Season 4 Episode 2

The First Cut Is the Deepest

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 24, 2007 on HBO
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With the gang arriving back in America, Drama plans a party for Vince at his new condo. Ari learns that his son might not be accepted to an exclusive private school. Billy's insecurities may prevent Vince and Eric from seeing the first cut of Medellín.

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  • Billy Needs To Leave

    Billy Walsh has more then worn out his welcome and its time for him to exit the show. The scene where the boys are watching the cilm fo the first time and he's outside jumping around and doing push-ups and all that - terrible. One of the worst scenes I have ever seen in Entourage history. It wasn't funny at it makes the show look terrible. The entire plot to this episode was the party, Ari's son, and the fact that they could not see the film. Ari's son part was terrible right up until the big reveal, which makes it all pointless when you really get down to it. The party scenes with Turtle and Drama were very good. Drama is a very good character to watch when he doesn't act like he does when he's on the set and starts looking around for a job. And then the entire film chasing scenes were bad as well. 1 / 3 does not make an thirty minute episode good, it makes it watchable at best - which for me just happens to be an 8.0moreless
  • The boys return to LA in search of a new project for Vince but Billy's insecurities may prevent them from doing so. Meanwhile paranoia takes hold of Ari, trying to get his son into an elite school and Drama who is holding a welcome home party for Vincemoreless

    Another great episode for Entourage. The boys are finally back in LA after shooting in Colombia for 6 months and a holiday in Italy. But as usual with Entourage things aren't running smoothly in LA for the boys. And that's just what makes the episode good. It retains the usual opening season episode charms, a feat for a show in its fourth season, and still pushes the show forward creatively.

    The Good:

    • Drama's paranoia over his condo and keeping it pristine- its so typically Drama!

    • Ari being the reason his son can't get into school- a hilarious blow to Ari's ego. I loved the way in which he dealt with it by removing his elder daughter from school.

    • Ari's "Israeli blood" line- side splittingly funny!

    • Ari and Lloyd's reactions on seeing the boys- a really sweet moment.

    The Bad:

    • Billy running away with the film- so typically Billy and whilst it was pretty funny, it was a little annoying.

    The ???:

    • Eric and Sloane have broken up or are "on a break" they were heading for this after the end of last season but I hope they get back together

    • Eric and Vince having differing opinions on Medellin, its so rare this happens, so its good to see the conflict come from somewhere new, but I hope they have too differing opinions on it.

    • Timeline the last episode said that they were shooting in Colombia for 6 months, given that it would have taken at least a month or two for pre-production and the fact that Ari said Medillin had been put back "for months" this episode probably takes place at least 10 months after the season 3 finale.

    A good episode from Entourage on the first 'real' episode back for the season. Not my favourite episode but with some real highlights.moreless
  • An average episode with a decent storyline.

    About Billy, Vince and Eric I think it was too unproffeisonal from Billy's side - which you of course would expect - but it was way too much this time. He was indeed funny and he didn't fill up the whole episode which would have ruined it. Drama and Turtle arranging and hosting the party for vince was funny and I think it was great to see how Drama was protecting his new place and when they arrive to Vince's hotel he is careless and relaxed. Turtle was too cheese in this episode when it came to the girls - it was lame. Ari was great as always. I guessed early in the episode that either Vince or E wouldn't like the movie or else there wouldn't be a situation anymore and that is needed to keep it going. Anyways it was decent and I look forward to see how they sort things out.moreless
  • omg johnny drama rules in this episode. It was so funny how he did the party for vince and how billy just snaped and didn't want to show the movie.

    first the plot of ari's son not getting into school beacouse of him, and ari getting his doughter out of the class. then the welcome back party for vince in drama's apartment. how drama was planing on doing a little get to together and turtle a real party. and of course billy not wanting to show medillin first cut. Vince and E worried about not getting another job if billy doesnt show the movie to the world. Billy just runing crazy in his motorcycle to the only place he could be happy a STRIP CLUB. and at last vince loving the movie and E hating it.. This was a Great episode this season will be so much better than season 3.moreless
  • Greate episode that moves the plotlines without losing entertainment.

    In the early part of a season for any show, it's always important to lay out the narrative archs for the season. For a show like Entourage (~25 minutes an ep, ~12 eps a season), there is not much time to properly build up a story without losing the entertainment value. However, this episode does exactly that.

    First, there is the "Medellin plot." We expect some kind of snag to happen, and watching Billy freak out over the first cut is right in line with his character. Ari's proclamation that the movie MUST be good adds the right about of tension to the situation that Eric and Vince find themselves. Adding the difference of opinion between the co-producers after first viewing sets up the story perfecting for future episodes. We wonder how it will play out, and at this point it appears it can go either way.

