Season 8 Episode 8

The End

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 11, 2011 on HBO

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  • The End.. or is it?

    The final episode of a television series normally ties up all loose ends. The writers seemingly did so, but left the ending set up for more. When the series ended there were always rumors that there would possibly be a movie. It has now been confirmed and production is to start in January of 2014. This episode was filled with emotions, mainly sad and anticipation. All good things must come to an end, but nothing says there can't be an after party! ENTOURAGE THE MOVIE!
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    The End.

    What in the name of all that is holy was this? I am serious, what on Earth was this? They completely ignored everything that has made these characters what they are and why people like you have been loyal viewers of the show for so long. They made Ari into a clown, and the rest of the gang rarely even mocked each other. This was not Entourage.

    If they came up with a brilliant ending I would almost be okay with this, but it was generic, cliched, predictable and any other adjective you learn in fifth grade.


  • Lets wait for the movie first


    Interesting way to end the series. Is it really that different from the way South Park's mid Season ended? Only in the case of Entourage it was light hearted and not depressing at all.

    Everyone is getting older, settling down and moving on....but will Ari and that is where I think the film will pick up. With Ari's decision do I miss Ari's insults and one liners? YES but people change will Ari change? Let's wait until the movie.

    For all intents and perposes the show ended with Season 6 and Vince's downfall these 8 episodes were just the cushy epilogue and that's fine I couldn't think of a better way to end it. I'm glad everyone worked everything out. But what's going to happen to Ari?

    The end is all about Ari the Entourage they're gonna change like it or not Vince changed in Rehab, Turtle changed, E and turtle haven't but don't need to but life goes on.

    Bring the movie on!

  • Wonderful ending, but not the one the crew deserves. Two questions on the movie: Will it come to pass? Will the writers break their cycle of good / bad times for Vince and give the boys a great future? And what of Vince's Oscar, doesn't he deserve one?


    If this wasn't the series end, this would be a really great and interesting episode, but it is the ending *and* a movie can not fix this ending!! No way an 1.5 to 2 hour movie can fix this ending PLUS give Vince the career he deserves. I'd buy into it if the movie was a mini-series ending, but it's not.

    On the positive side and yes this episode is really fun, exciting, and worth watching I enjoyed it. In fact, I didn't want it to end it was so GREAT! While some would say the characters aren't themselves, I can only say grow up - as the characters are growing up and becoming better. In fact, these changes should have been in season six maybe seven (but not season eight). One can't go back (unfortunately) and change it, so it is what it is, isn't it?

    I must say this ending for most of the characters is OUTSTANDING!! I'll say a PERFECT 10!

    Starting with Ari, finally! Ari admits he doesn't need to work. His wife and he have enough money for 5 lifetimes as very wealthy people. This is more than enough for anyone or any family and he should do what he is finally doing -- putting people first! After all God and people are the only thing that is real in this world. (Money, of course, really helps you with people and gives you and your family the chance to be at peace.)

    The Ari and Lloyd scene wasn't up to snuff for this episode (where everything comes up roses). Given that Ari says Lloyd is more cunning than Barbara, Ari should give his controlling interest to Lloyd till he picks someone else to run it -- say his daughter.

    Side Note: Come to think about it. Maybe this episode is a dream or drug induced (from those mushrooms taken in the desert so many seasons ago) episode. I mean, except for Drama and Turtle everyone's life is getting onto the "mature" track!

    Back to the characters, though: What a way for Ari to find out about E and Vince from Lloyd!

    Vince really came through for E and Sloan. Hopefully it will work out for E and Sloan. I want it to work out for them, as much as I want to see Vince win an Oscar.

    Drama and Turtle are the only ones left out of the maturity spurt. Drama really puts it in perspective. Turtle is still the driver and valet for the group and Drama is still looking to get laid (and so is Turtle).

    Honestly, now that I think about it . . . Do we even need a movie (except for Drama and Turtle)? I mean what can happen in it that is better for the guys, which is why the movie now bothers me. Well, think about it. The writer's (or is it the producers') typical style has been to take the life and career of Vince in waves. He goes up one season and then down the next, followed by up and then down.

    Where can a movie next take Vince and his gang? Personally, I want to see them end on a high note. A no hold positive note is how it should end. While this ending fails to meet this criteria is it positive and would the writers / producers really write / give us yet more positive stuff during a movie? (I hope the answer is yes for the Entourage deserves it.)

