Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 27, 2010 on HBO

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  • Very poor start to the season!

    Terrible. Worst Episode of Entourage ever. Nothing happened, they set up zero story lines for the season.
    Except Turtle is running a Hottie Limo Service??? I'm guessing that because it was never really spelled out.
    And Drama isn't getting any love from Hollywood. (Yet again!!!)
    Straight after Ari tells his staff that he is now too big to talk to anybody in Hollywood, he spends more time trying to help Drama than he has in the past 6 seasons. It makes no sense.
    I can't believe the other people who posted good reviews. What could you have liked about it?
    Lazy writing, tired characters and I HATE Eric.
    Most annoying person on TV (both the actor & the character.) He couldn't get a woman like Sloan if he was the richest man on Earth. Totally unbelievable.
  • not great

    the new seventh season started out with a slow first fiv minutes. it got a little better as it went on thought. this episode kind of seemed like all of the heart that was in the sixth season left and a frat party started.turtle being more annoying tha usual,though it seems like i hate him more and more very season but hes a unique character cuz you need his annoyance for the structure of the show. i was expctng for it to leave off where they did with the sixth season but skipped alot into the future. vince is shooting an action movie? and the overly creepy director tells vince everyone will think hes a coward if he doesnt do his own stunts, and vince says ok....really vince? you cave that easy, ok. anyways drama is also still waiting for the network to grab him a new show, which makes drama and every1 wonder if hes being strung along. turtle is all of sudden surrounded by attractive women who for some reason are really flirty towards him. Ari is still a jerk with his new numbr one company, but in the best possible way. Ari is still one of the funniest characters on this show. the ending was a little cheesy and pointless.vince crashes the stunt car into a shack, and he walks away with nothing, even the unseatbelted director walks away fine. maybe it'll have something to do with vince's character development of the season, but for now its pointless. but still a pretty descent premiere. lets just hope tv.com doesnt let tim write the article for it, or hes just gonna bash it for 10 paragraphs.
  • New season, same old garbage

    Entourage returned for another season tonight and delivered one of the worst episodes in history.

    The show just makes too many random pop culture references that are not funny in the least. But it is more than that. Ari's little quirks are not amusing anymore, Turtle is just as whiny as ever and Eric continues to be the most annoying person in all of media right now.

    I do not think I laughed at a single line here; usually one gets me to chuckle, but this was just horrible. Doug Ellin was aware of the criticism the show has been receiving recently, and he did little to address it.
  • As good as it was before!

    The new season start was not much of a big change, but seriously... who needs changes in entourage? maybe it should be more focused at the film industry as showing a sex and the city for men... I love it and I hope it'll bring us great new stories and another excellent season!

    back to the first episode. They episode shows us a hole new beginning. Most of the things happened in the last episodes of season 6 were somehow gone. There is a big timestep which offers us a whole new situation and I think the producers have big plans referring to the different events in this episode.
  • Back in the spotlight

    Finally Entourage is back, Eric is going to marry Sloan and Vince is in a new action pic where he wants to do his own stunts but Ari and the gang are especially concerned because they have stuntmen for that sort of stuff, right? But I admire Vince for wanting to be able to be like Jason Statham and do his own stunts, in fact a lot of the old school 80's action stars did most of their own stunts but granted those involved mostly knuckle grinding choreographed fights and not the more explosion bullet heavy stuff Hollywood had now. Drama springs into action on his new show in development, and it's good to see Turtle on his feet as a businessman especially having seen him go through college last season. But the winner here as always belongs to Vince and while S6 was less than what i wanted because most of the reason I watch is to see him make movies just having him get his fame back after S5 is great. Keep it coming HBO