Season 4 Episode 12

The Cannes Kids

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 02, 2007 on HBO

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  • This is exactly why I watch this show. This episode is one of the best I have watched in a past few months. I would dare to say the best on the whole season.

    For me this episode was special. The french girl that was with Drama was hot, and was a very good actress. The story behind the episode was incredible, and the end of it was superb.
    The scenes with the producer and his hot ladies was interesting, it made me think that is exactly what Hollywood is all about. And the rich guy in his boat party was good too.
    Well the show was getting a bit annoying with this waiting for the film on Cannes. But now that everyone know that the film stinks, I want to know what they will do about it.
    In the end even with all the problems, they end with a good thing, finally Drama gets some love.