head of important things rather than actors) and his friends begging her to give him a chance, as well as his weird neediness of approval from a woman he doesn't know would be creepy in the real world, but thankfully this is Saint Vince world, so we know she will fall madly in love.

    Eric discovers his ex is pregnant, which seems to set up super happy ending with his character, even though in the real world, a girl could hold sleeping with her stepmom, being dumped and having her family loath him against a person.

    Unsurprising episode, but consistent to the last with the happy land they created.

  • 807


    What is with Turtle and these odd Gossip Girl references? First it was in Season 6 when he was shopping and said with the clothes that he "looked like Chuck Bass," and now he randomly says, "Spotted," as an introduction. Didn't make sense then, and when you're talking about Johnny Galecki it doesn't make sense now.

    The episode was full of sports cameos, all were pretty bad, but Mark Teixeira at least sounded like a normal person. Still, none were memorable.

    And given this was the show's penultimate episode it was not memorable at all. Not funny, not exciting, they better hope the finale blows us away.

  • Things Look Up/Down: A Vincent Chase Penultimate Episode


    Vince constructs a movie for Sophia interviewing all of the women he had been with to prove that he wasn't a womanizer jerk. As it turns out Billy's adaptation of Vince's script is pretty damn good and Ari looks to get it made with Drama but may have to pull a few strings with Vince to make it happen. Ari's relationship with Dana Gordon evolves as well as Eric and his new partner. Turtle tries to find more money from his investors after the owners of Don Pepe's want a bigger space than he budgeted for and he doesn't want Vince's help. Also for Turtle is the bad news that Avion went public after having sold all of his stock. Drama delivers Vince's movie to Sophia and tells her how great Vince is. Dana tells Ari to talk to Phil Yagoda so Vince and Ari break into his office in the middle of a massage and confront him and he's hurt about Johnny's betrayal when he went on strike and he was the only person who ever believed in Drama in the town but a bit of money to his charity convinces him to make the movie. Ari faces the fact that he still loves his wife when he finds out how much a loan would be to buy her out of his business and decides to try to go back to her and give her what she wants that he never did: himself. I really like Dana and Ari's relationship and hopefully things work out for the better for them if Ari's wife indeed won't take him back. Turns out Sophia will get a drink with Vince, a date that Turtle never told him to make as I realize a plot hole it is indeed hopefully they don't just gloss over that next episode. Eric tries to sabotage Sloan and Galecki who are eating at the Farmer's Market and when Eric goes to apologize later at her house she reveals that she's pregnant with his kid and that she's moving to New York and never wants to see him or his money ever again. Good penultimate episode, the only real strings to be tied up are Ari's marriage and the Eric/Sloan thing and possibly some Turtle. I'll miss you Entourage, where else would I live vicariously through pseudo movie stars to enjoy my Sunday evenings. Hopefully the movie will happen sooner than later. Here's to you Entourage, and eight years well spent!

  • An OUTSTANDING (score of 10!) episode showing how top notch the actors, director, and writers are for this series! Yet for the next to last episode of the series and even with a movie, there is so much left to do for Vince, as well as his entourage.


    Another really wonderful episode for any season other than the last one (with only eight episodes). Yes, I know there is a movie coming, but a movie won't be able to fix the issues left with Vince.

    So many times Vince does well only to mess himself up and it would be nice to see Vince finally break this self destructive cycle! Yet, I don't see how one episode and a movie will accomplish this feat.

    I'll say it again, Vince deserves to go to the Oscars and win.

    Back to this episode, IMHO, a review shouldn't be a summary or recap, but a comment on the episode. Removing the episode from the context of the last season, I can only say -- OUTSTANDING!

    The acting, directing, and writing are all top notch! This is one series firing on all cylinders. The story lines for each character are fun, exciting, and have a great pace to them. They last only as long as is necessary for the importance of the issue and the character. Nothing drawn out or too quick here.

    The story lines for each of the characters is interesting and relevant. They allow each character to grow and develop in their own time and pace, but also allow for failures, as well, as the twists and turns that make for an interesting and delightful time.

    Honestly, there is so much in this episode, at the end, I honestly wondered how can they put so much stuff into only 30 minutes. Now, I wish Entourage had been an hour long episode series.

    I'd love to give this a score of 10, but honestly and in good conscious I can't because of the issues previously laid out. I'm truly sorry for the 4.5 score.