Season 2 Episode 10

The Bat Mitzvah

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 07, 2005 on HBO
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Vince does not hide his feelings for Mandy. Ari’s long lost partner turns up. Ari's daughter has her Bat Mitzvah. Eric splurges on a new suit in order to make a good impression. While, Drama and Turtle try to make the Bat Mitzvah work to their advantage.moreless

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  • Exactly the opposite of why I watch Entourage.

    An episode that takes places at a Bat Thingmajingy. Not even of someone we know, but Ari\'s oldest daughter. I can think of a dozen of more exciting things than this. Like a herd of sheep sleeping in the grass.

    And no, it\'s not like throwing in lots of marihuana is going to change things. Or the hot British waitress. It\'s not going to sway my opinion that this episode sucked. If I wanted a Bat Mitzwah I would\'ve become a Jew a long time ago. I want the movie industry, I want the celebs, I want the flashy life. I don\'t want to see the Jewish party where a nine year old girl becomes \"an adult\". No, that\'s not my cup of tea.

    The speech Turtle and Drama gave to the two little Jewish boys about how bad smoking weed is was kind of nice to watch, even though you know they only put it in there to please all the anti smokers out there.moreless
  • Review

    Vince does not hide his feelings for Mandy. Ari's long lost partner turns up. Ari's daughter has her Bat Mitzvah. Eric splurges on a new suit in order to make a good impression. While, Drama and Turtle try to make the Bat Mitzvah work to their advantage. Vince and Mandy spark a relationship with each other again, which means Vince is back to being himself and setting himself up to get heartbroken again once Aquaman begins filming. I dont think we are going to see most of the Aquaman filming, I think the Season 2 finale is going to leave us and then come back 9 months later after the film has finnaly aired.

    The bat mitzbah part of the episode was funny - mainly with Turtle and Drama, not as much with Eric and Vince, which seems to be a growing trend in the second season. Either way, this episode was good. The drama plot advanced with MAndy and Vince and the humor was very well written.moreless
  • Shooting on Aquaman begins and Vince admits he's not over Mandy. The boys go to Ari's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Eric meets Terrence's daughter Sloan. Turtle and Drama forage for food. Terrence makes a move on Vince. Mandy and Chris decide to take a break.moreless

    This episode isn't the most hilarious episode ever but is still enjoyable to watch. This is where the Vince/Mandy storyline really picks up. With Mandy breaking up with her fiance, it opens the door to a Vince/Mandy storyline which may or may not interfere with the filming of Aquaman. We also see the beginnings of things to come in the clash between Ari and Terrence, as well as the beginning of the Eric/Sloan romance. Not heavy on cameos, Melinda Clarke still livens things up, playing herself as Terrence's wife.

    This episode is another of the plot-based episodes which are so vital to the storyline but just not as fun to watch as they should be. While there is some humor (Drama and Turtle's hunt for edible food comes to mind), it really focus more on setting plots for the second half of the season, which will all quickly fall in the place and create a much more amusing rest of the season. It really shows the 'real' side of Hollywood versus the business side, and how they inevitably intertwine. Ari throws out his Jewish traditions at the Bat Mitzvah in order to prevent Vince from talking to Terrence - what should be a family affair becomes business related very quickly. It's yet another example of the unseen realities of Hollywood life, and one of the reasons why this show is so successful.moreless
  • The funniest and best episode of Entourage!

    Ok, this has to be my favorite episode of any comedy I've ever seen. All I can say is that it is hilarious and I don't want to give away too because you have to see it for yourself. Basically, Ari's daughter is having a bat-mitzvah and Vincent has a big part in the party by beating out the grandpa. This is so funny! I was, I guess you can say, laughing my head off!moreless
  • In this episode, we watch E and Vince go toe-to-toe for a girl, and to the victor goes the spoils. Drama and Turtle provide comic insight, and James Cameron is hilarious.moreless

    When Eric and Vince square off for a girl, we see Vince bare his teeth and Eric show that he\\\'s not afraid of Vince. We also see Eric accept more of the Hollywood lifestyle by purchasing a $2,000 suit instead of \\\"going to Men\\\'s Warehouse.\\\" Vince shows his emotional side, making him take on the role of the more \\\"grown up\\\" of the group (who is usually Eric) for a short time. Drama and Turtle prove to be hilarious as usual, as well as Ari providing some nerotic humor at his daughter\\\'s Bar Mitzvah.

