Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Days

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Goof
      When Ari is at the restaurant giving the new ring to his wife, in one shot we see him unbuttoning his suit but in next shot it is buttoned again.

    • Ari claims that he was in the ZBT house. ZBT stands for Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, and is a predominantly Jewish fraternity.

  • Quotes

    • Ari: Lunch is on me provided that Joyce, you still have your stomach stapled.

    • Terrance: Ari, you look a little haggard. Everything all right?
      Ari: It's called aging, Terrance. Not everyone can stay young by sucking the blood of their employees.

    • Vince: From snuggler to stalker. Sounds like an M.O.W.

    • Drama: She ran from you like a chicken with a bad cough.
      Eric: What the hell does that mean>?
      Drama: It's an avian flu reference.

    • Vince: What? Apologize? For Snuggling her?
      Eric: For invading her space ... I don't know.
      Drama: You're a sensitive guy E— It's kinda queer.

    • Turtle: It could be fun, Vince. Like that time you got auctioned off at the Feed the World event.
      Vince: Jesus, remember that Cuban guy who bought me and wanted me to come live with him in Havana?
      Drama: The guy never sent me those cuban cigars he promised. I should call.
      Turtle: Yeah, ask him if he knows any good lefties for the Yank's bullpen while you're at it.

    • Drama: Freud says there are no accidents.
      Eric: You guys crossed swords during your threesome. Accident?

    • Vince: Did E fall in love during a threesome?
      Turtle: If anyone could do it, it's E.
      Drama: You're like a chick. I mean the guy cannot have unemotional sex.
      Eric: I didn't have sex.
      Drama: Whatever. You can't whack off without weeping.

    • Ari: Ah...the girls from Wisteria Lane. Which one of you is hiding a large black man in your basement?

    • Ari: I get hard thinking about the fact that you actually like me E.

    • Vince: Besides the fact the L.A. Times compared me to Terrell Owens, I'm doing great.
      Eric: You hear that, Ari?
      Ari: The Eagles got rid of T.O. and look where they landed. Aquaman 2 is going to make Speed 2 look like Citizen Fucking Kane.

    • Vince: Who uses the word, snuggle?
      Turtle: E and E.
      Drama: Men spoon. Women snuggle.

    • Drama: What's disgusting is the only reason a guy should be forced to spoon a girl is if he's allowed to fuck her first.
      Turtle:Or at least if she promises she'll fuck him later.

  • Notes

    • In Latinamerica, this episode aired on November 13, 2007, on HBO OLE.

    • Location Credits

      Ari crashes the "girls lunch"
      Il Cielo
      9014 Burton Way
      Beverly Hills, CA 90212

      Vince is auctioned off at Sloan's charity event.
      Roosevelt Hotel
      7000 Hollywood Blvd.
      Hollywood, CA 90028

    • Music Credits

      "High Fidelity" by Jurassic 5
      "Give It To Me" by J Giles Band
      "Jane Fonda" by Mickey Avalon
      "Heaven" by Bitter:Sweet
      "Las Nuedas" by Martini Kings
      "The Sky Is Crying" by Stevie Ray Vaughn

  • Allusions

    • Title: Strange Days
      The title of this episode is also an album and song title from the band The Doors. The album was recorded in 1967, the band's second album.

    • Vince is auctioned off because Zach Braff cancelled. Zach Braff is an actor best known from the NBC comedy Scrubs where he plays the role of Dr. John Dorian.

    • At Sloan's charity auction when Eric bumps into Seth Green, Eric tells Seth that he's sorry his show was canceled. Seth replies "Yeah I guess people didn't believe that four guys in their 30's would actually live together."

      Seth is refering to the short lived comedy Four Kings on NBC, which he was the star of.

    • Ari: Ah, the girls from Wisteria Lane. Which one of you is hiding a big black guy in your basement?

      This is a reference to the ABC drama Desprate Housewives. Wisteria Lane is the street in which the show takes place, and a main storyline in the second season revolved around an African American woman keeping her son hidden in the basement.