Season 7 Episode 4

Tequila Sunrise

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 25, 2010 on HBO

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  • Tequila, ping pong, and John Stamos, oh boy!

    Until recently things have been going pretty rough for Johnny, but once he beats John Stamos at his house at Ping Pong once he invites him to do the sitcom with him written by that one guy he overdoes it. So he challenges him again and gets him to promise maybe to the show. In less important news Eric still hates Scott, Turtle is told to get Vince as a tequila spokesman and feels he's been used, and fires all his girls in the process making his business null and void, and Ari feels the whiplash of having fired Lizzie via her siphoning clients potentially, love to see Ari scorned, but LA hath no fury like the King of Agents pissed off.
  • long day for uncle jessie


    this is the entourage i love. this episode had alot to offer, comedy, new story lines, new enemy, and john stamos. Ari starts feeling the heat after lizzie officially leaves. it seems like a portion or maybe the rest of the season is going to be ari vs. lizzie. turtle is asked to get vince to sponsor a tequila brand so that could get big in america. eric and scott make up although i doubt its gonna last cause scott is probably not gonna stop screwing eric over every chance he gets. sloan still doesnt really have anything to do with the season yet for some reason. vince is bassically an onlooker. rex lee isnt in it at all. but the best parts of the episode was john stamos getting beat at ping pong by drama, and hes quite a poor loser. drama and john make up by the end of the episode and it looks like john will agree to the pilot with drama. the episode ends with the gang except for eric and turtle going off to vegas which if done right it could be the second incredible episode of the season in a row.