    I'm just grateful it ended on such a positive note, instead of with a bunch of unsettled stuff. After all in Hollywood saying a movie is coming, isn't the same as making and releasing a movie.

    Oh, P.S. An Emmy or two for Drama would be outstanding!

    P.S.S. To those who in real life nominate and vote on the Emmy: This show, its cast, writers, and producers really do deserve a clean sweep this year! Please give it to them.

    The 4.0 rating is because this ending should stand on its own. BTW, this final season was not long enough (eight episodes were not enough). I do hope and want a movie -- no a mini-series or series of movies is better. More Entourage, please!

  • lets do the sugary sweet super happy ending! unbelievable and drama free, laughless coda. There will be no movie.


    The edge is gone and the story soo sugary sweet that you could get cavities from watching it. Hard to believe that this show was once a "guy" show, as this became a women's romantic comedy. All the characters, even Ari, are soo cute and fuzzy that they may have well put stuffed animals in their rooms.

    The story was unbelievable and contained soo many deus ex machina plots that its hard to believe the writers spent more than a minute on it..its like they just said "let's give everyone a super happy ending". Turtle becomes a millionaire because SuperVince had the omnipotence to not sell his shares in Turtle's business. SuperVince is now Warren Buffet in his stock acumen!

    SuperVince also magically got Eric and Sloan together again, despite his sleeping with her stepmom, treating her like a clown and her family despising him..but hey Happy ending!

    SuperVince also somehow got a girl to marry him after a day..wow what a stud. He just knew she was the one don't you know! He is also jedi master of love! Why do we care about him getting married to some girl we just met two episodes ago? Who cares..awww! How cute!

    Ari got back with his wife and just quits his business after an entire series where his business was all he cared about..aww hows cutes! Was this the Christmas Carol? Even Drama got a job.

    Where was the sex and bad behavior, the ribbing and jokes of the earlier seasons? If the actors want a career in G rated Disney works, I guess this show was good for them..they live happily ever after, which is what this episode predictably delivered in their world where characters never change and nothing bad ever happens.

  • What...Was...That?: A Vincent Chase Series Finale (Spoilers Ahead)


    Alas, the last episode of Entourage ever. Despite my excitement to see some change things sort of did but didn't. Everything was wrapped in a nice little bow. Vince, in a classic series finale move, decides to get married to Sophia after 24 hours and fly to Paris. Ari and his Melissa face the fact that they have to tell their children about their impending divorce but decide to get back together. No development on the Don Pepe's thing at all, great job on wrapping everything up writers (not). Drama's show has already been secured but still no word on if it's a success which is the problem with a shortened season of eight episodes to end a series based on the projects the characters are involved in which is the bigger part of the conflict and the interesting part for us viewers. Ari decides to quit his job too and move to Italy with his wife on a whim. Drama and Turtle's and Vince's efforts to tell Sloan how Eric truly feels about her make her to decide to go back to him without so much as a maybe not twenty minutes in. The only truly not disappointing part was when Ari is called by the studio head of Warner Bros. to ask him to take over for him as CEO and head of the company and work with Dana. He doesn't turn it town and lies to his wife, this is a loose thread and if a movie is made I don't know whether Ari will indeed be married or divorced. I couldn't care less about these characters the way this ended, Vince is just ensured happiness, same with the rest and Eric and Sloan's romance is flat, Ari and Melissa are the only couple capable of gaining my empathy and as an season finale it's subpar but as a series finale it's mediocre beyond reason. If a movie ever gets made, I'll see it just to get a glimpse at where they could possibly go from here. Sooner or later Entourage had to end and having seen this I kind of wish it had been sooner than now.

  • Good, but not a perfect End


    I love this show but the past two seasons have seen a major decline in creative writing. I suppose the characters at some point had to mature...or did they? This is aportrayalofHollywoodpeople, most actors never deflate there egos! I saw in other reviews that someone said that Turtle's and Don PePes was neverresolved, it wasresolved in factwhen Turtle found out that Vince didn't sell his stock. But the writers only had a half hour to follow the more important story lines and characters and leave you to assume even if turtle doesn't open therestaurant, he'll still be ok with his new foundfortune.

    Despite all the flaws and the lack of creativity in the last seasons, this was still a good way to tie everything together and at least end on a happy note (the opposite from the mildly depressing last season that leaned far too much towards the drama side of the dramady, and a divergence from the comedicprecarioussituations that an up andcomingactor would have that made this show such a hit). It was a good old fashioned "happy"Hollywoodending with the boys that came from nothing ended up riding of into the sunset in their G4's.