Season 4 Episode 4

Sorry, Harvey

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 08, 2007 on HBO
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Ari mistakenly mishandles a top-secret script, a mistake that lands him in jail. Drama fetes the mayor of Beverly Hills, with help from Vince. Eric has to go back on his word with Harvey Weingard, a Hollywood heavyweight, when Medellin is accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.moreless

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  • Ari really makes or breaks an episode.

    And he doesn't break them by sucking at his performance. Ari doesn't fail. You put him in there, and the episode is guaranteed to be a sucess. Admittedly, this was nothing but a filler episode. Throwing in some Harvey to make things exciting while we build up to another episode worthy of the name Entourage. Certainly not the best episode we've seen this season, but Harvey's ex-Navy Seal behaviour, and Ari's escapade with the missing car and the huge black toy definitely make for this to be a memorable episode. I'd personally rather see an episode where something actually happens. Something that holds consequences, good and bad. But hey, I'll settle for this.moreless
  • Great Episode, major stuff up !

    We have all talked about how great of an episode this is but in the first scene at The Shave when E is talking to Ari, the shaving cream and shave lines on E's face change back and forth. Whether this was intended as a joke at the movie and television industry for supplying us viewers with endless mistakes and errors, it still make the show look rushed and unprofessional.

    We have all talked about how great of an episode this is but in the first scene at The Shave when E is talking to Ari, the shaving cream and shave lines on E's face change back and forth. Whether this was intended as a joke at the movie and television industry for supplying us viewers with endless mistakes and errors, it still make the show look rushed and unprofessional.moreless
  • Season Four Begins A Roll

    Best episode of the season so far, which makes that two in a row for the writer's over at Entourage. Very funny episode - I laughed enough times to not be able to know at the end of the episode which is a lot better then the "0 1 1" that I got from the past couple of episodes. Drama once again bites the dust when the mayor is caught with the she-man leaving the bar. All of the scenes in this episode were really well done. We didn't have to see anything of Billy Walsh, which was amazing. Harvey was a much better replacement. The scenes with Eric and Harvey dragged a little too long in the restaurant, I think it would have been better just to have been at the bar the entire time. The mayor of 90210 was a good add to the cast for an episode as well, I liked his role in the episode. Overall it was the best episode of the season and certainly the funniest. Ari Gold continues to shine in his role as well, dispite being away from the boys more often then not this season.moreless
  • Ari must read a top-secret script but obstacles keep getting in his way starting with dinner with Mrs Ari's best friend. Eric musters up the nerve to tell Harvey that they can't sell him the film and Drama parties with the Mayormoreless

    As another user said on here, this is classic Entourage. Not much really happens in the episode. Ari spends the whole time trying to read a script, E trying to tell Harvey about Medillin and Drama schmoozing the Mayor of Beverly Hills. But that is what makes so Entourage so good, the episode can thrive on just simple anecdotes of LA/celebrity life without having to have something crucial happen in each episode. This is the way much of season 1 was. Don't get me wrong I love the drama of trying to get Vince a film but sometimes these little episode are the best

    • E and Vince trying to get the courage to tell Harvey about the film and then just having Drama shout it out was hilarious, it worked really well and showed that for all their swagger these guys still are little fish in a big pond

    • The transvestite story- very funny, its also very Hollywood that this would get picked up by an internet site

    • Ari having his car swapped and not even noticing!- again very LA

    • Ari ordering the bill before the entre's came!! So typically Ari

    • The screaming wife was a bit of an odd interlude to the story- I have a sneaking suspicion that both stories that played out in this episode were real life stories…

    • I loved Lloyd's pyjama's, very cute!

    • Eric's line about Drama sliding down the fireman's pole- this line had me in stitches, nearly missed the end of the episode!

    Overall, while this wasn't the most memorable episode of Entourage it was pretty damn funny and stuck true to the show's tagline of living life in Hollywood and all the ridiculous antics that could only happen there!moreless
  • Either way it was a great episode

    This was a great episode, although I have to agree with one of the previews reviews. This was a filler episode, but it was a fun one. Other series have filler shows that leave you feeling empty inside, contributing nothing at all to the plot or story line, this filler episode, at least it sets up it up for the coming shows. It was also great to see Harvey to crazy again, it was funny to see him being drag out by security spitting all over the place, and the fact that E had to admit he was scared, was great. Awesome episode, it's why I continue watch!moreless
M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan


Guest Star

Maury Chaykin

Maury Chaykin

Harvey Weingard

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Rex Lee

Rex Lee


Recurring Role

Maury Chaykin

Maury Chaykin

Harvey Weingard

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Vince says Eric looks like a "P.O.W." when he walks in with Harvey. P.O.W. stands for Prisoner Of War.

    • In the scene where Eric is at the Barbershop, the amount of shaving cream either increases or decreases with each cut back to him when arguing with Ari Gold.

    • During the first scene at Drama's condo, Vince is reading a very old issue of the rap magazine XXL, with the rapper Shyne on the cover.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Ari: (to the man who had lied to his wife about being at Morton's in L.A.) Deny 'til you die pal.

    • Ari: Now why would I buy a big black cock?

    • Eric: Can't you wait for a call back?
      Ari: As the French might say, "NOOO, I fucking can not."

    • Drama: According to some circles, that Barbie might be a Ken.
      Mayor: Heh?
      Drama: She might have balls your honor.
      Mayor: What?
      Drama: She's a he, a Transformer, a hermaphrodite, something that just ain't right.

    • Drama: Even more thoughtful were the coffee's I brought over to the fire-house, when I went over to introduce myself.
      Eric: Are you expecting a fire or are you just hoping to slide up and down on their pole?

    • Harvey: Walk the other way David or else I'll pull out your fuckin' eyeballs.

    • (after telling Ari about the meeting with Harvey)
      Ari Gold: You're gonna tell him in person?
      Eric: That's right.
      Ari Gold: What I wouldn't pay to see that.
      Eric: Yeah, well save your money for botox Ari, all that negativity's starting to take its toll.
      Ari Gold: Call waiting, later loser.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music: "Martini at Eight" by Johnny Reno; "Life is Good" by Joel Evans; "I'm Not Joking" by M-Dot-L; "You Know What It Is" by T.I. & Wyclef Jean; "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5; "No Peace" by Rich Skills (with Shawn); "Stronger" by Kanye West; "All Eyez On Me" by 2Pac ft. Big Syke

    • Location Credits: The Shave of Beverly;
      Morton's; Providence Restaurant; Winston's


    • Ari says "I see dead people " while in the cemetery. This refers to a line in the film Sixth Sense, a 1999 Academy Award-nominated psychological thriller, which was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

    • The site featured at the end of the episode that had the paparazzi video of the Mayor of Beverly Hills with the transvestite is the infamous paparazzi website TMZ.com that features exclusive pictures and videos of celebrities.