Season 3 Episode 12

Sorry, Ari

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 27, 2006 on HBO
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With the apparent loss of the Ramones project and with Ari to blame, Vince and the guys begin to look for other agents to represent him. Ari, hearing of Vince's shopping, fights with all his might to get back the movie. While looking at other agents, Vince realizes they are just too corporate for him and the "scumbag" Ari is the best in the business. However, since Ari cannot get the movie back, he tries to win Vince back with a corporate-style presentation himself. This backfires because the boys find Ari to be just like everyone else now and fire Ari as they walk out of his office.moreless

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    The half of a season cliffhanger was a good one - though with the way the Entourage writers work Im sure that the next episode following this one will be about Ari trying to win Vince back into his heart. I thought that the entire episode was focused around the decision of if Vince and Eric were going to remain with Ari. I found it a bit odd that three seperate companys with no afiliation with one another all used the same kind of technique to try and win Vince as there client. That being said, it was the only flaw in the epsiode. If Ari really is fired and never does work for Vincent Chase again - this will be the episode in the future that everyone goes back to to see where the story changed it up. Ari will no doubt still be with the show - losing him would be insane and I would stop watching. Will he continue to be Vinces agent, who knows?moreless
  • Sorry Ari

    This was a great episode. It was funny to watch everyone trying to win Vince over and everything Ari had to do to get info out of people and cancel Vince's meetings. The only reason why I give it a 9.9 is because I was so disapointed with Ari. He usually falls through for the Vince, even if it's at the last minute. But this time he Stumbled just like all the others. Hopfully in season 4 they'll take him back. He deserved a scare of being fired! But I def. would hate to see Ari go. He's my one of my fav characters on the show!!moreless
  • What a way to have a season break!

    This episode is what "Entourage" is all about!

    The boys from New York flexing their collective muscle all in the name of getting Vince back to work,Ari running around,swearing and carrying on like a man possesed,and Johnny Drama doing what he does best-create drama,(he's the campest straight man on TV at the moment!no offense Kevin!).All the storylines that have been brewing underneath the basic plotline for the first half of this season have all come to the surface in this mid-season cliff hanger.I'm not in the habit of writing reviews that spoil it for anyone who have not yet seen the show/film I write about,suffice to say,this episode is "Exactly why I watch this series!" Totally captivating television.Hats off to a great ensemble cast(Jeremy Piven is brilliant as Ari Gold!) and "Marky" Mark Whalberg and Gary Oldman,producers extrordinaire,for lifting the lid on the way Hollywood operates.moreless
  • Vince should have given Ari another chance, in fact, he shouldn't have even considered firing him after all they have been through. Ari is the reason for Vince's success.

    This episode was the most important episode in the third season. The friendship that Ari and Vince and Eric and the whole group have developoped over the past 2 and a half seasons is supposably over. It makes you have to see the next episode. I can not wait 5 months of so for this next episode, I need to know what happens next now. This is just one of the many examples of the way this show leads you on and make it so you must see the next episode. I could watch this show 24/7. But I do believe that after all that Ari and Vince have been through, Vince shouldn't have even considered firing him. It may have seemed to be Ari's fault but this would have never happened if Vince didnt think he could do whatever he wanted. So Ari better be back in the next episode or I will be upset. Overall, good episode though.moreless
  • The classification is just stupid. I would rather have gone with "The person who left us without Ari for half a year should get slapped silly".

    Okay, it was bound to happen. They need to spice things up every now and then, but we all understand that Ari will get his gig with Vince back within short. Just annoying that Ari has to be hanging until March next year - that's a long way away.

    The episode was in general really good and all of a sudden Drama is the dude with his head on his sholders. Shocking?

    I have always loved Piven and he is the rock of the foundation. I used to think E was the stronges pillar of the show, but since Ari's been getting more ass kicking lines he's stole the spotlight. I honestly feel that they could split Entourage up to two shows. One with the cast as it is and one based on Ari's new agency.

    And to finish this nonsense that I'm signing off on, f--k the people that decided to pause the show now and wait until 2007. I want my Entourage fix every Sunday as usual.moreless
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Martin Landau

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Constance Zimmer

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Joshua LeBar

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Beverly D'Angelo

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  • QUOTES (30)

    • Dana: Ari, you have one day to find me another job or the next time I see you at the Palm, I'm going to squeeze your fuckin dick with a claw cracker!

    • Ari: I love you Dana Gordon.
      Dana: You swore you would keep your mouth shut you slimy piece of shit!!

    • Josh Weinstein: Oh and Turtle, all my assistants love to fuck. I ask them when they interview. True story.

    • Ari: Josh Weinstein! Are you fucking kidding me?!
      Lloyd: I'm not and I tried to do the lunch cancellation trick but he was onto it somehow.
      Ari: Josh fucking Weinstein!!! I don't believe it. I'd rather Vince fuck my wife!!

