Season 2 Episode 7

The Sundance Kids

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 17, 2005 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode kicks off with all the guys getting off the plane for the Sundance Film Festival. Johnny encourages his brother to savor the moment because he let his own first festival pass him by. Turtle asks him what festival that was and forces him to admit that it was only the Palm Springs International. When Vince, Turtle and E say they much prefer the fresh powder at Sundance Johnny says, "Give me a break. Anywhere where you can ski in short sleeves is for p-ssies. There's no ice out here." Vince then challenges them to a race down the slope and says he will put down a G for the winner. They all agree.

Shauna greets the gang when they start looking for their driver and Eric breaks off and goes t the bathroom, where he runs into Harvey Weingard. Eric tells him he reps Vincent Chase but Harvey says Ari Gold does. E tells him he's Vince's manager and Harvey asks what the difference between manager and agent is. E tells him managers are the ones who care and Harvey starts laughing before asking, "You aren't serious, are you?"

Out by the car, Shauna introduces the guys to their driver, Cassey, a good looking young girl from California. She is going to be stationed in Sudan and Turtle and Drama have a quick argument about what people from Sudan are called. They both look like idiots when Cassey tells them they're called the Sudanese. E announces that they are going to be having lunch with Harvey Weingard that afternoon.

At their lodge, Turtle and Drama aren't happy with their bunk bed accommodations, but they dig the complimentary gift basket that comes with the place. Shauna tells Johnny that at least she was able to hook him up with tickets to the showing of a movie by a hot young director Drama calls "the Spanish Spielberg."

Cassey drops them all off downtown, and Drama and Turtle both try to woo her as she drives away. Turtle tells Drama he should back off but then Vince cuts in saying that he saw her first, only to reveal that he was only joking but that he enjoyed the looks on their faces. He then adds, "You come all the way out to Utah to hit on a girl from Pasadena?"

Turtle asks, "Why don't you go after a Mormon, Drama? They're all over the place here and, and besides, everyone knows they know how to treat their men right. They're like Catholic girls times a hundred." They then have a quick discussion about whether or not Vince could handle 8 wives at the same time but Vince says paying alimony would be a pain.

Ari pops out from behind a snow bank and nails Eric and says, "Don't let your guard down!" The guys all pelt him and he finally surrenders and gives Vince a hug. Ari tells him a ton of distributors are in town to see QB and E tells him they're going to be meeting with Harvey Weingard. Ari doesn't believe him and when E says it is a 2:50 meeting Ari says everyone knows that's a jerk-off meeting. Eric strikes by telling him Harvey specifically told him not to bring Ari along.

At the meeting everyone greets each other before getting down to business. Harvey says that he doesn't need to see Queens Boulevard to validate Vince like Cameron does, and offers him a role in his surfing movie Tapping the Source. Vince says he could stand up on a board because he has good hand to eye coordination, and Harvey tells him they start shooting in a few weeks and that he will see him there and then leaves before anyone can say anything else.

At the theater, Turtle bribes his way into the Spanish director's flick by giving the usher a Sidekick and takes a seat next to Cassey. After the movie, Johnny jumps out of his seat before everyone else shouting "Bravo!" and encourages the audience to stand up. Johnny is the first one up during the post-move Q&A session, and his first question is made into a joke, and before he gets to ask another, he is cut off. Johnny won't go down that easily and essentially asks if he has any shot at landing the matador role in the director's next movie. When the director said he is open to anyone for the role, Johnny invites him to the Queens Boulevard showing as his guest.

Ari catches up with Vince and Eric and tells them they are going to the doing Tapping the Source. Eric says they don't get how they're going to be doing both movies and Ari tells them they won't be. He said having Cameron come see Vince was good leverage to get a real offer as opposed to the not-existent Aquaman deal. "You don't come to Sundance for the snow," he explains, "you come for the heat."

Meanwhile, Turtle is talking up Cassey with some facts about Sudan that he Googled.

Eric and Vince are still talking to Ari trying to see if there is some way to stall Harvey so that Cameron can see QB, but Ari says he's going to announce the deal before the showing. Ari pushes hard for Harvey's movie and Vince and Eric finally get him to confess that Cameron came to Sundance to see other actors, too and that Vince is still on a list for Aquaman. After a moment of thinking Vince okays the deal and he and Eric walk away as Ari dials Harvey to set up a meeting.