    James Cameron pops in, proving that he may be a good director, but not a good actor. Whatever the case, Cameron\\\'s lines for the show portray him as a down-to-business, no-hold-barred typical type of Hollywood superstar. He provides some great moments that put the show in perspective of where the group *really* is. (We\\\'ve never seen Vince \\\"work\\\" to this extent).moreless
Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clark

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James Cameron

James Cameron

James Cameron

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DJ Quick

DJ Quick


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Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell


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Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui


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Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Drama tells E not to be such a 'Chazir', and E corrects him that 'Chazir' means greedy and not cheap - while in fact, it means neither. 'Chazir' means 'pig', while greedy is 'Chamdan' and cheap is 'Kamtzan'

    • Emmanuelle Chriqui, who appears as Sloan, played Jodie in two episodes of last season's The OC, which stars Melinda Clark, who appears as her (step) mother in this episode.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Mrs. Gold: Melinda, it's so great to see you.
      Melinda: You too. You look fabulous.
      Mrs. Gold: Thank you.
      Melinda: Being a housewife certainly agrees with you.
      Mrs. Gold: And playing a raging bitch on TV certainly agrees with you. You're so natural.
      Melinda: Well, if you hadn't quit acting at 25, it might have been you in a hit TV show.

    • Terrence: I've had more than a few partners. Not all of them have lasted.

    • Drama: Look at that gorgeous piece of bread. Its like a big baked cloud.
      Turtle: Imagine making a six foot hero out of that.

    • Vince: I'm heading over.
      E: I'm heading over with you.

    • Terrence: This is for the little lady.
      (hands Ari an envelope with a $50000 check)
      Terrence: I didn't want my gift to be mixed up with all the others.

    • E: You know what Philip. I think I'm going to buy myself a new suit.
      (Vince gives him a look)
      E: What? She's not engaged.

    • Assistant: There seems to be a small problem with the hovercraft.
      James Cameron: Whats the problem?
      Assistant: It won't hover.

    • Vince: You still mad at me for bailing on dinner.
      Mandy: I'm not mad at you.
      Vince: So whats wrong?
      Mandy: Who says there's anything wrong?
      Vince: I know you. I can tell.
      Mandy: Vince, you haven't known me in like 5 years.
      Vince: Oh, its true, you've probably changed a lot. I've changed a lot. I've learned French.

    • Drama: (smelling E) Mangoes.
      Eric: Don't smell me.

    • Eric: I don't let other men buy my clothes, Drama.

    • Vince: I'm a little surprised that you called. What's going on?
      Mandy: I, um...I wanted to tell you that Chris and I are gonna be taking a little break.
      Vince: Aww, that's too bad. Well, look, you know, if you need a friend, of course I'll be there--
      Mandy: (cuts off Vince) Vince, I have enough friends. The truth is--if we're being upfront with one another...I'm not over you either.

    • Ari's Wife: You're being ridiculous!
      Ari: I'm being (pauses) That's exactly what you said at the "Bill and Ted" premiere when Terrance said, "I'll take Keanu, you take the other guy."

    • Turtle: (to an old man, who is hard of hearing after having been served a kosher vegetarian meal ) Excuse me, sir. (loudly) I will give you $100 for that prime rib.

    • Vince: (to Ari's daughter) Look at you. You look beautiful!
      Ari's Daughter: Thanks, so do you!
      Ari: You look great too, E. What'd you do, raid the boys department at Macy's?
      Eric: You look pretty good too. You auditioning for "Guys and Dolls"?

    • Ari: (as Terrance walks into the Bat Mitzvah party) Look at Terrance. I guarantee you his relatives worked with Nazis.

    • Ari's Wife: Ari, you're a partner now. You don't have to be afraid of him anymore.
      Ari: I'm afraid of him? I'll beat that old f*ck and throw him in the pool.
      Ari's Wife: (looks up at Ari, shocked because their two other kids are in the room)
      Ari: (to the kids) Only Daddy speaks that way.
      Ari's Wife: Out.

    • Ari: (to a neighbor whose dog is using Ari's lawn as a toilet) Don't even think about not picking that up, Ray, 'cause I'll fucking kill you!

    • Drama: Yeah, E. Don't be such a chaza, huh.
      Vince: (looks at Drama, stunned)
      Drama: I'm brushing up on my Hebrew for the affair.
      Eric: Chaza means greedy, Drama, not cheap.

