Season 3 Episode 19

The Prince's Bride

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM May 20, 2007 on HBO
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Drama has an offer from Brett Ratner for Rush Hour 3; Ari finds a backer for Medellin, but the source of his wealth, and his wife's intentions toward Vince, are shady; Turtle has a date with Kelly, but it is under the watchful eye of her father.moreless

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    Drama has an offer from Brett Ratner for "Rush Hour 3." Ari finds a backer for "Medellin," but the source of his wealth, and his wife's intentions toward Vince, are shady. Turtle has a date with Kelly - under the watchful eye of her father.

    Another solid episode I thought, with everyone in there rightful place. Vince is back with another gorgeous woman, but at least this time it was apart of the main storyline with Eric and Ari back at there best too. Turtle was another solid part of this epsiode, dating the show girl that he met at the garage and taking her out for a date. I think that storyline is bound to end badly for him, but I think his acting has improved over the next two episodes. Drama was a little boring in this episode, but his storyline has basically wrapped up for this season. He has done what he has neded to do and Im sure the finale will be very Ari, Vince, and Eric based around this movie they want to produce.moreless
  • Creepy Prince with a psycho wife offer to finance Medellin, with only one minor hitch. Meanwhile, Drama negotiates to be in Rush Hour 3.

    This was a great episode. The Prince's wife couldn't have been more creepy and demanding. While Vince may have had sex with her for free, I can see why he didn't do it for the money. I mean, being tied to a couple that crazy can't be a good plan, even with sex and money as perks. Besides, she was a pretty vile piece of work, gorgeous, but deeply vile.

    Eric and Vince make a good team, and Eric's ability to put up with total crap for Vince's sake says something about his loyalty - which is one of the reason I watch the show. The loyalty among these guys is impressive enough i want to keep tuning in.

    Drama handles the Rush Hour 3 debacle really well and manages to save face at the same time, which made me happy. I really liked him in this episode and I liked his tenacity in getting the part. How crappy were these guys that they get the wrong guy and then crush him like that? Jerks. I like that his younger co-star is somewhat in awe of him, and I am glad he managed to make it look like he helped the kid. Drama's a jerk, but it would be nice for him to have a series for a while and some success.

    Overall a good episode!moreless
  • A step down from the last couple episodes.

    A good episode but not as good as the last few.

    I liked Turtle's plotline with I think her name was Kelly. Finally he gets his own interesting storyline. The two little twins were very funny throughout the episode.

    Drama did not have a very good plotline this time, hopefully they will end that quick but it dosen't look that way.

    Vince and E had a good plotline. The producer that they were talking to was very funny and it will be interesting Vince will do in his little dilemma with the producers wife. It is nice to see Amanda gone and Ari who will be his agent again is back.moreless
  • In this episode, every character has his own goal (except Vince and E, they are together in Medellin)

    In this episode, every character has his own goal (except Vince and E, they are together in Medellin). In the end of 318 episode ('Resurrection') Drama finaly got success, and i hope that a in next few episodes he will enjoy in his glory, but i wasnt true. His 'good luck' start again. O my… i so love Johnny Drama. Turtle will finaly taste love, i am scare to say sour taste, cause I dont think Kelly is nice girl, before i ll say foxy. Poor Turtle. But with Kelly we get very funny character , Rufus. For Medellin goal, the heads will falls, it will be interesting to follow action. At the bottom line i can say that we will have something to watch. Time between two Sundays passing so slow.moreless
  • Seemed a bit "off".

    I normally don't go around trolling, but this episode didn't seem to fit in with the "Entourage" body of work. As if a young prince would marry and be in love with someone who wanted to have sex with actors?

    No one really cares about Turtle's love life.

    The best storyline involved Kevin Dillon's character, refusing to take "no" as an answer from Brett Ratner.

    Ari was unusually nice, chumming it up during business meetings. Very unlike his character.moreless

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    • Drama: I dropped your name to Brett.
      Tommy: Really?

      Drama: Yeah, and Chris and Jackie too. Anyway, you might wanna keep your cell phone on, 'cause we might be traveling to Paris together.
      Tommy: Holy shit! Are you serious? I don't even know what to say.
      Drama: I do. Say if you get it, the plane tickets are on you.
      Tommy: Absolutely.

    • Drama: Tommy's gonna be in Rush Hour 3 and I'm not!? Jesus Christ.
      Lloyd: Be happy for him, Drama... Karma.
      Drama: Fuck Karma, I don't need Karma.
      Loyd: What do you need, Johnny?
      Drama: I need to be in Rush Hour 3.

    • Kelly's little brother: Daddy, Kelly's jerking off another boy in the car!
      Turtle: What are you talking about jerking off? We're just kissing! (Turtle to Kelly) And what does he mean by "another" one?
      Kelly: I'd better go.

    • Johnny: What if I fly myself out, put myself up, you give me a little something; if I don't deliver, you cut it. Or cut it anyway. As long I'm on the call sheet and listed on IMDb, we're all good.
      Brett Ratner: You're telling me you're gonna spend 20 grand to go to Paris for a part that I might end up cutting?
      Johnny: Such is my passion for movies.

    • Yair Marx: If you want this check to clear you will go upstairs and you will fuck my wife like the superstar you are, while I stay down here and play billiards with your friends.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although credited, Debi Mazar does not appear in this episode due to pregnancy. This marks the 11th episode in a row where she has not been present; her last appearance being in "The Release."

    • Music: "It's OK, But Just This Once" by Gym Class Heroes; "What I Represent" by Bun B; "Awe" by Citizen Cope; "Hush Boy (Live Band Version)" by Basement Jaxx; "Pick It Up, Lay It In The Cut" by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings; "Tick Tock" by The Alchemist feat. Nas & Prodigy; "Oh, Shit" by The Pharcyde; "Why I Sing The Blues" by BB King

    • Locations: Antonio's; Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel


    • When Drama was asking Brett Ratner to give him a role in Rush Hour 3, he says that he would do it for free. Brett Ratner asks if that it's true, and Drama answers that he would, as long as his name appears in the IMDb. That's short for Internet Movie Database: a web site that containes a lot of info about tv shows, movies, actors, and video games related to tv shows and movies.

    • Title: The title of the episode is a twist of the 1987 film, The Princess Bride.