    • Drama: The guy doesn't even bother to call you?
      Turtle: I'd say that's a substantial point loss in the service area.
      Drama: Forget about points, Turtle, that earns Left a bitch slap!

    • Ari: (pretending to be Eric) Hey bro listen, I hate to cancel on such short notice, but Vince isn't going to be able to make lunch. Sorry, bro.
      Andy Left's Assistant: Oh my god. Hold on, let me get Andy.
      Ari: Ah, you know, you don't need to do that. Just tell him he's a great big fag.

    • Dana Gordon: I need to talk to you.
      Ari: You know, Dana, the only time I've ever enjoyed talking to you is when your mouth has been full.

    • Drama: Didn't even offer us a drink. That's a zero for service.
      Turtle: But still, I'll give em a ten for amenities if she let me service that ass.

    • Drama: I give em a six for decor. I mean, what kind of self respecting agency has fake plants in their lobbies?
      Turtle: I don't think their fake, Drama, there's a girl over there watering them.
      Eric: Maybe the water's fake, huh, Drama?

    • Vince: Even after you fuck up like this, you can't even muster the strength to just, as my friend, look me in the face and say, I'm sorry.
      Ari: That's all you wanted?
      Vince: That's all I wanted.
      Ari: Then I'm sorry Vin.
      Vince: It's too late.
      Ari: Vince
      Eric: Ari, your fired.

    • Drama: This is every agency card any of us have been handed over the past five years.
      Eric: You saved them all?
      Drama: Yeah, like there's something weird about that!

    • Lloyd: It says, Alan will see you at 10:30.
      Ari: It's 10:10, how the fuck am I gonna make it to the Valley?
      Lloyd: By running, Ari, by running!

    • Drama: Nobody appreciates their girlfriend, until they get herpes from the next broad. Know what I'm sayin?
      Vince: No, I don't.

    • Ari: I had a nightmare.
      Ari's Wife: Was I with another man?
      Ari: No, Vince was.

    • Ari: What do you think?
      Vince: I think I need to think.

    • Ari: Bob, I will strip down naked and break dance through Beverly Hills, if it will get you not to sign that deal with Allen.

    • Vince: Fuck it, Ari's a dick. Let's flirt.

    • Ari: How is it to take it in the ass anyway, Lloyd?
      Lloyd: I don't know, Ari. I'm a top.
      Ari: Come on, really?

    • Vince: This is depressing. Maybe we just go without an agent.
      Turtle: Drama did that for 10 years. Really worked for him.
      Drama: Suck it, Turtle.

    • (Ari enters the office dancing)
      Lloyd Are you happy, Ari? Or is this madness that will turn on me on a moment's notice?
      Ari: This is happiness, Lloyd. This is pure heterosexual male happiness. (kisses Lloyd)

    • Drama: Because he's Ari and he's a dirty sweaty scumbag, .. but he's good.

    • Eric: Hasn't Vince gotten you laid enough, Turtle?
      Turtle: Well, that depends. What's your definition of enough?

    • Ari: Dana, I have never cheated on my wife, not since she became my wife, but if you want to jerk me in the car right now, I'm game.

    • Lloyd: The gay mafia has been replaced by the gay assistant corps, Ari. We know all.

    • Lloyd: Vince has called three times, Ari. That's three times more than he called all of last year.
      Ari: I know. He keeps calling me, too, and I got an e-mail. I didn't even know he knew how to do that.

    • Turtle: I guess you've had a lot of practice, considering how many times you've been dropped.
      Drama: Never officially dropped, Turtle. Although one did move without telling me.

    • Alan: So let me guess. This Ramones project has been causing some discomfort between you and your biggest client.
      Ari: Hemorrhoids cause discomfort, Alan. This is more like open-heart surgery.

    • Vince: He had a ginormously huge lunch
      Turtle: Is that even a word?
      Vince: I don't know.

    • Lloyd: What did you want me to say?
      Ari: That I have a huge wart on my cock that needs removal would have been better, wake the f*ck up, Lloyd.

    • Ari: Speak, or I will intern you like it's 1942.
      Lloyd: I'm not japanese, Ari.
      Ari: Speak!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Turtle: Leave the gun, take the canolli's.

      A reference to The Godfather, where they whack someone on the parkway and say this. This is the third Entourage reference to The Godfather in the last six episodes.

    • Ari: This is not going to be one of your Queer as Folk pep talks is it Lloyd?

      Queer As Folk is a groundbreaking, dramatic UK TV show about the lives of a group of homosexual males, there is a US remake of the show that includes lesbians. The two series were broadcast on Showtime in the US and Channel 4 in the UK but both have now ended.