Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Days

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO

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  • Rated "Average" is a good thing for this series.

    I feel this whole series if above so many others, that despite a good episode, it is only receiving an "average" classification. A couple funny moments with the guys hanging out, I'm one-liners that will surely end up in my own day-to-day rippings on friends, Seth Green makes a cameo, and Vince gets raffled off to some elderly women while screwing the waitress in the closet. Classic.

    Seems like Ari is going to hit it big, which should be great TV. Seeming him an top of his game is what everyone wants to see.. (well.. i guess it WAS funny when everything fell apart for him last year.. either way it's funny).

    Looks like the whole A2 isn't going to hurt Vince that much and things are still rolling for everyone. Can't wait to see how it all plans out.
  • again an awsome entourage episode !!

    This is a perfect example of how every entourage episode should be ! Not too much focussed on 1 character, main story is about eric and the threesome he had the night before. Ari who gets an offer from his former boss so he won't go to court because he was fired last season. With the money he's going to receive he's planning to start up his own big agency. Also some classic Johnny Drama moments, just enough. (most episodes it's just a bit too much of him)
    Can't wait for nex weeks episodes, after a weak start of the season, Dom is long forgotten :-)
  • Ari gets a big pay off from Terrence and plans to start his own Agency with the money until one of his former co-workers spots him, vinny is to be aucationed off at an aucation, and slone ends up falling for the wrong girl from his threesome

    Well, I say one thing, out of all the episodes this season this one is by far the worse. Don't get me wrong it was still a good episode. But campared to the other episodes this season this one lagged
    For the most part this episode was a filler nothing really happend, but I could tell that they are setting you up for bigger things that will happen in future episodes. So I look forward to that
    I was pleased to see a camo by Seth Green, its always fun to see him, I heard his going be in the long-awaited Los Vagas episode that will air towards the end of this season.
    For me this episode was just OKAY, I wait for next weeks eppy to be GREAT! lol. yeah okay I'm done. lol
  • Seeds for the next phase of the season

    In this episode, we see scenes for what's to come for the rest of the season. Ari sort of getting the payoff, Vince having no job, and Eric's indecisiveness with his relationships.

    Speaking of E, his threesome plot seemed stretched already. I don't even find Tori likeable compared to Emily.

    Ari's Jerry Maguire story is proving to be the most interesting plots of the season and this episode showed a glimpse on how he can make it big again OR be the laughing stock of Hollywood if Terrance screws him up.

    I'm wishing for the screw up.
  • This episode was alright, pretty much a filler ep though. Not much really happened with Vince, this episode mainly dealt with Eric and Ari.

    Eric, after waking up \"snuggling\" with Tori (Sloan\'s Friend) after their threesome, finds himself feeling powerful emotions toward Tori. Eric is forced to withstand his urges for just one more night, trying to avoid the temptation of being around Tori at Sloan\'s charity event, Eric goes home \"sick\" to Sloan\'s. Only to be awoken by Sloan that night with Tori who missed her flight. I think only due to Tori\'s knowledge of threesomes and loyalty to her friend, Eric didn\'t \"finish\" the threesome with \"no rules\".

    Ari finally has his settlement meeting with Terrance, the two of them have a great Ari \"Gold\" scene. He was ferocious, raising Terrance\'s first offer of 4 million all the way to 11 million. Ari starts spending the money before he actually has it, and is spotted by Adam Davies (the ITSY FLY treaty traitor from last season) outside of the projected building of Ari\'s new Super-Agency. In order to hide the information of Ari\'s new commercial real estate from Terrance who could back out of the deal, Ari agrees to cut Davies in on the new agency.

    Vince is actually auctioned off at Sloan\'s event for charity, but instead of dancing with granny, he bangs a waitress in the coat closet. That particular closet was actually mentioned by Eric in his verbal expression of his feelings for Tori.
  • Eric can't make sense of these new feelings and the "Gold Standard" is going the whole nine yards.

    You may be spolied if you read this...

    "Filler, uncreative, nothing happened" are terms used to classify this episode. I think outside the box. You might think a whole lot didn't happen...with the main four. Did anyone actually notice Ari getting a deal with Tarrence for eleven million due to their whole mess created last season? Did anybody not hear Adam Davies say "...you are about to opening the largest agency in town"? You did? Let's begin.

    Before I go into why this episode is great, lets talk about the gang. Eric is fighting some earges after his threesome with sloan and her friend. When Eric realizes he wants what he can't have, he goes into a spiral of emotions which brings him to the final conclusion that, well, he still didn't get what he wanted. This COULD be the beginning of something big between Sloan and Eric...messy or glorious.

    Now granted the rest of the gang was barely mentioned or given much onscreen time, but remember, this was an Eric/Ari episode, so we have to deal with not seeing Turtle and Drama for the time being. Now on to what I believe is the biggest part of the episode and one, if not the, best characters that keeps this show going...Ari Gold.

    I previously mentioned this was an Eric/Ari episode...Well I should have said this was a 70% Ari 30% Eric episode because this was huge for "Gold Standard". After being awarded eleven million dollars from Terrance for what happened last season, Ari's journey as Super Agent begins a new chapter.

    We see Mr. Gold enter a restaurant to meet the girls and this wife as Ari cleverly put it..."Ah the girls of Wisteria Lane...". The girls are suprised to see Ari pull out a ring to show and give his wife to her glee. Then he pulls her away from lunch to show her an empty office building only to tell her it was the new building for "Gold Standard", Ari's Agency.

    Unforutnatly for Ari on the way out of the new office space, Adam Davies drives by while Ari and the Mrs. drop to the ground to hide, only to get up and see Adam's car on the other side of the street. Adam, of course, is known as the man who screwed Ari over last season when he tried to defect. By that point, I knew this would be a huge issue for Ari and the Agency. So when later, Adam confronts him at Sloan's event, he wants a deal with Ari or he goes to Terrance and blows Ari's secret which will, lets just say, be VERY bad for "Gold Standard".

    This, like I said, is huge for Ari. This means he may have to sign a deal with a man who very well may be a spy for Terrance, which as we can all assume, would be, to put plain and simple, bad.

    I for one, can't wait to see how this all unravles. Along with Vince's career going nowhere and Eric's relationship with Sloan, the show should come to a bang when the season makes its way to the finale.

    - Ryan
  • Review

    After the end of the last episode I was kind of hoping that this episode would be a little bit more focused on what is going to happen with the rest of the season. Aris devolopment was the only thing of real notice in this episode as he manages to take 11 million to settle instead of go to court and then attempts to build a huge empire to house 150 agents in. Working with the man that turned him in a little over a year ago is going to be interesting, but we'll see how that storyline plays out.

    Turtle has gone two episodes now without any rap city music guy in the episode and I think the writers need to get back around to that. Erics storyline seemed random now that the girl has left town anyways. Vince needs to pick up some kind of new drama other then having some random girl we will never see again in the coat closet. Drama - who knows with him anymore. I dont think he is ever going to get anything at this rate. One of these episodes Im waiting for something huge to happen to him.