At a bar, the guys and Cassey walk by and Shauna's two assistants argue over who is going to have sex with Vince that night and who gets Eric. Harvey stops in and asks Ari if Vince is in and Ari says, "Are you ready to get wet, big man? We're going surfing." Harvey nods his approval and lifts a glass up to Vince and Eric who are on the other side of the bar.

Meanwhile, Drama and Turtle are still fighting over Cassey. Cassey tells them that best friends should never compete for the same girl because "if one wins, they both lose." When she goes to the bathroom, both guys agree that was very deep, and Drama says, "By tomorrow night, she'll be a memory….so what do you want to do?" Turtle replies, "I want the memory." Johnny says, "so do I," to which Turtle replies, "F-ck you." Drama closes out the argument by saying, "F-ck me? F-ck you!"

A the lodge, Eric and Vince are about to get in the hot tub with Shauna's two hot young assistants when Vince asks E if he thinks they are making the right move by throwing away the chance to work with Cameron. E says it's the safe play and says it's the smarter play since Vince got himself millions of dollars in overheads, but in the end they both agree the once in a lifetime chance to possibly work with Cameron is too good to pass up. The guys to pass on calling Ari when the girls call them into the hot tub and they figure they'll see him at breakfast tomorrow anyways.

Inside the lodge, both the guys can't resist continuing to lay it on thick with Cassey, and then ultimately say that if she's interested in one of them she should choose since it's their last night together. She kisses both of them and then says she wants them to show her their bunk beds and takes them both upstairs.

At the premiere the next day, Drama is tense as heck and Turtle tells E and Vince that they accidentally crossed swords last night. Eric asks if there were any girls there at least and Turtle says of course and Drama heads off. Ari shows up and Eric tells him they want to wait for Cameron and Aquaman. Ari thinks he's joking and tells him he can't flip-flop on Harvey and that he's about to give a press conference. When Ari won't tell Harvey, Eric asks Ari where he is and goes off to tell Harvey himself.

Vince meets up with Shauna and Billy at the same time and Billy is a total wreck. He has shaved his head and the first words out of his mouth are, "I hope this thing doesn't f-ckin' suck." Apparently he had a bad dream about it last night and his mom told him it was garbage. He says his mom doesn't know sh-t about movies, but he is still anxious as heck. Ari shows up as Vince is entering the theater and tries to talk him out of dropping Tapping the Source but Vince won't hear of it and just proceeds into the theater.

In line, Drama turns around and yells, "Stop grinding me, Turtle! I'm not gonna say it again!" They are distracted, however, when they see Cameron in the line next to them. They start a loud improvisation about how great Vincent is in hopes that Cameron will put some stock in what he hears. Right afterward, Harvey Weingard erupts on the other side of the room and cusses Eric out for dropping out on him. After a solid string of swears he walks out, and Cameron looks on and chuckles before saying, "F-ckin' Harvey."

Wick, Walsh, and Vince give a quick speech onstage for the audience before the movie starts. When Vince asks how it went with Harvey once he is in his seat, Eric tells him he wished him good luck tonight.

After the movie, all the guys and Shauana think the movie was great and they are excited, but Turtle says that he saw Cameron leave ten minutes into the movie. Johnny gets his audition for the next film by the Spanish director, but everyone still looks glum. Vince says, "F-ck it, let's go boarding," and grabs Ari's drinking flask full of Jack Daniels.

The guys talk for a while at the top of the mountain and they all agree they all should've taken lessons before getting up the hill. Eric fields a call from Ari before they head down and hands the phone to Vince claiming that Ari says it's an emergency. Ari puts Cameron on the line, and Cameron apologizes for having to leave so early in the movie but says he saw all he needed to see in the first ten minutes. He asks Vince how he would like to play Aquaman for him, and Vince says sure. Cameron says they'll meet next week to talk about it, and Ari is does a little dance in the snow downtown when he hears the news.

Vince tells the guys the news and they all celebrate. E says they need to find a way to get Vince off the mountain because they can't have him hurting himself before the movie. Vince doesn't care and says he's raising the steaks to 10 G's for the first man down the mountain. Drama gives Turtle a head start and pushes him down the mountain. The other guys follow them down and the episode closes as Vince and E simultaneously go off a decent sized jump.