Season 1 Episode 2

The Review

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 25, 2004 on HBO

Episode Recap

While Drama practices for his acting class over breakfast, Turtle enters with some bad news: an important trade magazine has given Vince's performance in "Head On" a negative review (including calling him a "fly-by-night pretty boy"). While paying Ari an office visit to discuss it, Eric meets Ari's new assistant, Emily. It is quite obvious that Eric has some interest in Emily before he even gets to know her.

Following Ari's advice to show Vince a good time to get his mind off the review, Eric OKs Vince's poor decision to lease a new Rolls Royce Phantom. Eric gets an earful from the man who does Vince's financials for the decision and unintentionally says something that puts the blame on Ari. Of course, that in turn leads to a reprimand from Ari later in the day.

Jessica Alba bumps into the boys during their luncheon and invites them to her party for Justine Chapin, her virginal pop-singer friend. The party proves to be a good time for everybody: Justine hits on Vince, Turtle shows off the Rolls to some girls, Eric gets some much needed assurance, and Drama finds that he isn't the only one skipping his acting in favor of the party.

In the morning, Eric reads Vince a review from the New York Times proclaiming him to be "the next Johnny Depp". This is great news, especially since Vine mentions in a later episode that he wants a career like Johnny Depp's.
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