Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Days

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO

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  • This episode was alright, pretty much a filler ep though. Not much really happened with Vince, this episode mainly dealt with Eric and Ari.

    Eric, after waking up \"snuggling\" with Tori (Sloan\'s Friend) after their threesome, finds himself feeling powerful emotions toward Tori. Eric is forced to withstand his urges for just one more night, trying to avoid the temptation of being around Tori at Sloan\'s charity event, Eric goes home \"sick\" to Sloan\'s. Only to be awoken by Sloan that night with Tori who missed her flight. I think only due to Tori\'s knowledge of threesomes and loyalty to her friend, Eric didn\'t \"finish\" the threesome with \"no rules\".

    Ari finally has his settlement meeting with Terrance, the two of them have a great Ari \"Gold\" scene. He was ferocious, raising Terrance\'s first offer of 4 million all the way to 11 million. Ari starts spending the money before he actually has it, and is spotted by Adam Davies (the ITSY FLY treaty traitor from last season) outside of the projected building of Ari\'s new Super-Agency. In order to hide the information of Ari\'s new commercial real estate from Terrance who could back out of the deal, Ari agrees to cut Davies in on the new agency.

    Vince is actually auctioned off at Sloan\'s event for charity, but instead of dancing with granny, he bangs a waitress in the coat closet. That particular closet was actually mentioned by Eric in his verbal expression of his feelings for Tori.
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