Season 4 Episode 12

The Cannes Kids

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 02, 2007 on HBO

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  • Predictable, but Not Predictable

    What I love the most is that this is what was supposed to happen and for the first time in this show it actually did. The guys in this show always get what they want and they didn't get it in this episode. The price for the movie was going up, up, and up before it crashed and burned for a single dollar to Harvey. When he showed up in the middle of the finale I thought he may have had something else up his sleeve, but that was not to be the case for this movie. I rated the episode a ten simply because it did what a finale is supposed to do - make you hold off for a while. There is a lot of things that could happen with the fifth season. The boys may find that Vince can't really pick himself back up. For all of the positive attitudes that were surrounding this episode I have a strong feeling that this will get worse before it gets better for our Entourage. I wouldn't be surprised if in season five our group of guys lose more then they have ever lost before. Could we even see Eric return to managing a pizza place? It will be interesting to see how much carries over. Drama seems to be in love with this french girl, but is this another one episode arch that will be dropped when season five opens up? Overall - the rates on this site for this season were a lot lower then deserved. It was actually a very well put together season.
  • Exactly why so many people love the show

    It was a really fitting season finale for the show. The guys with Ari try to find a buyer for Medellin. Ari's antics are hilarious, the way he tries to find a buyer for the movie. But in the end Medellin really sucked and it was funny while watching the scene where Billy demands attention from the audience as they were leaving without watching the credits.
    I really believe still that Medellin will turn out to be a hit when properly done by Harvey(oh i hope so it happens !!).

    Also it was really great to watch Drama fall in love with that French hottie in his own childish way. Overall a spectacular episode and if i may say it could be the best one so far in the whole series.
  • The boys try to get a good price for Medellin while Drama falls in love.

    Well at least they ended it well! I thought this season was the weakest thus far, although there were some great parts to it. This episode on the other hand was fantastic. All the characters were on point and watching it felt right again. The scenes with Johnny Drama were classic. Also it was great to see everyone work together to try to get Medellin sold and Ari's covert ops were hilarious with Harvey. I KNEW that Medellin was going to be awful and that Eric was right about it all. Billy is fun but is off his rocker and I'm hoping we get a break from him next season. I think Harvey will make a really great movie out of the garbage pile that is Medellin right now and it was the right thing to do to give it to him from the beginning. I do have to say that I think it was ridiculous that the $75 million guy never signed anything. Ari never would have let that happen he is too much of a business man but at least it made for good TV.
  • Im sad that Medillion didn't go well and Im even more sad that I now have to wait for the series 5 which I have no clue of when to come out. (this being the final episode of season4)

    Im sad that Medillion didn't go well and Im even more sad that I now have to wait for the series 5 which I have no clue of when to come out. (this being the final episode of season4)

    But at the same time....yeah the episode kicks ass .... totally.... Drama having it off with a french hottie on the beach..... Entourage (Medillion) Crew walking the red carpet at cannes.....That's great to watch....

    so lets just hope that the next series come out soon and is better than any other.... I really cant wait. I love this movie so much that I even boutgh a WEB address (havent finished with the site yet) called www.entouragekicksass.com.
  • This is exactly why I watch this show. This episode is one of the best I have watched in a past few months. I would dare to say the best on the whole season.

    For me this episode was special. The french girl that was with Drama was hot, and was a very good actress. The story behind the episode was incredible, and the end of it was superb.
    The scenes with the producer and his hot ladies was interesting, it made me think that is exactly what Hollywood is all about. And the rich guy in his boat party was good too.
    Well the show was getting a bit annoying with this waiting for the film on Cannes. But now that everyone know that the film stinks, I want to know what they will do about it.
    In the end even with all the problems, they end with a good thing, finally Drama gets some love.
  • The boys go to Cannes film festival with Medillen in tow. Drama finds some French love and the film gets thrown into a uneasy bidding war. Worst of all, the film bombs.

    I thought that this episode truly showed its fans what this show does great. All around it was classic Entourage and was going on cylinders. Drama looking for the love of his life and a room to stay in. Ari in a selling war and making fun of Lloyd being gay Eric getting behind the movie 100% even though he knows the movie is going to bomb. And in the end the movie actually did bomb at Cannes. It was the perfect end to a season even it felt like it should've been the first episode because now begins a whole new story. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON