Season 4 Episode 5

The Dream Team

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 15, 2007 on HBO
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The Medellin trailer is leaked on YouTube and Billy blames Eric; Drama joins an exclusive medical marijuana club; Ari and Lloyd engage in sabotage so that Vince can get his next project.

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  • 405

    Lol, I just looked up Brian Grazer's credits and this is his one acting credit. I find it funny that they act like this was acting, being passed on the street.

    This episode was so dumb on so many levels. From Eric trying to play a tough guy, to Eric just being on the screen period, to Johnny searching for a hat, this was just a train wreck of an Entourage episode.

    This show is garbage now, but looking back on these episodes thanks to Spike TV it is garbage once again. How this show ever took off is really beyond me.moreless
  • Walsh Returns

    Walsh really is the downfall to this group - his character is written horribly and he doesn't even do that good of a job as an actor to basically make him a regular at this point. I was very disapointed with his character in this episode and for the season as a whole to be honest with you. I was surprised that we didn't see anymore from Harvey in this episode, but one thing that the writers may be trying to do is make us forget about Harvey and then come time for Cannes he will come back and destroy everything that the boys have worked for. With all of the good signs early on in the season, I have a feeling Vince and company have to crash and burn at some point. I have a feeling Vince's movie star career is going to go up in flames sometime soon and we will see our characters return to their pre-entourage life, which after a couple of episodes will serge Vince back onto the scene. But that's just my prediction. Overall - the episode was good but falls into the middle of the season for me I think.moreless
  • Eric and Billy finally come to blows over the leaked Medellin trailer, Drama goes to extreme lengths to appear younger to the rest of his cast and Ari engages in sabotage to get Vince a new filmmoreless

    This is a hilarious episode of Entourage. Each storyline worked really well and was oh-so funny!

    • In a quest to make himself appear younger to his cast mates on "Five Towns" (woo Drama's show gets a second season!! Given that the show is going back into production must mean that its about July) Drama goes in search of a hat only purchased from a medical marijuana facility. Instead of letting go of getting the hat, typically Drama insists he get a prescription to warrant the usage of pot. • I loved the appointment with the doctor, kicking off with Drama claiming he has Legionnaires disease!! (a chronic lung disease for which smoking might not be the best solution) Finding doctors like this who would be happy to search for a reason to prescribe marijuana are probably not very prevalent the world over (only in dodgy doctor's offices) but I bet this is common practice in LA! • When Drama gets his hat, it does manage to make him look younger, however he has to further prove his youthfulness with a pot fuelled game of blackjack which leads to Drama freaking out somewhat. • My favourite parts of this scene were Turtle getting high by himself in the apartment, which is very typical of Turtle and must be a lot more prevalent now Drama also has a regular job and Turtle being the grown-up 'mature' one in the trailer!

    • E and Billy coming to blows over Medellin was inevitable at some point given how much they hate each other. Them doing it at Barney's though was not and utterly funny. Vince amuses me as he rarely gets involved in these fights choosing instead to stand at the sidelines, understandable though considering his looks are pretty much his main commodity.

    • Loved the random Snoop Dogg appearance. There haven't been enough celeb appearances recently. I do enjoy them though!

    • I love the scene at Ari's office with Lloyd offering to stitch E's shirt up, good to see Lloyd getting some more screen time

    • Eric and Billy at the interview were hilarious their cutting comments to one another, that were interpreted as banter by the interviewer. The two of them have great chemistry together and work really well as each others antagonists.

    • I loved Billy's "Suits Suck" t-shirt and Vince as Pablo Escobar tattoo on his back!

    • Ari's storyline was classic Ari, with him cosying up to Dana Gordan (another pair who have great chemistry) and trying to get one up on Josh Weinstein. The fact that Heath Ledger was the actor that Ari screwed out of the movie was a little uncomfortable though given his recent death. However not really something they can dub out as its pretty crucial to Ari's whole sabotage.

    • I was surprised when Ari's sabotage worked so I was left wondering what would go wrong. And in a typical Entourage ending, E gets screwed over when he finds out from Ari that he might have to work with Billy on yet another movie!!