    • Turtle: (to Eric) Well, why don't you wear that suit you wore for your high school graduation? It's still hanging in your closet.
      Vince: I thought that was his communion suit.
      Drama: Yeah, well, E didn't grow much from communion to high school graduation so it's probably the same suit.
      Eric: Fuck you guys. I'm going to Men's Warehouse.

    • Vince: You've got to be more upfront.
      Mandy: Oh really? (laughs) If we're talking about someone who's never been upfront, we should be talking about you. (Vince stares at her) What?
      Vince: Well, I'm going to be upfront now. I'm not over you. And I haven't gotten over you. How's that for upfront?
      Eric: (overhearing this in the director's booth) We are so fucked.

    • James Cameron: I hope these two are not going to be a fucking problem, Eric.

    • Mandy: Ahh, Vince, how are we ever going to make this movie together?
      James Cameron: (listening to the two miked up in the director's booth) They're gonna make this movie together because between the two of them they're making $8 million.

    • Eric: He disappeared with Sloan.
      Drama: Probably at the tennis courts. I hear that's where you fuck at the Beverly Hilton.

    • Ari's daughter is singing a song in Hebrew, practicing for her bat mitzvah
      Ari: (to his daughter) Fabulous, baby, fabulous! (to his wife) Hey, is it me, or is her voice getting worse?
      Ari's Wife: Ari...
      Ari: Doesn't mean I don't love her, but she's just awful, baby.

    • Turtle: It's like getting mad at the bull for giving you the horns when you never should have been in the ring in the first place.

    • Ari: Smoke more weed, Turtle. Seriously, smoke more weed.

    • Terrance: I am looking forward to my sit down with our boy.
      Ari: Sit down. That schnitzel loving f-ck is trying to steal Vince.

    • Turtle: Three thousand dollar suit just to wiond up some p-ssy, huh, E?
      Drama: Nah, it's a good investment. Mackewich's gotta be worth a hundred million easy. You buying that suit is like buying Microsoft in the '80s. That's if you can get the girl.

    • Turtle: That's great, Drama. Now you're illiterate in two languages.

    • Drama: Do it yourself sundaes? Oh man!
      Turtle: Sprinkles.

    • Terrance: But Sloan is never wrong. You know she saw Johnny Depp in Platoon when she was eight years old and she said, "Dad, that's the guy to watch."
      Ari: You showed her Platoon when she was eight years old?
      Terrance: Oliver did. He wanted feedback.

    • Ari: Hey! You boys missed Temple.
      Drama: (innocently) We thought that was for Jews only.

    • Eric: What are you going to wear to a bat mitzvah, a Knicks jersey?
      Turtle: It's formal. I was thinking "home whites."

    • Drama: (to Turtle) You eating now would be like jerking off an hour before fucking a supermodel.
      Turtle: If I was fucking a supermodel, I would jerk off. That way I can go all night.

    • James Cameron: Fucking actors, they never know where they're miked. It was weird, on "True Lies," it was Tom Arnold that said he was gonna be governor.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Location Credits:

      The guys get fitted for suits for Sarah Gold's bat mitzvah.
      Giorgio Armani Boutique
      436 North Rodeo Drive
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Ari Gold's daughter Sarah celebrates her bat mitzvah with movie star Vincent Chase in the house.
      The Beverly Hilton
      9876 Wilshire Blvd.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    • Music Credits

      "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani
      "Don't Phunk With My Heart" by Black Eyed Peas
      "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge
      "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna
      "So Seductive" by Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent
      "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" by Elvin Bishop
      "Be Your Girl" by Teedra Moses
      "Love Street" by The Doors


    • When Eric corrects Drama's Hebrew, Vince mentions that E used to valet at Ohel-Shalom. This likely refers to the Congregation of Ohel-Shalom located at 4419 12th Ave in Brooklyn.

    • Ari tells his wife, "That's exactly what you said at the Bill and Ted premiere when Terrence said, 'I'll take Keanu, you take the other guy.'" He is, of course, referring to the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

    • James Cameron: On "True Lies" it was Tom Arnold who said he was going to be governor.

      James Cameron directed the film, "True Lies" in which Tom Arnold costarred with Arnold Schwarzenegger who became governor of California.

    • Melinda Clark: Being a housewife certainly agrees with you.
      Ari's Wife: And playing a raging bitch on TV certainly agrees with you, you're so natural.

      Ari's wife is referring to Melinda Clark's over the top portrayal of Julie Cooper-Nichol on the Fox series "The OC".