Season 5 Episode 10

Seth Green Day

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 2008 on HBO

Episode Recap

Eric's client Charlie is thrilled to find out that his television script will be picked up for a pilot. Eric, however, is less than thrilled to find out that the studio is looking cast his enemy Seth Green in a featured role.

An angry Vince realizes that more of his lines in Smoke Jumpers have been cut. Ari vents to his daughter at breakfast over the fact that he can't seem to go anywhere without a woman telling him what to do. Eric gets a phone call from Seth who, after giving him crap, suggests that the two meet up for lunch to bury the hatchet once and for all.

On the set of Smoke Jumpers, Vince meets up with Verner, the director, to express how unhappy he is that his lines and monologues keep getting cut. He promises Vince that today, they will shoot the scenes as written, which satisfies him. Ari convinces Barbara to sit down with Andrew Klein and decide for herself whether or not he would fit in at the agency. When Eric shows up to meet for lunch, he gets another call from Seth, who is sitting on the beach. He tells E to call Sloane (his ex) and get her to convince him to do the pilot, pushing his buttons every second that they talk.

Back at the set, Drama and Turtle are kicked off without any explanation. When Verner once again tries to cut Vince's scene, he asks for another take, which he is granted. Eric shows up on Sloane's doorstep, uninvited, to ask her to call Seth Green for him. She tells him to stop falling for his antics and when he leaves, it's obvious that there is still serious chemistry between them. In her meeting with Andrew, Barbara grills him about moving from the minors to the majors, as she calls it. When he can't pretend that she's Julia Roberts and pitch to her, he runs out having a panic attack and she vetoes making him a partner at the firm.

Seth sets up another meeting with Eric and invites Charlie and a studio rep. Verner sits down with Vince in the screening room to show him some footage from the film and try to explain his methods to him. Ari crashes a luncheon in which Barbara is being nominated for being a powerful woman by Variety. He drops a bomb, saying that he's splitting the agency in half so that he can do what he wants without asking her permission.

At the meeting, Seth openly admits in front of Charlie that Sloan called him today. He follows that up with the "fact" that he slept with her today as well, which really starts firing up E. Then, he tells Charlie to fire Eric is he wants him to be on his show. When he goes too far, Charlie sucker punches him before Eric even gets the chance. This time, Eric is the one trying to break up the fight, so when Amy opens the door, she sees Seth Green on the floor, Charlie on top of Seth, and Eric on top of Charlie. Awkward. In Big Bear, Turtle and Drama are playing a video game. Drama accuses Turtle of cheating and Eric walks in to more wrestling. They see Eric and ask how his day was and what happened with Seth. He says it was weird and they're still casting, no Seth. Drama agrees theirs was too. Before Eric can ask, Vince comes in, balancing a can on his head and bragging about how many minutes the can has been on his head and not moved! Bewildered Eric asks how his day was. Vince says he's had better. Eric agrees. Vince looks at the clock and decides it's time to go to bed and he starts up the stairs, balancing the can on his head. Bewildered Eric looks to Drama and Turtle for an explanation. Drama shrugs and says, "Like I said, it was a weird day."