Season 8 Episode 6

The Big Bang

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 28, 2011 on HBO

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  • Bruised Ego


    Vince does a photo shoot in case the interview that Sophia wrote gets the right attention from the Vanity Fair editors. Turtle flies in the owners of Don Pepe's and shows them the hard work he put into his business plans but it may be that they just wanna look at the stars of Hollywood. Eric faces Melinda after having slept together and gets confronted by a client of his, Johnny Galecki, who says that Sloan is upset about him repping Melinda and the possibility of them sleeping together. Ari tries to talk finances with his wife but an encounter with Bobby Flay at his house causes him to realize that all has changed. Drama's strike goes past the 24 hour mark and the studio seriously considers pulling the plug on Johnny's Bananas and even though he puts down the taunts of Billy and Phil Dice was right and the in the end the network decides to keep the show going after all. Vince, now knowing that he got the cover is upset when Sophia calls him a womanizer in the interview and after some harsh words and some soul searching he decides to reevaluate his relationships with woman and that he may not be that deep.

  • Final season continues to be unsurprising and unfunny. Series continues happy at all costs approach to characters that makes series boring to watch


    After a semi-promising start this season where it looked like the characters were finally going to get some interesting twists, it appears the writers have again chickened out and the storylines continue the past seasons "fake drama about getting a part/maybe getting fired, then it works out fine". Its almost like the producers refuse to have anything even remotely unpleasant happen to the main characters (other than Ari)

    Vince is still making the best recovery ever from drug use, and his niceness takes a hit this episode as the journalist who interviewed him calls him shallow in love. How this causes an existential angst in him is anyone's guess. His problem is he is soo vanilla nice that any woman who is drawn to him because of his looks and fame are probably bored out of their skulls after two weeks with him. Women expect stars to be exciting, and Vince is so nice he is as challenging as a game of 52 pick up. I actually think the actor who plays Vince was not served well on this series. He was a lead in a big time HBO production and has got very little work from the exposure. His character is so nice and bland and friendly he has shown no range at all (I am not sure if this is his fault or the producers)

    Turtle tries to be a distributor/franchisee for a back home couple who are more concerned with a vacation than business in the only semi funny moments in the episode.

    Drama, to the surprise of no one who watches the everything ends up all right always storylines, sticks up for his buddy Dice and they all get their raises and they are not fired. Wow, five episodes of set up for that! God forbid if Drama got fired, or better, Dice got the raise and they kicked Drama off and Dice was cool with it. (god forbid, the rule of celebrity cameos on this show is they are also never allowed to be put in a bad lightapparently. Now Dice is a genius. Why producers of a cartoon would cave to two D list celebrities instead of hiring two other actors is another head scratcher.

    Ari is the only character with an interesting arc and who gets some emotions other than big happy as his marriage is falling apart. This will probably end happy to, but at least they give his character something to do but be nice and friendly.

    I will watch to the bitter end, but this show is bland.

  • 806


    Entourage continues to be one of television's most disappointing comedies.

    - Take the least funny part of The Big Bang Theory and make him a recurring character. Brilliant.

    - It was so predictable that Andrew Dice Clay and Johnny would "beat" the network. The fact that they tried to tease us with a "what will happen" moment was tantamount to a slap in the face.

    Two episodes left and hopefully they find a way to actually make me laugh during the broadcast. That would be a refreshing change of pace.