    I loved all the storylines as they were all hugely well written and absolutely hilarious. The only thing that could make the show better is to start mixing things up a bit. E and Vince are so often paired together, and Drama and Turtle left together. I would like to see the Entourage mix my their pairings a little to keep things interesting. A really enjoyable episode overall.moreless
  • Great deal of fun, excitment and a wonderful twist in the end.

    Okay, this is actually the best episode so far in season 4. We get to see Ari Gold back in REAL action with wonderful Lloyd as his sidekick - truely priceless! The conflict between E and Billy advance, and they end up beating at each other. Drama and Turtle on their usual crazy adventures and it was indeed funny to watch Drama arrive at the set with his new look - god he was happy!

    I really love every aspects of this episode and it had everything that I expect from Entourage! Just freakin' awesome. I really love where this show is heading and it is truely still going strong even on 4th season.

    I was surprised by the twist in the end of the episode and it really made me wanting more of this show - I can't wait for the next episode!moreless
  • You can never go wrong with Dana Gordon.

    God, I love Dana. I love her relationship with Ari. The way they treat eachother. And even though she's such a tough girl on the outside, we all know her heart melts everytime Ari says something about her hips. Positive or negative. We all know Ari would do her in a splitsecond though, and so would me and you.

    So apparantly Medillin's trailer, or however you spell that awful movie title, leaked onto YouTube. I looked on YouTube, and it's not there. I really wish we saw more scenes from that movie, because I loved Aquaman, and I love this. More scenes from the actual movie wouldn't hurt. Maybe the public would start to believe Vince is actually a good actor. Cause bodywise he isn't exactly Brad Pitt. Recurring themes are Turtle's obsession with weed, and Drama's obsession with eternal youth. Both eventually get what they want, but Drama has to learn there is no such thing as forever, and nobody will hate you for being old. Plenty of young girls who'll actually love you for it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While the correct pronunciation of Cannes is neither "can" nor "con" (just a bit off of "can"), if you ask most people in Europe, or those actually in the south of France, they will tell you it is "can."

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (On the phone to each other about Vince's new movie offer)
      Ari: Who wants to climb Mount Annapurna?
      Vince: We got it?
      Ari: We got it.
      Vince: That's sick.
      Ari: No, what's sick is I also got E on as a producer.
      Eric: Nice. How'd you do that?
      Ari: By using the hype to sell the Dream Team package.
      Eric: Oh yeah, who's the Dream Team?
      Ari: Team Medellin, baby! Vinnie stars, you produce, Walsh directs. Boom!
      Eric: (bitterly) Fuck... me.

    • Ari: Save your homoerotic slave labor for me Lloyd. And E, don't take your shirt off. I don't want anyone going blind from the reflection off your translucent boy chest.

    • Ari: Lay off the icing Dana, your hips could use a breather.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Seith Mann was nominated for the 2008 Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for this episode.

    • Music: "Take Off (Nicola Conte Campi's Idea Version)" by Marco Di Marco; "Uptown Top Ranking" by Althea & Donna; "Double Vision" by The Ponys; "Apricot Brandy" by Rhinoceros; "Bongo Bong" by Manu Chao; "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead; "Stayin Alive" by The Bee Gees; "Won't Do" by J Dilla; "Nitty Gritty" by Primal Scream; "Passing the Hat" by Cold War Kids

    • Locations: Barney's; Barney's Greengrass; Shamrock Social Club; The Grill; Beverly Wilshire Hotel

    • Although credited, Perrey Reeves does not appear in this episode.

    • Immediately following this episode, HBO aired the trailer for Medellin and put up the www.medellinthefilm.com, which is a working website for the film in the show.


    • Title: The title of the episode refers to many things. Some include a 2002 album featuring various hip-hop artists from Roc-A-Fella Records, an American television series, the nickname for an era in FC Barcelona, a Spanish football club, a French rap group, but the definition is a team or group whose members are among the most qualified or talented in their particular fields.

      In the episode, the "Dream Team" is Ari's name for Vince, Eric and Billy.