Season 3 Episode 8

The Release

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 30, 2006 on HBO



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  • Quotes

    • Ari: (upon realising that Babs tricked him into going to lunch with the head of every agency) I always knew that you liked dick, Babs. I just didn't know you were a cocksucker.

    • Drama: I'm a LASER.
      Turtle: You're a retard, but okay.

    • Drama: I'm officially a loser.
      Turtle: I don't know about "officially."

    • Babs: Ari, you have no money, and I have too much.
      Ari: So what do you want?
      Babs: To fuck...kidding. I want 60% and my name on top.
      Ari: I'd rather fuck.

    • Ari: This is not a drill. This is an emergency!
      Lloyd: Well, who's going to man the phones?
      Ari: Fuck the phones, Lloyd! Unless Carmen Electra calls for an emergency titty-fuck, don't answer!

    • Ari: You know what's interesting about that...is that you use the word "master plan" and "rat" when talking about me you Hitler-loving, anti-Semitic, cuntbag.

    • Drama: You know Eddie Burns offered me "Brothers McMullen." True story...but I took a TV show instead.
      Turtle: Was that when you did your full-frontal "Red Show Diary?"
      Drama: No that's when I did my three episode arc on 90210...sexually harassing Tori Spelling.
      Turtle: Nice choice.

    • Lloyd: This lying is making me breakout. God I have a date tonight.
      Ari: Well, I'm sure your date will pop that with his pecker. Don't worry.

    • Lloyd: You know I don't like to lie, Ari.
      Ari: Lloyd, be a man...or as much of a man as you can possibly be for god fucking sakes.

  • Notes

    • In Latinamerica, this episode aired on November 14, 2007, on HBO OLE.

    • Location Credits

      Lunchtime for Ari
      Mastro's Steakhouse
      246 N. Canon Dr.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Drama loses it in a coffee shop.
      Dialog Coffee
      8766 Holloway Dr.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

      Miller Gold is born from Ari and Barbara.
      Hamburger Hamlet
      9201 Sunset Blvd.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

    • Music Credits

      "My House" by Lloyd Banks
      "In My Hood" by Freddie Gangsta Gibbs
      "Woman" by Wolfmother
      "I Looked At You" by The Doors
      "In My Head" by Queens Of The Stone Age

    • The company Legend Films was tasked with colorizing the Queens Boulevard scene within this episode. The company's speciality is colorizing old black and white films so that classic cinema appeals more to the younger generation.

  • Allusions

    • Ari: It's like a meeting of the five families. Maybe I should have a gun taped up in the bathroom stall.

      This is a reference to Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, where Michael Corleone has a gun taped up in the bathroom of a restaurant to later kill Sollozzo.

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