    Second, Ari's current storyline centers around his son's acceptance into a private school. The necessity for this to go well is expected of Mr. and Mrs. Gold, and the notion that Ari's behaviour prevents this from happening is just perfect. The school decides they don't believe they can tolerate another decade of Ari. We expect him to go "all Ari Gold" on the school (barging into class to remove his daughter) and surely he'll continue to rant about this turn of events in the next couple episodes.

    To balance all of these plot heavy scenes, Drama is now a TV star, allowing him to have a place of is own. Continuing in line with the Medellin storyline, big brother wants to throw a welcome home party for his baby bro, Vince. Just the idea of Drama having a party in his crib sounds good on paper and executes great on screen as we watch him lock the bathroom, take down chandeliers, remove couchs and ask people to remove shoes in fear the party will ruin his new stuff. Great light-hearted Drama-isms to round the episode off.

    Perfect episode the moves things forward, while still fun to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Ari, Vince and Eric walk into Ari's office you can see Ari taking off his jacket.
      After showing a short dialogue between Turtle and Drama it switches back to Ari, who is then again wearing his jacket and starting to take it off again.

    • Mrs. Ari Gold has a Birkin Bag, of the Hermes brand, when she talks to her husband on the phone in the shop. These bags are very expensive and the waiting list is 3 years and it is a symbol of ultimate luxury.

    • When Turtle needs to use Drama's bathroom, Drama responds by giving him the combination number 6-2-4-9-8-7 for the lock on the bathroom. However, the Master Lock padlock that is attached to the bathroom door requires a 4-digit code, not a 6-digit code.

    • When Ari and Mrs. Ari Gold are at the school talking to the secretary, there is a poster in the background with the word 'Thursday' spelt incorrectly as 'Thurday'.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Eric: So, first party at the new place huh Drama?
      Drama: Don't be ignorant! It's not a party it's a get together. A get together is less than a dozen people bro'.
      Turtle: You don't be ignorant Drama 'cause this is definitely going to be a party.
      Eric: Or simultaneous get togethers if it makes it easier to swallow.

    • Mrs. Ari: Was there a problem with Jonah's evaluation?
      Secretary: Well, he did hit a kid with a ruler.

    • Ari: I teach my son never to let people just take things from him. It's my Israeli blood. Okay?

    • Billy: (leaving on his motorcycle) Sorry Vinny! Go fuck yourself, suit!

    • Billy: You want to eat first? You want something?
      Vince: I'm okay.
      Billy: We got empanadas.
      Vince: No. I'm all good.
      Billy: You want an empanada, suit?
      Eric: We just ate, Billy.
      Billy: How about a tamale?
      Eric: We're all good.
      Billy: What about one of those blowjobs? Want one of those?
      Eric: No.

    • Eric: Wow. Cutting the old fashion, huh?
      Billy: Why fuck a woman with a vibrator when you've got a dick, right suit?
      Eric: I don't know what that means, but we're excited to see what you've done, Billy.

    • Billy: Guys, my whole crew is Latin; help make this film as absolutely authentic as it could be. (Delivers while walking around introducing the crew.)My editor Raul, his assistant slash little brother Terro. Both Mexican, both totally legal. My, uh, post guy's Brazilian, the caterers from Chile. (Turns towards Vince and Eric) Every Thursday we get that endangered sea bass flown in.
      (Very pretty Latin female walks past)
      Eric: What does she do?
      Billy: She gives blowjobs.
      (Vince laughs)
      Billy: Seriously, she's a street walker I brought back from Columbia.

    • Turtle: You are ruining this party, Drama.
      Drama: By stopping two hundred people from shitting on my toilet? I don't think I'm ruining anything.
      Turtle: Who shits at a party?
      Drama: Or they could just piss. What do drunk people do? They piss, and they miss.

    • Drama: Shoes off Ari.
      Ari: Fuck you Drama.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Locations: CostCo; Hyatt West Hollywood

    • Music: "A Walk in the Sun" by Joel Evans; "V.I.P." by Jungle Bros.; "Nothing or All" by Tripdovan; "Feels Good" by Northern League; "Chicque Image" by Paul Williams & Norman Percival; "I Rock" by The Cool Kids; "Leave Me Alone" by American Head Charge; "Ice Cream Girl" by Wale; "Act a Fool" by Earl Hayes; "Ice Cream (Van She Remix)" by New Young Pony Club; "La Partida & La Salida de Lima" by Gustavo Santaolalla; "Lady Don't Tek No" by Latryx;


    • Title: The First Cut is the Deepest

      "The First Cut Is the Deepest" is a 1967 song written and sung by Cat Stevens. It has become a hit single for four different artists: P.P. Arnold (1967), Keith Hampshire (1973), Rod Stewart (1977), and Sheryl Crow (2003), with the last two being the most widely known.