Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Days

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO

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  • Eric can't make sense of these new feelings and the "Gold Standard" is going the whole nine yards.

    You may be spolied if you read this...

    "Filler, uncreative, nothing happened" are terms used to classify this episode. I think outside the box. You might think a whole lot didn't happen...with the main four. Did anyone actually notice Ari getting a deal with Tarrence for eleven million due to their whole mess created last season? Did anybody not hear Adam Davies say "...you are about to opening the largest agency in town"? You did? Let's begin.

    Before I go into why this episode is great, lets talk about the gang. Eric is fighting some earges after his threesome with sloan and her friend. When Eric realizes he wants what he can't have, he goes into a spiral of emotions which brings him to the final conclusion that, well, he still didn't get what he wanted. This COULD be the beginning of something big between Sloan and Eric...messy or glorious.

    Now granted the rest of the gang was barely mentioned or given much onscreen time, but remember, this was an Eric/Ari episode, so we have to deal with not seeing Turtle and Drama for the time being. Now on to what I believe is the biggest part of the episode and one, if not the, best characters that keeps this show going...Ari Gold.

    I previously mentioned this was an Eric/Ari episode...Well I should have said this was a 70% Ari 30% Eric episode because this was huge for "Gold Standard". After being awarded eleven million dollars from Terrance for what happened last season, Ari's journey as Super Agent begins a new chapter.

    We see Mr. Gold enter a restaurant to meet the girls and this wife as Ari cleverly put it..."Ah the girls of Wisteria Lane...". The girls are suprised to see Ari pull out a ring to show and give his wife to her glee. Then he pulls her away from lunch to show her an empty office building only to tell her it was the new building for "Gold Standard", Ari's Agency.

    Unforutnatly for Ari on the way out of the new office space, Adam Davies drives by while Ari and the Mrs. drop to the ground to hide, only to get up and see Adam's car on the other side of the street. Adam, of course, is known as the man who screwed Ari over last season when he tried to defect. By that point, I knew this would be a huge issue for Ari and the Agency. So when later, Adam confronts him at Sloan's event, he wants a deal with Ari or he goes to Terrance and blows Ari's secret which will, lets just say, be VERY bad for "Gold Standard".

    This, like I said, is huge for Ari. This means he may have to sign a deal with a man who very well may be a spy for Terrance, which as we can all assume, would be, to put plain and simple, bad.

    I for one, can't wait to see how this all unravles. Along with Vince's career going nowhere and Eric's relationship with Sloan, the show should come to a bang when the season makes its way to the finale.

    - Ryan
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