Season 3 Episode 8

The Release

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 30, 2006 on HBO

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    This episode was a big improvement from the last episode, as finnaly it seems that Vince and Eric have a new mini-story arch opening up to them. Queens Boulavard, which I thought was so long ago that we would never hear the name again, has sparked some new interest with its decision to try and open the movie across the nation. I thought Vinces reaction when Billy had a dissapointing view of it was classic Vince. Drama getting a role, if you read my last review, was everything that I think the show has been waiting for for a very long time. Vince and Eric are always in the mess of things, Turtle has his new rap star, and now Drama has a pilot that he is going to be working on. Now that they all have a little something to be working on I think Season 3 can really begin to pick up. Drama getting the role has filled in the missing part to the crew. Good episode all around, with Ari and Barbara (who have great chemistry on screen) should make good partners.
  • Ari steals the episode... again.

    Ari is this week\'s scene stealer. As expected, he was screwed by Terrance and plans for his agency went downhill for a good five minutes. Thanks to an unexpected turn, Ari\'s revenge to his former company is looking interesting.

    In this episode, Queens Boulevard gets a wide release to bank on Aquaman\'s success. Unfortunately, the director is putting it on hold and will file an injuction to block the screening, saying he didn\'t want his movie to be Aquamanified.

    Turns out, the movie\'s noir feel was colorized and butchered and resembled to anything but the original QB vision.

    Vince and E agreed and had an idea on what to do.

    In other developments, Johnny Drama gets his pilot audition but couldn\'t get his \"focus like a laser\" because of distractions and being high strung. In the end, he plans to take the anger management therapy advised by the judge... until an important phone call went through.
  • Storyline Advancement: With the exception of Turtle, the entire gang had important twists in their stories. The twist and turns the writers take you through were unexpected.

    The word is out about Ari's new agency, Terrence and the rest of the heads of the major agencies in town, "declared war" on Ari and his team. But all is well that ends well i guess, Babs (Mandy Moore's agent from season 2) comes to the rescue and offers Ari financial backing for an agreed 49% in the "Miller-Gould" agency. I'm looking forward to seeing the on screen chemistry between the two of them.

    Vince and Eric are also greeted by a repeat friend; Billy Walsh, the director of Queens Boulevard. It seems the studio that produced the movie have pushed back The Release of the movie, in order to release the movie with a 1200 screen open, opposed to 600. The problem is the movie now looks like it was colored with Crayola Markers. "Willy Wonka" version as Vince says. Billy Walsh wants Vince to sign an injucntion against the movie's new look, while in an interview with the Hollywood Press (I think?) clearly states his position, paralled to Walsh's, on the movie slated to open. Vince's attitude was overall very negative this entire episode, it wasn't the Vince I like seeing. (greatest Vince scene is his "Almost Famous" moment in "A Day In The Valley")

    Last but not least, Drama got his pilot. The character I least expected to start earning more money than Vince, finally landed a great role in a pilot for a TV series directed by an "old friend" Eddie Burns. The road to this role was not easy though. The entire day was spent trying to stay in the zone like a "laser". A parking ticket and a blow up in the coffee shop tested his patience all day, just to come to find out that Eddie Burns wasn't in the office Drama was racing to. Drama's new role was landed solely on a phone call. I hope to see Drama start growing as a character and actor.

    I liked the references to previous seasons in this episode. Drama made a reference to "the judge recomending anger management" obviously due to the 9-Iron in the windsheild of a surfers car in Malibu. He also tells Billy Walsh " lightly,[Billy], Life is short." which I think is a direct quote from Billy to Drama in season 2