Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Days

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO

Episode Recap

Strange Days Recap

The guys are hanging out at breakfast and giving Eric a hard time for waking up the night before 'snuggling' the third girl in his threesome. Eric tells them that his girl, Sloan, is setting up her charity event that morning, and he wants them to come with him as a reason to get for staying too long.

Along the way, Ari gives Eric a call to find out how Vince is holding up after being dumped from the Aquaman 2 movie. Ari promises E that he'll bounce back, and Eric reminds Ari he can tell him in person at Sloan's charity event. Ari promises he'll show as long as his meeting goes well with his ex-boss, Sloan's father, Terrance.

The meeting with Ari and Terrance Sloan is concerning Ari settlement for departing the company. The twoquickly quiet their lawyers and decide to talk it through. Terrance starts by offering Ari $4 million. Ari's response is "Fuck You," and states he is the reason the agency is successful, and he has the time and money to prove it. As Ari starts to storm out, Terrance ups his offer to $10 million. Ari askes for 12 and they quickly settle on $11 million.

The boys get to Sloan's setup, and start with basic chit-chat. Vince, being poliet, offers to do anything if she needs something. It turns out one of the celebrity dinner dates has cancelled and she askes Vince to step up in the open spot. with some hesitation, Vince agrees to be sold for charity.Sloan steps away on the phone, forcing Eric to make a quick "Hi' with Tori (the third girl). She quickly escapes back to her hotel and the guys all agree she was acting cold toward E. Eric freaks out and wants to apologize, which the others think is just a bad idea. They feel there's no reason for any apology.

Post Terrance meeting, Ari interupts his wife's lunch with her friends, gives her a huge ring, and steals his bride to a secret location. The secret location is the office space that Ari wishes to buy for his own agency, the new "Gold Standard". His wife askes if they have the money, but Ari convinces her they've been planing this purchase for months and the time is right.

Eric show's up at Tori's hotel in order to apologize. As he hit's the pool deck, he bumps into actor Seth Green. They quickly chat and Seth askes Eric how Sloan is. Eric appears unaware Seth knew Sloan, and Seth askes him to tell Sloan "hi" for him. Eric breaks off from Seth and finds Tori pool side and askes to have a drink with her.

Over the drink, Eric formally apologizes to her for "the way we woke up." They agree it was a bit weird, yet Eric askes that Tori not say anything to Sloan, not knowing how Sloan would take the information. Tori agrees it was kinda funny when they woke up spooning, but she thinks that Sloan would find it much weirder that Eric came all the way to her hotel right then. Despite only wanting to apologize, Tori hopes that all it really is. She had a good time the other night, but him coming to talk with her behind Sloan's back is what is making her uncomfortable.

Ari and his wife are walking out of the office space (after just fooling around upstairs) and begin to walk down the street to the car. However, right when they are about to get into the car, Adam Davies drives by. Davies was the one that ratted Ari out the previous year and the person that caused him to lose his job. They quickly dive behind the car because he doesn't want anyone to know he's looking at office spaces just yet. If word gets outs Ari is starting an agency, Ari is concerned Terrance with change the details of the deal. But when they finally stand up, Davies is still there waiting for them.

Eric gets back to the house and is complaining that Tori is calling him a stalker. The guys make a valid point to E, asking why he feels he needs to apologize to Tori when he really should be apologizing to his girlfriend? Turtle begins to wonder if there is a bigger meaning to the snuggle, implying that Eric is beginning to have feelings for Tori, over Sloan.

While getting ready for Sloan's event, Eric confesses to Vince that during the threesome, he wanted Tori bad. Now, he can't stop thinking about her and he's feeling guilty. Vince assures him it was just a big tease and his feelings will be gone once Tori is out of his life, after the event.

The guys arrive at the auction, and Tori is looking great. Sloan stops by to greet Eric and steal Vince for a moment, wanting to show off the auction's top prize. Ari and his wife are also at the auction, and Ari is attempting to win vacation destinations for the two of them. His wife continues to suggest they shouldn't spend any more money until the deal is final.

Tori stops by Eric's group and peels him off for a quick drink. She tells Eric she didn't want to come off as harsh or make him feel that something was wrong. She thinks he truly is a nice guy. Eric then askes if she's been in many threesomes, which she responds a few more than him. When asked how Sloan and Eric did, Tori says she really can't say how Eric was. Eric mentions how it was Sloan's rules, and Tori suggests she could catch a later flight and perhaps see if some of those rules can be relaxed that night.

Leaving the stage, Vince is getting comments from all the ladies in the audience. Vince runs into a waitress and ask her to buy him, but she feels she couldn't avoid him. Vince says he'd loan her the money.

Showing off her new ring to 'friends,' Ari's wife feels the need to lie about the diamonds fearing that word will leak about Ari's settlement. She goes back to complain to Ari, who explains the secret is only the office space, not the fact that they have money.

Eric seems to have reached his breaking point with Tori's flirting, and just wants to leave the party. Vince notices Eric across the party and breaks off conversation with the waitress in order to catch Eric at the door. Eric explains to Vince he can't be around them both in the same room. Eric wants to just take Tori in the coatroom, which isn't like him. Which is why he needs to leave because he thinks Sloan will see right through him. Vince offers to tell the girls he's sick and instructs Eric to go home.

Before he can leave, Sloan catches Eric walking out. He uses his "I'm sick' excuse and she suggests for him to crash at her place. She's just has to finish the party and wait for Tori to catch her ride to the airport. Eric agrees and leaves the party.

The annoucements for winners is underway and Ari is waiting to see which prizes are his. Davies shows up and tells Ari he wants in. He knows about the office space and Davies wants in on the new agency. Ari tells him off, continuing to deny the office space story and says they would never work well together. Davies threatens to ask Terrance what he thinks of it. Ari then begins to win vacation after vacation, causing Terrance to ask Ari what else he has purchased? Ari can only toast to the comment.

The winner of Vince's date is Molly Burns, an elderly women who goes on stage to claim her prize. But Vince is no where to be found, because he's fooling around with the waitress in the coatroom.

Eric is asleep in Sloan's bed, but is awake when Tori and her come back to the apartment. Tori missed her flight and plans to leave the following morning. She'll crash on the couch in the mean time. Before Tori leaves, Eric pretends to get a drink of water in order to have one last conversation. He askes if both of them want this. Tori's reply is "Does it matter?" and tells Eric he has a great girl with Sloan. She urges him not to mess it up.
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